The Woman In The Rain

Carter rolled over and shifted towards the edge of the bed. Swinging his legs off the side, he sat up and planted his feet on the ground. Thereafter he rubbed his eyes before stretching and rising up. Then, swaying from side to side, almost as if he were drunk, he made his way out into the hall and over to the bathroom. After finishing his business, he washed his hands and began making his way back to his room when the light coming from the living room, caught his eye. Jade. Turning around, he made his way over to the living room and wordlessly sat on the couch beside her.

“Hi.” He said, turning to look at her.

Jade looked up from her sketchbook which rested in her lap and turned her attention over to Carter.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” She asked worriedly.

Carter shook his head.

“Nah, I got up to pee, and then I saw the light so I figured I would come and be nosy. What are you drawing?” He asked, gesturing to her sketchbook.

Jade flipped her sketchbook around, allowing Carter to see the detailed drawing of a woman in the rain holding an umbrella. The small lines of blacks and blues, serving as the rain,gave the photo a dark and stormy night kind of feel to it.

Looking down at the drawing, Carter stared in awe at the great attention to detail. Everything from the woman’s hold on the umbrella to her facial expression seemed so real, so lifelike. Had Carter not known any better, he’d swear he was looking at a black and white photo rather than a drawing.

“Damn, this is amazing. How long have you been working on this?” He asked, his voice filled with amazement.

“I Started the rain sometime last night and I’ve been mostly working on the woman today.” Jade said, shading the woman’s dress.

Carter watched her shade for a moment before leaning back on the couch.

“Can I see it when you’re done?” He asked, earning a nod from her.

“So what’s got you up?” Jade asked as she turned her sketchbook upside down and began shading again.

Carter shrugged.

“Got up to pee then I saw you and I thought you might like some company.” He said.

“Thanks.” She said, looking up from her sketchbook.

The two fell into a comfortable silence, the only sound in the room coming from Jade dragging her pencil across the paper.

Then, looking out the window, Carter noticed the sun beginning to rise.

“Hey, you wanna take this party outside?” He asked, looking from the window to Jade.

She gave a little nod before gathering her things. Then, making their way outside, Jade and Carter sat on the patio chairs and watched the sun rise.

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