Two Dummies And A Canoe

Hold it, before you read this, have you read ‘Why’s He Talking To Carter?’

While Nat, Nate and the girls made their way down to the river, Carter, Ryan, and Ricky carried the canoe down to the water. As they made it to the riverbank, Ryan’s attention shifted from the path to the water and over to Jade who was pulling off her bikini cover. Not paying attention to where he was going, Ryan tripped over a rock, causing him to go flying into Carter. As the canoe went flying, Carter was quick on his feet, managing to somehow balance the canoe in the center of his balm.

Like the idiots they are, Ricky and Ryan watched in amazement as Carter balanced the entire boat on his hand.

“Help! Help! Help!” Carter yelled, doing his best to keep the canoe from falling.

Jumping into action, the twins rushed behind Carter just as he let out a scream and the canoe fell backwards. The twins managed to catch it just as Carter buckled over, falling to the ground; Gripping his shoulder, Carter let out a loud cry.


“You fucking idiots, what the hell is wrong with you?!” Jade shouted as she rushed over to Carter’s side.

On his knees, Carter cried out in pain as Jade’s arms flew around his waist.

“Fuck, I think my arm’s broken!” Carter cried out.

“Is he crying?” Ryan asked, his voice void of any sympathy.

Whipping around, Chelsea shot daggers at Ryan and Ricky.

“Of course he’s crying, you fucker’s made him balance a fucking boat one his arm! I swear to God if his fucking arms broken, I’m gonna kill both of you!” She shouted.

While Jade helped Carter head back to the cabin, Ricky looked from one person to the next.

“So where not going canoeing?” He asked stupidly.

Walking over to him, Chelsea pushed him into the water before following Jade, Carter.

“Fucking dumbasses.” Nat said, shaking their head.

Leaving the brothers behind, Nat, Nate, and the girls went to go catch up with Jade and Carter.

Jade’s right, Ryan and Ricky are idiots. Who thinks Carter’s arm is actually broken? As always, if you’re enjoying the story, go head and hit that star.

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