You Should Call In Sick

Megan and Beth stepped onto the elevator and looked straight ahead. As the freshly polished silver doors came to a close Beth stepped forward and ran a hand down Megan’s crisp suit.


“Come home with me.” Beth said, gripping a hand full of the other woman’s backside.


Megan laughed, allowing her head to fall forward.




“Don’t. All I wanna hear is you say yes.” Beth said pressing her body against Megan’s back.


There was a stack of papers at Megan’s place that Megan had been ignoring for an ungodly amount of time. She needed to get home.


“Just one drink.” Beth whispered, causing Megan to laugh.


The last time she’d said that they ended up naked, on the kitchen floor of Beth’s highrise. 


“Just one drink.” Megan repeated, knowing good and well that would not be the case.


Beth smiled a devilish grin as the elevator doors opened. With her hand still gripping Megan’s backside, the women made their way through the parking garage. Tucked safely in the same corner they’d parked them this morning, Beth and Megan found their cars.


“I’ll drive.” Beth said taking a hold of Megan’s arm.


The other woman chuckled as she slowly pulled her arm from Beth’s grasp.


“Oh no, I’m not getting stuck at your house. I have work in the morning and there’s no way I’m letting you talk me into staying the night.” Megan said with a laugh.


Beth wanted to fight her on it, convince her to hop into the car, but all that would do was delay the time that they would make it home. So instead, she bit her tongue.


“Have it your way.” Beth said holding her hands up.


Megan stared at Beth for a moment, causing the other woman to chuckle.


“What?” Beth asked with a wicked grin.


“You’re trouble.” Megan said shaking her head.


“Who me? Am not!” Beth said, placing a shocked hand over her heart. 


“We’re wasting time.” Megan called over her shoulder as she turned around and made her way to her car.


Beth chuckled.


“Trust me, we’ve got all night.” Beth said to herself, her eyes locked on Megan’s ass.


Megan would definitely be calling in sick.


Hopping into their respective cars, the women made their way back to Beth’s highrise apartment, just a few blocks from where the women had just been.


After a quick hello to the doorman, the women hopped onto the elevator. The second the doors closed Beth was on Megan like white on rice. Pinning her against the wall, Beth kissed Megan slow and hard, like it was the last time she’d get to.


In minutes Megan’s hands were roaming Beth’s body, her nails digging into Beth’s silk-covered back, pulling her impossibly closer.


Beth didn’t even have to try, one kiss, and Megan was chasing after her lips like a dope fiend looking for a fix. Hook, line, and sinker, she made it too easy. 


Lost in the kiss, Megan didn’t even notice that the elevator stopped until Beth applied slight pressure to her chest and backed away.


“Let’s go.” Beth said, nodding her head towards the nearly empty parking lot.


Shit, Beth was right, at this rate she’d never get any sleep tonight. Even if Megan did leave at a reasonable hour, her fantasies would undoubtedly keep her up all night.


Keeping her poker face firmly in place, Megan followed behind Beth, her eyes trained on the other woman’s backside. Shit, did she have to wear those fucking pants? Shaking her head Megan finished her walk to her car which was conveniently parked beside Beth’s.


“See you at my place?” Beth said with a wicked grin.


“One drink!” Megan said, holding up a single digit. 


The women both knew that was a fat lie, but Megan had to put up some sort of fight.


“One drink.” Beth said with a nod, almost sounding convincing.


After tossing her bag over into the passenger seat, Beth ducked down into her car.


Shit, Megan could feel her willpower growing weaker and weaker with every second that passed. The least she could do was prepare. 


Pulling out her phone, she dialed up her assistant, Kevin, who was still at the office.


“Hey Megan, did you forget something?” He asked sweetly.


“Um no. I was just calling to tell you to take the day off. I think I’m gonna work from home tomorrow.” She said.


There was a pause on Kevin’s end. Megan never worked from home. Sure, she had a beautiful home office, but she preferred to look out over the city as she worked.


“Is this a joke?” Kevin asked in disbelief. 


“Nope, not a joke. Just put my current files together and I’ll be by early tomorrow to get them. Thanks, Kev.” She said.


“Best boss ever!” Kevin said into the phone causing her to laugh.


After thanking her, Kevin and Megan said their goodbyes as Megan and Beth arrived at Beth’s condo. After parking their cars in the parking garage, the pair made their way across the street and into Beth’s building. Upon getting onto the elevator, Beth pushed the other woman against the elevator wall, Beth’s lips finding Megan’s. Their mouths collided, their tongues instantly going to war. Hands began to roam, Megan’s finding Beth’s ass while Beth slid a hand around Megan’s throat, holding her in place as she took control of the kiss. Higher and higher the women went and with every floor, the temperature in the steel box rose with them. By the time they arrived on Beth’s floor, the women’s clothes were melting off them. Luckily, they made it all the way back to Megan’s without anyone seeing them. 


The door slammed shut as Beth forced Megan against the door. Megan had had her fun in the elevator, now it was Beth’s turn. Hooking her index fingers into Megan’s belt loops, Beth pulled the other woman flush against her. 


“Tell me what you want.” Beth whispered, brushing her lips against Megan’s.


“You, I want you.” Megan said breathlessly.


And that’s all Beth needed to hear. Spinning her around Beth peeled Megan’s blazer off her, discarding it somewhere in the room as she walked the other woman backward. When they arrived at the couch, Beth pushed Megan down into a seating position.


Megan was hoping that Beth would straddle her lap and continue kissing her, but Beth had other plans.


Kneeling between Megan’s legs, Beth pushed the other woman’s top up to the bottom of her bra. Then, peppering feather-light kisses along Megan’s stomach, Beth made her way lower and lower. When she arrived at the waistband of Megan’s pants, Beth soundlessly undid the other woman’s slacks and shimmied them down Megan’s legs. After discarding the pants somewhere in the room, Beth dove in face first into Megan’s panty-covered pussy; peppering her center and inner thighs with wet, hot, kisses. 


“Beth.” Megan called out, her head falling back.


Moving slow, Beth worked her tongue against the silk fabric as if she were trying to tear a hole in it; only using her tongue. Then, when she grew tired of denying both herself and Megan of what they both desperately needed, Beth hooked her index fingers into the side of Megan’s panties and teasingly worked them down the other woman’s legs. Then, just like with Megan’s pants, Beth tossed the panties to the side and dove straight in, working Megan’s pussy with her tongue and fingers. 


Megan’s panting and her constant calls for more drove Beth wild; making her want to spend all night pleasuring the other woman, and that’s exactly what Beth did. 

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