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Hold it right there, before you read this, have you read ‘Friday’s Suck‘?

Xena shook her head as she typed out a response to Travis Wells’s latest email. All night last night, Travis had been up sending message after message, trying to convince her to give him a shot, and asking if she was certain she really was a lesbian. Thank God Xena stopped giving her clients her actual phone number. She preferred to communicate over email, because she didn’t want to have to carry her second phone around with her all day, and after a certain hour, she could just turn the notifications off.


This morning, when she woke up, she had about a billion and one messages, the majority of which were from Trenton Wells.


Trent seemed to be far more fascinated with what Xena was doing this Friday than talking business.


Shaking her head, Xena sighed.


‘Fucking moron’ Xena thought to herself as she typed out the politest rejection she could think of.


If she ever did to her father’s company what Trenton and his brother Travis were doing to their father’s company; Joey would rise from the dead and skin her alive. 


Shaking her head, she did her best to use words Trenton’s pea-sized brain could comprehend, because apparently; ‘I’m only interested in doing business and ‘I’m a lesbian’ were two phrases the CEO couldn’t comprehend. 


As she mashed the buttons on her keyboard, a light knock came at her door.


“Come in.” She said, eyes still focused on her screen.


As the door opened, the smell of clean linen perfume floated through the air, causing the CEO to look up from her screen.


“Aw fuck!” She said, her eyes landing on the realtor.


Sarah chuckled.


“Nice to meet you as well.” 


Xena shook her head and after politely telling Trenton to fuck off, she signed her name and sent the message.


“I’m sorry. I lost track of time.” Xena said, rising up from her chair.


Rounding the desk, she greeted the realtor with a hug and an air kiss on each cheek.


“Usually my timing is spot on.” Xena said leaning on her desk.


The realtor chuckled.


“It’s quite alright. I cleared my schedule so we’ve got all day.” Sarah said.


Sarah took a seat in one of the chairs across from Xena’s desk and the CEO sat beside her.


“I’m sure my uncle already told you, but I don’t like to waste time. So rather than burning gas running around the city, why don’t you tell me what it is that you’re looking for and I’ll create a list of the best of the best.” Sarah said.


Xena thought about it for a moment. She’d seen so many places that she didn’t want but hadn’t really thought about what she did want.


“I need a home. Something, preferably in a high rise. with lots of natural light. Something modern, but still kinda has that homey feel to it. You know what I mean?” Xena asked, eyes squinting a little.


Sarah smiled and Xena could see the wheels turning in the realtor’s mind.

“I think I do.” She said. “Mind if I make a phone call?”


“Go ahead.” Xena said. 


The realtor whipped out her phone and began tapping away at the screen before getting up.


Rounding her desk again, Xena leaned back in her seat and watched the realtor work.


“Ernie! How are you?” She asked cheerfully.


Pausing for a moment, her face grew serious as she listen to whatever the person on the other end was saying. Then, after a moment, she threw her head back and laughed.


“You’re insane. But hey, this isn’t a social call, I need a favor. You think I could swing by with a client in say…” She paused for a moment, checking the time on her watch before speaking again.


“Ten, fifteen mintues?” There was another brief pause before she spoke again.


“You’re the best Ernie.” She said before hanging up the phone and turning back to Xena.


After hanging up the phone, she turned her attention back to Xena.


“Well that was Ernie, the building manager and he said he’ll set a key aside for us if you wanna check it out.” Sarah said.


“Wow, that fast? They weren’t kidding when they said you’re the best of the best huh?” Xena chuckled.


Sarah laughed.


“Well Andre’s my uncle, so he’s a little bias.” She said. 


Xena laughed before the women gathered their things. 


After making their way downstairs and out of the building, Sarah informed Xena that the building was a short distance away. So, the women decided to enjoy the sunshine and walk instead of driving. In no time at all, they arrived in front of the building. 


“You weren’t kidding when you said it was right around the corner.” Xena said.


Sarah laughed as she held the door open for the other woman.


Then, making their way inside, they were greeted by a round security guard.


“Sarah, how’s my favorite realtor.” The man said, rounding his desk.


Sarah greeted the man with a hug and an air kiss on each cheek before he reached behind the desk and pulled out an envelope.


“Thanks Eddie.” She said.


The women then made their way across the white marble floors and into a golden elevator. Upon hopping into the elevator, Sarah hit the very last button in the top right-hand corner and stepped back, allowing the elevator to take them to the very top. As they made their way up, the women made small talk that was periodically interrupted by tenets of the building getting on and off. They must have seen about ten or so people, all seeming to know and be quite fond of the realtor. 


“Wow, you’re quite the popular gal.” Xena laughed as the women stepped off the elevator.


“What can I say, to know me is to love me.” The realtor said with a shrug.


Xena could definitely see that being the case.


“I bet.” She said.


Stepping out onto the carpeted floor, the women made their way down the hall, dishing out polite greetings as they passed a few tenants.


When they finally reached the end of the hall, they came to a stop at a black door that read forty-four C. 


Pulling out the key, Sarah stuck it into the door before looking back at Xena.


“I hate to sound over dramatic, but welcome home.” She said, opening the door.

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