Waiting For David

It was raining, of course, it was; it’s fucking Seattle after all. Sitting in the window nook, Parker Jones watched as little droplets of water formed on the glass. Thunder zipped across the cloudy sky as Parker breathed against the glass and drew smiley faces in the fog. 


Patience was never Parker’s strong suit; if he wanted something he had to have it that instant. Though some saw his desire to have everything right away as a flaw, Parker used it to his advantage. At a very young age, he started his own tech company and quickly grew it to over a hundred thousand employees nationwide. With such a large company Parker never feared the day when he’d go hungry. Money poured in like an endless fountain. Course, he wasn’t stupid, he managed his money very well; using it to speed up certain things and make him even more money.


However, as he sat in that window, watching little raindrops gather on the glass, he knew no amount of money could speed this up. 


Looking down at his phone for the zillionth time, Parker was disappointed to see that he had no new notifications; no missed calls, no voicemails, no texts, nothing. Huffing Parker pulled up his text conversation with his husband, Gregory. The last message Greg had sent before going radio silent was a photo of a small, South African boy, Parker traced the features of his son’s face. He hadn’t even met the boy yet and Parker could already fill his heart swelling with love. 


“Get home soon.” Parker prayed silently.


Time ticked by sluggishly; Parker tried to busy himself with impossible tasks like counting all the fibers of the carpet and seeing how long he could hold his breath. He hit a new PR of five minutes but once he felt a headache coming on, he was back to mindlessly staring out the window again.


He thought about turning the TV on as a means of distracting himself but he feared he’d miss seeing his husband pull into the driveway and miss seeing his son, David, jump out of the car like he normally did. 


So he sat, waiting, and waiting. There were a few false alarms; a car, the same color, and model as Greg’s pulling into their driveway to make an illegal U-turn, the sound of a neighbor honking, and a few other things, but alas there was no side of Greg’s car. 


After about an hour and a half, Parker figured he’d stop torturing himself and find something to do. But then, just as he was about to rise up from the couch, a bright red SUV pulled into the driveway.


Time ceased to exist as Parker’s heart pounded in his chest. Sprinting to the door, he threw it open and ran out.


“Papa!” David yelled as the back door flew open.


Jumping out of his car seat, David landed on the blacktop and rushed over to Parker. At the very last second, David jumped and Parker scooped him up, hugging the little boy close.


“Hey bubba, welcome home.” Parker said just before kissing the boy’s cheek.


David laughed before burying himself in the safety of his father’s chest. As Parker held his son he felt a wave of pride, warmth, and love wash over him.


The father and son stood in the middle of the driveway for a moment before Greg cleared his throat.


“I hate to break up this beautiful father-son moment, but daddy’s hungry.” He said looking at his husband and son.


Parker laughed before shifting his son into his right arm and making his way over to the car. After getting all of David’s things inside, the husbands decided to have a small get-together so their son could meet his grandparents and some of his aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

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