Why’s He Talking To Carter?

After breakfast, the gang was stuffed. So, migrating over to the living room, they flopped down onto the couch. On the right end of the couch, Sophie laid with her legs stretched across Olivia’s lap while Olivia leaned into Nat’s side. On the other side of Nat sat Nate who laid with his feet in his twin’s lap and his head in Chelsea’s lap. Meanwhile Chelsea leaned back into Jade who leaned against Carter; everyone in food comas.

“Damn, what a way to start the morning.” Nate said, causing the rest of the gang to hum in agreement.

As they laid on the couch, Nat managed to grab the remote, turning the TV on. Though no one had the energy to even keep their eyes open, let alone follow along with a movie or TV show, the sound of the television was comforting.

As the sound of a cartoon droned on, the gang drifted off to sleep, one by one, starting with Olivia. Then, after about an hour and a half, with their food digested, they all woke up and began stretching.

“ Fuck, best nap ever.” Carter said, stretching his arms out.

Reaching into his pocket, Carter pulled out his phone and saw that it was one in the afternoon. Feeling well rested, he was in the mood to head out and make the most of the rest of the day.

“Now that breakfast has been digested, who wants to go out on the water?” He asked.

At the mention of going out on the water, everyone jumped up from the couch, and began making their way upstairs.

Just like last time, Carter and the twins finished getting dressed first. Then, a moment later, Ryan, Ricky, and Chase made their way downstairs.

Making his way over to the couch, Ryan flopped down beside Carter and placed an arm on the back of the couch.

“Carter, right?” He said, pointing a finger at Carter.

Chase and Ricky said off to the side, giggling like school girls, as they watched Ryan try and strike up a conversation with Carter.

“Yep, that’s me.” Carter said, not really wanting to talk to Ryan but doing his best to be polite.

As Ryan began rambling, Chelsea made her way downstairs to check on Nat and the guys.

“Eww, why is he talking to Carter like he knows him?” Chelsea said.

Chelsea’s statement cause Jade to rush over to her.

“Who’s talking to Carter?” She asked, just before turning to see the two men.

With his arm draped over the back of the couch, Ryan flapped his lips as Carter nodded his head.


“What the fuck is he saying to Carter?” Chelsea wondered.

Ryan let out a laugh, causing Carter to let out a fake one as well.

“Ew, are they bonding?” Olivia asked, causing Jade and Chelsea to snap their heads in her direction.

“Liv, why would you even say that?” Jade and Chelsea said at the same time.

Then, someone called out Ryan’s name, causing all the women’s heads to snap in the direction of the living room. Then, as Ryan excused himself to talk to Ricky, Carter extended a hand to the women.

‘Hurry’ he mouthed to them.

Running back up the stairs, the women all rushed and changed into their bikinis. Then, after making their way downstairs, Carter grabbed a hold of Jade’s hand, pulling her outside. Meanwhile, back inside, Nat held their arm out for Olivia.

“So chivalrous.” Olivia giggled as she looped her arm with Nat’s.

Then, as the two made their way out the door, Chase and his friends pretended to gag. Making her way past him, Sophie slapped him upside the head as she walked out the door.

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