White Chocolate Chestnut

“Would you still fuck me if I was bald?” Miles asked, raking his hands through his hair.


“Like fully bald or balding?” Joseph, Miles’s boyfriend asked, not bothering to look up from his phone.


Miles pushed his freshly done twists this way and that way as he inspected himself in the mirror.


“Well, if I started balding, I wouldn’t waste my money trying to get it back. So yeah, fully bald.”


Joseph finally looked up from his phone just as his boyfriend turned around.


“Yeah! I think you’d look sexy. Kinda like a young Morris Chestnut.” Joseph said with a smile.


Miles’s face dropped.


“Un-fucking-believable.” Miles said, sucking his teeth.


Knowing where his boyfriend was headed with this conversation, Joseph rolled his eyes.


“Why I gotta be Morris Chestnut though?” Miles asked.


Cause I don’t know any other black bald guys!” Joseph said, sitting up.


A gasp escaped Miles’s lips as a hand flew to his chest.


It was all playful banter though. Having known one another for nearly a decade prior to dating, Miles and Joseph were quite familiar with one another’s sense of humor and what was off limits and what wasn’t.


Having both come from broken homes, and Joseph being the result of an affair, and never having known his father, the couple had extensive conversations about what they wanted their relationship to look like.


At first it was hard, imitating the white, cis-het couples the pair had seen on TV was awkward and unnatural; combine that with a bit of embarrassment about not knowing how relationships were supposed to work, and a lack of an ability to communicate, and the men where ripe for a disastrous relationship. 


But fortunately, having a school counselor who was basically a vault when it came to secretes, and had a knack for making useful YouTube playlists, that were essentially a gold mind when it came to sex and relationship advice videos, Miles and Joseph basically had a toolbox full of useful tips and tricks to make talking to one another ten times easier.


Miles shook his head.


“Didn’t your daddy start balding around like twenty?” Miles asked, squinting at his boyfriend.


“I told you never to bring that up!” The other man yelled as he snaked an arm around Miles’s waste and pulled him to the bed.


Rolling on top of him, Joseph pinned his boyfriend to the bed.


“Best believe I’ll have our prenup written up so that if you leave me after I start balding, you won’t get shit!” Said Joseph.


“Shit, that’s fine by me. At least I’ll still have my hair.” Miles joked.


Sitting up, Joseph straddled his boyfriend before grabbing the pillow that lay beside them and proceeded to whack Miles.


“Take. It. Back.” Joseph said in between blows.


“Alright, Alright. I love you regardless of the thickness of your hair!” Miles yelled.


Satisfied, Joseph dropped the pillow before leaning over his boyfriend.


“You better!” Said Joseph, just before pressing his lips to Miles’s.


“Besides, you could be my little white chocolate Morris Chestnut.” Miles said with a laugh.


Joseph shook his head as he rolled off his boyfriend.


“Un-fucking-believable.” Said Joseph, causing Miles to laugh.

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