Well Don’t You Two Look Cozy


Olivia and Nat walked side by side, their strides perfectly in sync. As they made their way around the neighborhood, they discussed their passions and dream jobs. 

    “So what’d your parents say when you and your brothers told them y’all wanted to make movies?” Olivia asked. 

A smile broke out on Nat’s face as their eyes shone brighter than diamonds basking in the sunlight. 

    “Well mom’s a model and dad’s a photographer, and they grew up being told what they could and couldn’t do, in terms of work.  So with us, they always told us if you want it bad enough, and you work hard enough ,then you’ll get whatever it is that your heart desires.” Nat said. 

Nat’s words caused Olivia to think of her own parents; well her father at least. 

Jade and Olivia’s father, Scott, had very little faith in his girls. When Jade was sixteen she told him she wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a police officer just like him; Scott laughed and told Jade to stick to lying on her back. For that reason, Olivia never shared anything with him. She never bothered with report cards, perfect attendance awards, or honor roll, none of it was ever good enough for him; so she stopped, Olivia still did out standing in school, but she never bothered sharing the good news with her father. Instead she and Jade had small celebrations together that made all the hard work worthwhile. 

    “You okay?” Nat asked, looking at Olivia with concern in their eyes. 

    “Yeah, just thinking.” Olivia said. 

Rubbing their thumb against the back of Olivia’s hand, Nat frowned. 

    “I hate to sound like an ass, but whatever you’re thinking about, stop. It made your smile go away, and I want it to come back.” Nat said. 

Blood rushed to the surface of Olivia’s cheeks as she avoided eye contact and tried but miserably failed at trying not to smile like a schoolgirl on her first date. 

    “You know just what to say, don’t you?” Olivia laughed, as she finally met Nat’s gaze. 

Nat shrugged. 

    “What can I say, I’m a writer. Words are kinda my thing.” They said. 

Olivia laughed, playfully shoving Nat. 

    “Ass.” She said with a chuckle. 

Nat laughed. 

    “What? You want some ass? I don’t know Liv, I’m not that kind of person. We just met, what will people think of me?” Nat said teasingly. 

Olivia smacked their chest, causing them to laugh. 

    “You’re so stupid.” She teased. 

As they continued walking, Olivia couldn’t help but think about how easy things were with Nat. They’d only just met and she already felt comfortable teasing and joking around with them. 

Falling into a comfortable silence, Olivia decided not to think too much about it. Getting to know someone truly is a slow and lengthy process and Olivia decided she was going to enjoy the ride rather than obsess over it. 

    “Olivia!” Shouted a voice from seemingly nowhere. 

Looking up, Olivia caught sight of Jade, Sophie, Nate, and Carter in Sophie’s car. 

    “What the hell Liv?! I called you like twenty times!” Jade said worriedly.

She wasn’t exaggerating either, pulling out her phone, Olivia saw that she had forty missed calls, twenty from Jade, and twenty from Sophie. 

“I’m sorry, we must have lost track of time.” Olivia said as she and Nat approached the back door. 

With Nat and Carter in the backseat, fitting two more people into the car would be a bit tricky. 

“You could sit on my lap.” Nat said. 

It took all of point two five seconds for Nat to realize how that statement could be taken. 

“Or I could sit on your lap!” They said quickly, shaking their head. 

Olivia couldn’t help but laugh at the blush creeping up their neck. 

“Nat, relax. I get what you mean. I’m fine with sitting in your lap.” Olivia said. 

So, climbing into the car, Nat got in first before Olivia sat between their legs. 

“Is this okay?” Nat asked, their arms going around Olivia’s waist.  

Olivia leaned back into them and nodded. 

“Perfect.” She said.  

Then, just before they took off, Olivia looked up to see Sophie giving her an all knowing look through the mirror. 

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