Welcome Home | Casey and Mya Pt.3

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After stuffing their faces at the diner, Mason and Casey hopped back into Mason’s truck. 


“Next stop, home.” Mason said as he cranked the truck to life. 


Casey and Mason made their way through town before entering another town called Bakerton. As they drove through the center of town, Casey looked out the window, spotting a liquor store, a bar, a grocery store, a police station, a post office, a high school, and a couple miscellaneous shops. 


When they finally made it to the other side of the town, all Casey could see for miles and miles were fields of corn. As they headed down the road, the fields ran alongside them until they made it to Red Wing Rd. Turning right onto the road, Mason pulled up to a red mailbox with the name Griffin painted on the side. 


Turning onto the dirt path, they headed towards a large blue and white house with a wrap-around porch. On the porch, right in front of the window sat a porch swing that made Casey long for a childhood their parents could never give them. 


When they were younger, Casey would watch TV shows, and movies, dreaming of having a house like the one before them now. 


As Mason drove to the back of the house, Casey spotted a black, lifted F-150, and next to that sat a blue and white ‘66 Chevy, and next to the Chevy sat a red Jeep. 


Idling behind the Ford, Mason shook his head. 


“The nerve of this fucking boy.” He said. 


Throwing the car into park, Mason killed the engine before looking at Casey. 


“Well, welcome home.” He said with a sincere smile. 


“Ready?” He asked, tipping his head toward the house. 


Nodding, Casey grabbed their bag before they and Mason opened their doors. Making their way across the backyard, they headed into the house. 


 Casey and Mason arrived in the house, stopping in a small room between the door to get outside and the door to the actual house, shedded their coats and shoes. The room was decorated with two couches and two arm chairs, ideal for sitting in the warmer seasons. 


Mason opened the front door, the warm air from within calling out to them like a soft voice, beckoning Casey inside. Following behind Mason, the pair made their way into the living room where they found a brunette and raven-haired girl, who both looked to be around Casey’s age, sitting on the couch staring at their phones.


“Hi daddy.” The girls said, looking from their phones.


Making his way around to the front of the couch, Mason sat on the coffee table and looked back and forth between the girls. 


“Would someone like to tell me what the fuck Travis’s truck is doing in my spot?” Mason asked. 


“It was Mya daddy. As soon as you left she got on the phone and called him over here.” The brunette said. 


The raven haired girl rolled her eyes. 


“Daddy, that’s a lie. Travis said he needed some help with his history homework, so Mya asked mama, and mama said he could come over. ” The darker haired girl said. 


Mason sighed.


“Well who the hell told him he could park in my damn spot?” Mason asked.


“Probably Mya.” The brunette said, earning her a slap to the arm from her sister. 


Shaking his head, Mason turned his attention over to Casey who stood behind him.


“Casey, these are two of my girls, Megan and Maddie.” He said pointing to the burnette and then the raven haired girl. 


“Girls, help Casey get settled in. I’m gonna go murder someone.” He said, making his way to the stairs.


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