Who Grips The Mic?

Hold up, wait a minute! Have you read ‘Go Around’ ?

“This would be the perfect place for a horror film.” Nat said as Carter drove through the backwoods of the small town, Daxprint, Canada.

“Hey man, pull over so I can get some pics.” Nat, Carter, and Nate’s photographer, Blake said.

Doing as Blake asked, Carter pulled over, allowing Blake to get out of the car. Going into the trunk, he grabbed his camera bag as Carter, the twins, and the rest of their crew exited the car. Pulling out his camera, Blake assembled it in record time, and snapped some photos of Carter, the twins, and his girlfriend, Sapphire, lying in the middle of the empty road. Then, after getting some shots of the trees and the beautiful landscape around them, everyone hopped back into the car.

“We should go hiking while we’re here.” Nat suggested.

“Hell yeah, I’d love to see more of this place.” Carter said as they pulled back onto the road.

As they continued on, Blake snapped more photos of the trees while Nate began a time lapse on the other side of the road. By the time they reached the end of the little forest area Nate had about twenty minutes worth of footage and Blake had over a hundred photos.

“I have a feeling I’m gonna love this trip.” Blake said with a boyish grin.

Carter and the twins fist bumped the photographer in agreement. Then, as they drew closer to the house, Carter instructed Nat to call Chelsea and let her know they were close. Carter turned onto the land where the cabin was just as the front door opened and out walked Chelsea, along with two other women.

Carter barely had a chance to look at Chelsea or the other woman before the slightly taller of the two women stole his attention. Doing his best to focus, he managed to park the truck without scratching it or crashing it. Once the car was parked, Chelsea and the women made their way over to the truck.

“Cart! Nat! Nate! You guys made it!” Chelsea shouted as she pulled them all into a group hug.

After getting a quick hug from each of her cousin’s individually, Chelsea turned to Jade who’s eyes were on Carter.

“Hey, thanks for calling.” Jade said, speaking to Carter.

Dropping the bags he was holding, Carter threw his hands in the air.

“Here we go!” He said, pretending to be annoyed.

“You know I don’t just randomly FaceTime people in the middle of the night like that.” She said, causing Carter to pause what he was doing.

“Wait FaceTime? You guys know each other?” Chelsea asked, looking back and forth between the two.

“I’m pretty sure every single time you called you were drunk off your ass.” Carter pointed out.

“That is NOT-” Jade paused for a moment, mulling it over.

Usually when she called him, it was late at night and she’d never remember until the screenshots would start rolling in.

“Aw, shit. I’m sorry.” She said bashfully, scratching the back of her neck.

Carter laughed, his pearly whites shining against his dark skin.

“Don’t sweat it. Your freestyles are pretty good.” He said, causing Jade to gasp.

”I don’t freestyle!” She said, her face turning bright red.

Chelsea crossed her arms over her chest, amused at the little back and forth happening between Jade and Carter.

Jade had never been the flirty type. She’s more straightforward. Usually she finds a guy at a party, checks his vibe, and then vanishes to go fuck him somewhere; It’s earned her quite the reputation around town, but she’s never let it faze her. To Jade, she’s doing the town a service; providing them with ‘entertainment’ as she calls it. In a town as dead as Daxprint, gossiping is the only form of entertainment; that and the mechanical bull at Jerry’s.

Holding up his index finger, Carter stuck a hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone. He swiped his thumb over his screen a couple times before turning his phone to Jade and presenting her with a video.

Taking the phone from him, she pressed play on the video as everyone gathered around her.

Carter’s phone was pointed at his Ipad where Jade sat on her bed, nodding her head and listening to the beat as she waited for the right time to come in.

“Oh dear God. No, no, no.” Jade said, pausing the video.

“What?! No, press play! I wanna hear you spit some fire.” Olivia said, causing everyone to laugh.

Jade hit the sleep/wake button on Carter’s phone, locking it.

“Burn this, now! The whole phone. I’ll buy you a new one.” She said looking deep into his eyes.

“Even if he did that. The cloud is still a thing.” Olivia pointed out.

Slowly twisting around, Jade faced her sister.

“Nobody. Asked. You.” Jade said through clenched teeth.

Carter laughed.

“I’ll take care of it.” He said.

After thanking him, she turned around and began making her way to the house when Olivia spoke again.

“The cloud is forever Jade!” Olivia shouted.

Turning back around, Jade took off in a full sprint, giving Olivia just barely enough time to run away.

Screaming as she went, Olivia ran in a zigzag line, doing her best not to get caught by her sister.

“God I love them.” Chelsea said with a sigh, as she, and everyone else watched the sisters.

What do we thing of Jade and Carter’s history? And her hidden talent? Anyways if you’ve read all Carter and Jade/Nat and Olivia series this far, I wanna think you. You’re a real one. If you haven’t already, but sure to follow the blog here on WordPress. Thank so much!-C

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