When The Wind Blows

It was a lot colder than she expected. Normally a sweater, with a shirt underneath, would suffice. But, without Shawn there, that particular December night was colder than usual.

Lying in the bed of his,faded blue,pick up truck, she counted the stars. It was impossible, she knew that, but counting was the only way to still have him there with her.

“You’re ridiculous.” A voice whispered from beside her.

As the wind blew around her, she inhaled deep, the air smelling just like him. Burning wood and Big Red gum.

At first she hated it, but nights like this made her wish she could bottle the scent and wear it as a perfume.

“Abby.” The wind called as it danced around her.

Sitting up, she wrapped her arms around her mid section. Closing her eyes she tried to pretend it was him; It was his arms holding her. But even in her most wishful of moments, she couldn’t fool herself. Her arms were far to small to ever provide the comfort or the safety that his did.

Sighing, she turned her head up to the sky and looked up at the stars.

“Come back. Please. I’d give my right arm just to have you back. Even if for a day.”

She stared at the stars, hopping, praying for a sign, but she got nothing. So wrapping herself in her sweater, she hopped out of the bed of the truck and slid behind the steering wheel.

With one turn of the key, the truck sputtered to life and after putting it in drive she was off.

She’d be back again next week to dream of him again.

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