What A Way To Start The Day

Fingertips skated along slick skin, following the little droplets of sweat that ran down Kim Parker’s stomach. As the fingers dipped beneath the sheets, Kim caught hold of the hand.


“Give a girl some time to recover.” Kim said, looking over at the owner of the hand.


Joy chuckled before leaning in, pressing their sweat-drenched face up to Kim’s.


“I’m sorry. I just can’t get enough of you.” Joy said, their voice low and filled with desire.


Kim closed her eyes. Physically she was exhausted; she didn’t even have enough energy to grab the much-needed water on the bedside table. But mentally she wanted more, and more. 


Was it possible to be addicted to a person?


Early on in the relationship, Kim and Joy opted to take things slow. Kim’s last relationship was more physical than anything else, and when it ended it left her feeling empty and like the two and a half years she’d spent with her ex were a waste. So, naturally, Kim wanted to do everything she could to avoid a repeat of that. Joy was an absolute sweetheart when it came to waiting. Sure they had their moments of weakness, usually during their and Kim’s late-night conversations, but Joy managed to keep it together. Whether it was knowing when to leave or not talking to Kim past a certain hour, Joy respected Kim’s wishes to the fullest.


Then, last night, all bets were off. Kim and Joy never really talked about a timeline as to when things would get physical. Joy just sat back and allowed Kim to lead. So when Kim pushed Joy into the couch and straddled their lap, Joy let her. When Kim kissed them hard, nails raking down Joy’s back, they made no effort to stop her. They didn’t need to talk about it, they’d done a healthy amount of that already. 


Clothes began to fall and before either of them knew it, the two of them were naked, body’s pressed together. 


Joy hovered over Kim, moving their body against hers; their movements tight and precise, almost like they were tuning a guitar. Kim’s moans were their guide, letting them know when to go harder, faster, and where to apply pressure. 


All night they went at it, and Joy was sure they’d be too spent the next morning to go again, but here they were.


As sunlight peaked into the mess that was their hotel room, Kim tossed the covers off the bed as Joy migrated to the center. 


Lying flat on their back, Joy looked up, mouth practically watering as Kim swung a leg over their face. 


Settling into place, Kim straddle Joy’s face and sat down.

Joy started slow, warming Kim up before diving in. 


Kim’s moans were that of an encore, begging for more and more.


“Fuck, right there.” She moaned, falling back on her hands.


Conveniently landing between Joy’s legs, Kim felt Joy brush against her wrist as Joy humped the air.


Without a moment of hesitation, Kim slid a hand down Joy’s slit, groaning at the wetness. 


Together the women worked one another until they were coming apart at the seams.


Like rockets, Joy and Kim went off at the same time, Joy’s moans muffled by Kim’s pussy. Soon after, Kim tumbled onto the bed, her chest rapidly rising and falling.


“Fuck, gotta love that morning sex.” Joy said, wiping their mouth.


To spend to vocalize her agreement, Kim simply held up a hand, causing Joy to laugh as they high-fived her.


Lacing their fingers together, the couple allowed their joined hands to fall to the bed.

Then, watching the ceiling fan turn round and round, they waited for their heart rates to return to normal.


“What a way to start the day.” Said Joy with a laugh.

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