What A Day

Hold up, wait a minute, have you read ‘I Have A Client For You’?

Xena stepped off the elevator and made her way down the hall. With every step she took, Xena could feel herself growing more and more exhausted. By the time she’d made it to her door, she was about ready to collapse right then and there. 


Luckily, Xena managed to make it inside where she swung the door closed, kicked off her heels, and swept them into the corner of the room. 


As her bare feet pressed against the cool floors of her apartment, Xena said a silent prayer, thankful that she was finally home. 


She’d spent the entire day on her feet, walking around and visiting all the different heads of the departments. 


Then, after lunch, productivity when to absolute shit when Trenton and Travis Wells began to bicker back and forth like two children. 


The Wells brothers fought about everything. From the location the meeting would take place, to how the budget should be divided amongst the departments. 


The brothers had inherited their green energy company from their father, who inherited it from their grandfather, who inherited it from their great-grandfather. 


For generations, the Wells men had been taking care of any and everything having to do with green energy. Wells Energy had several contracts with big corporations, helping them properly dispose of waste, and working shoulder to shoulder with the government to save the planet. 


It didn’t take a genius to see that Wells Energy was making big moves when it came to going green. 


But despite all the fantastic work they were doing, Xena was scared for the company. While everyone else was busting their asses to push toward the future Frankie Wells, Travis and Trent’s grandfather, and their father, Benjamin Wells had planned out for their company, the brothers seemed to be focused on everything besides their company. 


Today, when Xena met up with the Wells Brothers, she was supposed to get a tour of one of the power plants and get a feel for day-to-day operations. Today was supposed to be all about establishing a baseline, but none of that happened.


Travis didn’t even seem to know or have any interest, in anything that was going on in his own company. 


In his email to Xena, Trenton stated that he was more the day-to-day man who worked in the trenches with his employees, while his brother handle the bigger, more pressing matters. But when Xena started to talk to Travis about performance, and how they were doing with convincing big corporations on reducing their carbon footprint, she might as well have been speaking an entirely different langue to him. 


Trenton tried to cover his brother’s ass, blaming his confusion on lack of sleep and high stress, but Xena could see right through his excuses.


But what she couldn’t seem to figure out was how could the brothers’ company be doing so well if one half had absolutely no clue about anything that was happening within his own company?


Xena was determined to get to the bottom of that mystery. But that could wait for another day; at that moment, she was glad to just finally be home. 


Making her way across the apartment, she made her way to the fridge where she was just about to open the door when her phone went off.


“Nooo.” She groaned, quite certain that it was most likely Mark or one of The Wells Brothers.


She really needed to block Mark’s emails; he just didn’t seem to understand her when she said she no longer needed his services, and if it was The Wells Brothers, she had no doubt that it was most likely Travis. 


For most of the day-to-day, he’d been making subtle passes at her and she dropped many hints that she just wasn’t interested in men, but the bonehead just couldn’t seem to grasp the words that she was saying to him.


As much as she didn’t want to, Xena was technically supposed to be available whenever, but after that shit show with the brothers, she was exhausted and unsure if she could deal with them at that moment.


But alas, it was in her contract, so, sighing to herself, she snagged a beer from the fridge, before making her way over to the coffee table where she had abandoned her phone. 

Picking up the device, she was pleased to see that it wasn’t Mark or Trenton. Indeed the email came from Sarah, the realtor Andre had recommended. 


She wanted to set up a time to meet, so pulling up her calendar, Xena provided the realtor with a couple of different days and times that she’d be available. After sending the message, Xena switched her phone to silent and set it on the coffee table. At that moment, she needed a drink and a shower, stat. 

Xena’s days sounds real fun huh? You think she’ll have better luck finding a house with Sarah? Could Xena be Sarah’s one hundred and first home? Find out in the next installment. Until then, if you like this story, be sure to hit that star. Also, if you wanna help the site out, maybe consider buying a cup of coffee or sharing this series, thank you so much- C.

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