Todd Duty


Chelsea Thomas entered her bedroom and made her way over to her closet. Grabbing her duffle bag from the bottom of the closet, she tossed it on the bed before rummaging through her clothes. Then, as she threw a bikini and a pair of jean shorts onto her bed, her phone began to ring. Emerging from the closet, she picked up her phone to see that it was her mom calling.

“Hi mom.” She said as she pressed the device to her ear and plopped down onto the bed.

“Hey baby girl! Were you and Carter able to straighten everything out?” Chelsea’s mother, Nancy asked.

“Yeah, but I can’t believe you didn’t tell me sooner that he was coming!” Chelsea huffed into the phone.

“Aw sweetie I meant to, it must’ve slipped my mind. Anyways, can you make sure your brother packs enough sunscreen? That boy gets burnt up every summer.” Nancy said with a huff.

Chelsea frowned, her brows bunching together.

“Why does Todd need to pack sunscreen?” Chelsea asked, her expression turning sour.

“Because he’s going to the cabin of course!” Nancy said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Chelsea let out a groan.

“Mom no! Todd doesn’t even like the cabin.” She pointed out.

“Chels, we’ve been over this. That cabin’s just as much his as it is yours or mine. Todd needs more opportunities to be social, mingle with people his age, and a party is the perfect place for that.” Nancy said.

Todd was only a few years younger than Chelsea, and their parents were always encouraging Chelsea to take him out with her and her friends. Back when Chelsea and Todd were in high school, Nancy and Chelsea’s father, Frank, would allow Chelsea to stay out past her curfew, but only if she took Todd with her. In the beginning, Chelsea would drag him to parties and he would sit in the corner and read for the majority of it, but once his obsession with Chelsea’s best friend’s little sister, Olivia, started, Todd quickly went from annoying baby brother, to the creepy guy lecturing Olivia and her friends about her wardrobe.

“Mom, Todd is not a party guy. He hates loud music, doesn’t drink, and can’t dance. He’s not going to have a good time.” Chelsea argued.

Nancy sighed into the phone.

“Chelsea Heather Thomas, just bring the boy with you! If you don’t take him to the cabin then he’ll be stuck here, with your father and I, and we have plans. For the last two decades of my life I’ve sacrificed my summers and did what he wanted because that’s what mother’s do! But dammit Chelsea, I just want one summer completely alone with my husband!” Nancy snapped.

The fact that Todd was twenty years old and their mother still acted as though he was a child incapable of being on his own, baffled Chelsea.

“Fine, but if Jade hits him for doing something dumb that’s on him, not me.” Chelsea said.

“Just tell her not to break anything and he’ll be fine. Anyways I have a meeting I’m late for. I’ll call you later.” Nancy said.

After saying goodbye to her mother, Chelsea dropped her phone onto the bed and flopped down beside it. Fucking Todd; what kind of grown man was incapable of being alone?

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