Who Would Have Thought

 A walking wrecking ball, who loved to party, and a no-nonsense businesswoman, a neat freak, and a complete mess. On paper, they made absolutely no sense, but for some reason, some wild, outrageous reason, unknown to either of them, they were attracted to each other. “Opposites attract,” people say, but that was for magnets, Maggie and Jessica, or Wells as everyone called her, were not fucking magnets. 


It started at Smitty’s, the local gay bar in town.


Maggie was there for business, she had a meeting with Bert, a functioning alcoholic, who was in the market for a new PR rep. Bert had inherited a massive company from his father, and due to a recent scandal, the company’s stock was nose-diving. 


At first, Maggie didn’t want to take the job; there was no way she was going to clean up the messes of some frat boy who would never learn and clearly had no desire to either. 


But as a favor to her father, Maggie caved and decided to at least sit down with the notorious fuck up and have a conversation.


Looking down at her watch, Maggie took notice of the time. Eight forty-two; of course he was late. 


Rolling her eyes, she turned away from the door and back to the bar just as Wells was exiting the back room.

Though Maggie and Wells weren’t ever really friends, or friendly at all for that matter, the two women ran within the same circles. Maggie’s best friend, Alex, married Maggie’s ex-girlfriend’s sister, Roxy. 


Sam, Maggie’s ex, had cheated on Maggie with Wells, and after finding out, Maggie distanced herself from their group of friends. 


According to Alex, soon after the split, Roxy and Wells began dating. After hearing that, Maggie informed her bestie that she didn’t care for any updates about her ex and her ex’s new love. So Alex stopped and time moved along. 


Rumor has it that Roxy played Wells just like she had played Maggie, and the two split, sending Wells into a frenzy. She had a breakdown and ended up high-tailing it to some off-the-grid campsite for a couple of months. 


But now, as Maggie stood just a few feet from the bar, she looked down at her empty glass, then back at Wells, and to her glass once more. 


Maggie had had a long day filled with boring meetings and fire after fire that she had to put out; the last thing she wanted was to deal with Wells and her bullshit. But alas, she really wanted another drink. Ahh fuck it, the music was too loud for conversation, and if anything, Maggie could just walk away; Wells was confined to being behind the bar anyways. 


“Scotch on the rocks.” Maggie said, making it a point not to look up.


“Coming right up!” Wells said cheerfully.


This annoyed Maggie, but she was already at the bar and already placed her order. 


Wells poured the amber-colored liquid into a glass and smiled brightly as she finally looked up at Maggie. As their eyes met, Wells froze, just as shocked to see Maggie as Maggie was to see her about a minute ago. 


Maggie didn’t want to hear the shitty apology that she knew would be coming from Wells’s lips any moment now, she quickly reached for the glass, her fingers grazing against Wells’s in the process. 


“Thanks.” Maggie mumbled, slapping her card down.


Taking a hefty drink, Maggie quickly turned around and disappeared into the crowd of clubgoers. 


“Alright, do you want your…” Wells trailed off as she looked up to see Maggie stepping back out onto the crowded dance floor.


“Should’ve saw that coming.” She said to herself.


Then, just as Wells was about to get back to her bartending duties, she noticed a card sitting on the bar top. 


Ahh shit. Picking the card up, Wells shook her head; Maggie had forgotten her card. 


Sighing, Wells slipped the card into the pocket of her shirt and continued serving customers; after the crowd died down, she’d get someone to cover her, and go and find Maggie. 


After about an hour or so, the number of club-goers needing drinks did eventually die down, and so Wells turned to Scotty, who was manning the bar along with her, and informed him that she would be back.


Scotty nodded and went back to his customer while Wells stepped out onto the floor. 


Because Wells knew that Maggie liked to people watch, Wells headed to the second floor where she knew Maggie would be.


Arriving on the second floor, Wells was startled to see Maggie fight to escape the clutches of a large man.


“Come on, stop being a stuck-up bitch and dance with me.” The man said as he pulled Maggie into him.


“No, get off of me!” Maggie said, pushing on the man’s chest. 


“Hey! What are you def?! Let her go!” Wells shouted, earning Maggie and the large man’s attention.


The man grimaced, a low grunting noise escaping him before he finally released Maggie.


“Why don’t you get the hell outta here before I ban you from this club for good.” Wells said. 


Again the man made a noise but then proceeded to walk off.


“Fucking dickholes, always coming in here thinking they can ‘turn us’.” Maggie said, rubbing her sore wrist.


Before she knew what she was doing, Wells was across the small lounging area and standing in front of Maggie.


“You okay?” Wells asked.


“Yeah. That dickhole fucking twisted my wrist.” She said.


Wells lightly took hold of Maggie’s hand, turning it over so that she could look at the inside of Maggie’s wrist. 


The words‘ love’ and ‘family’ were written in an infinity symbol on the inside of her wrist.


Without thinking, Wells brushed her thumb against the bright skin as she looked up at Maggie.


“You okay?” Wells asked, her thumb sweeping across the tattoo.


“You already asked me that.” Maggie said with a light chuckle.


“Right.” Wells said, looking into Maggie’s eyes


There was a weird charge in the air like they were surrounded by electricity.


“Alright then.” Wells said, dropping Maggie’s arm.


The two headed back downstairs and Maggie finished up her business for the night. 


As the men stood up to leave the club, Maggie rose to do the same when she caught Wells’s eyes from across the club. 


Suddenly the desire to get the hell out of there was not so important anymore. 


“Another.” Maggie said, as she approached the bar and sat her glass down.


Wells grabbed the amber-colored liquid, turning the bottle upside down  as she filled Maggie’s glass. 


The women stared at one another as the liquor flowed and clubgoers around them complained about how long they’d been waiting. The women paid them no mind and once the glass was filled, Maggie thanked Wells and walked off. 


“Come home with me.” Maggie finally said at the end of the night.


By then, Wells’s shift had long been over, and she started off the rest of her night by clocking out and doing some shots with Scotty and a few other co-workers.


They had been drinking, Maggie a little more than Wells, and Maggie was clearly not in the right headspace. Maggie wasn’t falling over drunk, but she also wasn’t in the right state of mind to be having sex either; and judging by the way she was holding onto Wells, pushing her body against theirs, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Maggie wanted.


Wells shook her head.


“You should go home and get some rest.” She said.


Maggie bit her bottom lip as she gripped the sides of Wells’ shirt and smiled at her.


“Come rest with me.” She said.


This was odd for Wells; she’d never seen this side of Maggie before, and due to their history, she certainly NEVER, in a million years thought that she’d ever sleep with Maggie  


“I can’t.” Wells said, her voice catching in her throat as Maggie pulled her closer.


Leaning in, Maggie took ahold of Wells’s mouth with her own, the kiss catching Wells by surprise.


Time came to a screeching halt as Maggie’s tongue entered Wells’ mouth. Maggie tasted like peach-flavored vodka and mint gum, an intoxicating combination, and as Maggie pulled Wells impossibly closer, Wells couldn’t help but want more and more of Maggie.


Wells should’ve been working on closing down the bar, but instead, there she was, standing in the middle of her workplace making out with her ex’s ex; how gay was that?


“Dude come on, we’ve gotta clean up! I wanna be outta here in time to-” Scotty’s sentence died on his lips as he stepped out of the backroom.


Panicking, Wells quickly pulled away from Maggie.


“You gotta go, we’re closed.” Wells said suddenly.


Scotty looked back and forth between Wells and Maggie as Maggie nodded, turned on her heels, and hurried out the door.


“What the fuck was-”


“Come on, lets get the fuck out of here.” Wells said quickly. 


That was the beginning of it all. After that night, Maggie began running into Wells EVERYWHERE; the grocery store, the gym, coffee shops, and everywhere else. Eventually avoiding Wells became impossible. So, they decided to be friends, which then turned into more than friends.


Now, rolling around in her king-size bed with Wells, Wells pressed open-mouth kisses into Maggie’s neck. They needed to stop. They’d agreed, no sleepovers, but yet here they were, rolling around naked in Maggies’s bed after Wells had spent the night for the SIXTH night in a row!


“You should go home, you’ve already been here long enough.” Maggie said as Wells kissed her way down Maggie’s body.


“Right now, you want me to leave right now?” Wells asked as her hand landed between Maggie’s legs.


Maggie groaned, gripping Wells’s sides. Rather than answering the question, Maggie simply pressed her lips to Wells’s, beginning what would turn into sex, food, nap, and repeat. 

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