This Is The One

Hold up! Have you read ‘Welcome Home’?

Xena stepped into the condo and was instantly blown away. The chocolate brown mahogany floors were polished to perfection; if she looked hard enough, she swore she could see her reflection staring back at her.


Making her way further into the condo, she was met with two glass walls, giving her a perfect view of the city below her. Sunlight poured through the windows, giving the floors an almost deep reddish color.


“The city is absolutely gorgeous at night.” Sarah said from behind her.


Crossing the living room, Xena came to a halt at the window. As she looked down upon the city, she spotted taxicabs and cars that resembled toy cars, while the people hoping in and out of them looked like ants. 


Making their way through the condo, Sarah allowed Xena to take it all in rather than boring her with the details. 


Making her way into the small hallway, Xena discovered a small bathroom with only a sink and a toilet. Then, making her way into the bedroom, she found the closet with a door leading to a full bathroom on the other side. Practical, she liked it.


While Xena didn’t spend much time at home, it was important that her home was a place she enjoyed. To the CEO, her home was a place of peace and solitude. A place where she could recharge before she went back out into the world again; And this place, Xena could definitely see herself recharging here. 


Stepping back out into the living room, Xena made her way over to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked out at the city once more. This view would be absolutely stunning at night, she could tell.


“She shoots and she scores.” Xena said, turning to look at Sarah.


Sarah’s eyes sparkled like diamonds basking in the sunlight.


“You like?” The realtor asked.


“Like, I love it, Sarah!” Xena said, looking around once more.


“I thought you might.” Sarah said reaching into her bag.


Xena couldn’t help but laugh as she watched the realtor pull out a yellow envelope.


“Wow, that confident huh?” Xena laughed, taking the envelope from Sarah.


Sarah shrugged, a cocky smirk playing at the realtor’s lips.


“You said it yourself, I’m the best of the best.” Sarah said.


Xena laughed once more.


“No, I said, your uncle and father said you were the best.” Xena pointed out.


Sarah playfully rolled her eyes.


“Yeah, yeah, sign the papers.” Sarah said.


To maximize time, Sarah emailed Xena a copy of what would be her lease for each house the other day; so Xena gave the document one final scan to make sure everything was as it should’ve been before signing her name on the dotted line. 


Then, after thanking the realtor, she handed Sarah the forms, and after promising to send her a copy, Sarah slipped them back into the envelope before presenting Xena with the keys. 


“Well, congratulations!” The realtor said as she hugged the CEO. 


After one final look over the apartment, the women headed out the door. Sarah needed to get back to her office so she could get everything ready for the move.

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  2. This was lovely to read — kinda want to live in a place like that myself, haha!

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