There’s The Tea

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. There’s The Tea
  3. One Fateful Night
  4. The Best Family
  5. Mr. And Mrs. Grace
  6. Port Prince Media
  7. The City of Love
  8. Running A Little Late
  9. Maria Grace
  10. Nothing Between Me and You
  11. The Middle Man
  12. Another World
  13. The Premier

Hold up, wait a minute, before you read this, have you read ‘The Premier‘? 

It’d been a few weeks since Myles and Maria had come home from France, and Myles had given his speech at NYU. Since that day, all Myles could think about was college. The smell of the auditorium, the smiling faces of all those kids, and the questions; the questions had to be Myle’s favorite part. 


The students made Myles think about his art in a whole new way. 


Myles had never questioned his process before, why were certain shots hand held and others shot on a stationary camera? Why was lighting almost like an additional character in all of his films?


Of course Myles planned everything out. When writing the script, it was almost as if he were telling himself the story, or watching the movie and recording what he saw. Many of Myle’s stories kinda just poured out of him; they’d always had.


As Myles stood in the large windows of his high rise, he stared out the window, watching as the leaves began to change. 


Sweater weather was upon them, and Maria couldn’t be happier.


“Winter’s coming.” Maria said, rushing out of the bedroom and over to her husband.


Her arms snaked around Myles’s waist, causing him to lean back into his wife.


“How is it almost over? I didn’t even get to enjoy the city!” He huffed, staring down at the ant sized people making their way around.


“Ahh, this summer was horrible, it was way to fucking hot.” Maria said.


Myles rolled his eyes.


“I was barely here!” He complained.


Maria pressed a kiss into the back of his neck before stealing his cup.


“Aww, you poor baby.” She said, patting his cheek.


Myles opened his mouth to say something when his phone buzzed, letting him know he had a new notification.


Pulling the device from his pocket, Myles unlocked it and checked to see what it was.


“I thought we don’t read our own press Mr. Grace.” Maria said, coming up behind him to look at his phone.


Myles’s Twitter was open and he was scrolling through The House of David hashtag.


“There’s a difference between reviews from movie snobs and actual people with taste commenting on my movie.” Myles said.


Maria gave a huh, before turning her attention to her husband’s screen.


It was no wonder Myles was breaking his ‘don’t read your own press’ rule; all the reviews were glowing. In over the decade that Myles had been making movies, The House of David was probably his first movie to get this much buzz this quickly. Sure, the thousands of dollars the studio had poured into marketing had a lot to do with it, but Myles worked his ass off to make this film, and it showed.


Myles’ phone began to buzz, and of course, it was none other than Pat.


“Myles Grace has taken horror and completely flipped it on its head. Critics are calling Grace the Stephen King of our generation!” Pat yelled into the phone.


Myles couldn’t help but laugh, he hadn’t heard Pat this excited since his fantasy football team went to the Superbowl two and a half years ago.


Myles opened his mouth to say something, when he began to receive another call from Donte.


“Hold up Pat, Donte’s calling.” Myles said.


Though Myles couldn’t see the other man, he could tell that Pat was rolling his eyes. Whatever this beef Pat and Donte had going, they needed to resolve it ASAP.


Not waiting for Pat’s reply, Myles switched over to the other line.


“Nigga! They talking about awards ALREADY!” Donte said with a laugh.


The Oscars had always been a dream of Myles and Donte’s. 


“So what, you pressin’ that suit?” Myles asked.


“Hell yeah, right fucking now boy!” Donte laughed.


Myles shook his head. For years Donte would dust his mantle as he talked about rubbing shoulders with Spike Lee, George Cloonie, and other big names in Hollywood.


“Always living in the future.” Myles said.


And it was true, Donte and Myles would be on the second page of the first film, and Donte would be thinking about the next film, and the next film. 


During Myles and Maria’s first year of marriage, she nearly killed him because every weekend he was over at Pat’s or Donte’s writing yet another movie. That year, Myles and Donte had written so many films that if they stopped today, Port Prince could probably crank out a movie a month, for a full two years and they’d STILL have films left over.


“Hang on, let me put Pat on the line.” Myles said.


Again, Myles could feel the energy shift in his best friend, but he paid it no mind as he merged the two calls.


“Aye, aye, aye. I’m glad the movie’s getting so much buzz so quickly. But what the fuck is up with you nigga’s. Y’all acting like some teenage girls, and I can’t fucking run a company like this.” Myles said, ripping the bandaid off.


Pat huffed, and Donte sucked his teeth.


“Here we go with this shit again.” Donte groaned.


“Yeah, we back here, cause we’re on the rise, and I’ll be damned if I let some feued fuck up my company. So what the fuck is up?” Myles asked.


“Nothing okay.” Pat said quickly, a little too quick for Myle’s liking.


“Haha, nothing, Pat’s favorite word.” Donte said.


Myles could taste the bitterness in his best friend’s tone.


Donte rarely actually got upset over anything. He was really a ‘Let go and let God’ type of man, so this change in demeanor really had Myles on high alert.


“Donte you’re-”


“Nigga don’t even say what I think you’re about to say! Cause if you wanna see a nigga be emotional, I can hop my black ass on Twitter and get real emotional on that ass.” He snapped.


Jokester Donte had officially left the building. 


“Donte, we’ve talked about this.” Pat said.


“No the fuck we DID NOT! You told me you were in an open relationship! And now, I’ve got YOUR FUCKING WIFE hitting MY LINE EVERYDAY! Attacking me like I’m her dog ass husband, and not you!” Donte yelled into the phone!


What the fuck? Pat and Donte had been sleeping together? For how long? And how could they keep this a secret from Myles? 


Myles had always known that his best friend was bisexual, but Pat? He’d always been all about the ladies. Many of Pat’s other clients were a part of the queer community, and he went to gay bars, and Pride every chance he got, but Pat always made it crystal clear that he only had eyes for the ladies. 


Myles didn’t really care about the sexuality of either men, because he wasn’t sleeping with them, so why would he, but this was still some piping hot tea.


“I told you to wait. I can’t just scream my sexuality out to the world like you. My dad’s the pastor of a megachurch. They nearly cooked me when I sighed Myles. Trust me, I wanna be out and proud, but shit’s not that easy for me.” Pat said into the phone.


He was on the verge of tears and Myles and Donte could hear it; he was breaking.


“I didn’t plan this shit. You were supposed to be a client, that’s it.” Pat said.


In all the years that Myles had known Pat, he’d never seen Pat get so emotional. Unless he was screaming at the TV, cheering his team on, or swearing because they were losing, Pat didn’t really ever get that worked up.


“I could lose my job, my house, everything I have. I know you think I’m just some pretty rich boy who’s daddy handed him everything, but this shit comes at a cost.” Pat said into the phone.


Myles could hear Pat shatter right there on the phone, and his heart ached for the man. 


Rose and Johnny would move heaven and earth for their children, so Myles never knew what it was like to be unloved and unwanted.


Sure, even to this day, people left nasty comments on his social media accounts, and some people even had the balls to shout at him in the streets, but for the most part, Myles was wrapped in a cocoon of love. No matter how much the outside world attacked him, Myles never questioned the love of his family. 


Myles didn’t know what to say. He felt torn between staying on the line and comforting his friend, and leaving Donte and Pat to have their privacy.


Donte cleared his throat before speaking.


“Can we meet up?” He asked.


There was a pause, and Myles held his breath.


“Yeah, just give me like twenty. I have to drop Kathy off at work.” Pat said.


Donte said nothing, and for a moment, Myles thought he’d hung up, but the sound of a deep exhale let him know that Donte was still there.


“I told you-”


I ain’t with that sneaking around shit. I know, I know, I just wanna talk.”  Pat said.


Donte sighed again before agreeing to the meet up, and for a moment, Myles nearly piped up and asked, ‘can I come?’, but he knew better than to do that.


The men agreed on a time and a place before Pat  hung up. 


Donte sighed into the phone before remembering that his best friend was on the line.


“Ahh shit, nigga you still here?” He asked.


Myles was speechless. He’d always suspected something was up between the men, but that exchange they’d just had, told Myles that whatever was going on was way deeper than Myles had ever imagined.


“Don’t be-”


“Nigga, you my best friend, who the fuck else Imma tell?” Myles said, already knowing where his friend was headed.


Donte rolled his eyes.


“Wifey!” He said.


Myles sucked his teeth.

“She don’t count. That woman is a vault.” He said.


Myles could hear Donte rolling his eyes.


“Yeah, well don’t tell anyone besides her. This nigga skiddish as it is. I don’t need them talking about this shit in the streets.” Donte said.


“Yeah, yeah. I got you.” Myles said.


“Myles, I’m fucking serious. Don’t let this shit get outside.” He said.


“Of course not. Maria and I don’t talk to nobody.” He said.


There was a moment of silence on Donte’s end of the line, and Myle’s heart ached for his best friend. Myles didn’t know what it was like to have to remain in the closet, but he could only imagine it was exhausting.


“Well alright nigga, I gotta get ready to meet up with this fool.” Donte said, referring to Pat.


Myles wished his bestie the best of luck, before hanging up the phone.


Myles had never been much of a gossip, but he HAD to talk to Maria about all of this.

So who already figured out at Pat and Donte had a thing going on. Im a discovery writer, so I was GASPING as I wrote this. What do we think about Pat and his wifey? Do you wanna meet her? What about him and Donte, can you picture it? Let me know in the comments.

This one is a bit of a beast, but it is what it is. If you made it all the way through, hit that star! Also, if you can, consider by a cup of coffee, it helps more than you know. Thank You-C 

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