The Morning After

Olivia opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. As the room began to spin, her head pounded as if someone had crammed a marching band into her skull. Groaning she squeezed her eyes shut and placed her hands on her temple and applied a little bit of pressure. 

    “Shhh, keep it down.” Nate whisper-yelled, making a lowering gesture with his hand. 

Olivia rolled onto her side, closing her eyes before the sound of footsteps caused her to groan again.  

    “Keep it down!” Nat, Nate, Chelsea, and Olivia all whisper-yelled. 

They’re was a shuffle before Olivia could smell fresh coffee. 

    “Coffee?” She wondered, rising up from where she had been lying. 

    “Yeah, have some.” Jade said, making sure to whisper. 

Taking the cup from her sister, Olivia took a drink. The warm liquid was like heaven going down Olivia’s throat. One by one, Nat, Sophie, Nate, and Chelsea all got their cups then leaning against one another, the took slow sips.

    “Ahh, this coffee’s so fucking good.” Chelsea groan as she took another drink. 

The gang all finished their cups as Carter walked into the sunken living room. 

    “Better?” He asked, looking from one person to the next. 

    “Much better.” The twins said, everyone else humming in agreement. 

    “Great! Now go upstairs. Jade and I wanna watch a movie, and their’s too many rooms in this place for you assholes to be sleeping in the living room.” Said Carter. 

    “Wait, did you say movie? I wanna watch a movie.” Nate said, perking up a bit. 

Carter rolled his eyes. 

    “Alright fine, but you all need to take a shower. One of you threw up last night and you stink.” Carter said, causing everyone to smell themselves. 

Carter rolled his eyes yet again. 

    “Just go take a shower, all of you.” He said. 

So, heading upstairs,Sophie and Chelsea borrowed a pair of sweats and a shirt from Nate while Olivia borrowed clothes from Nat. After everyone was showered and changed, they all made their way back downstairs where Carter was waiting for them with giant water bottles and aspirins. 

    “Drink up.” He said, handing everyone a bottle and two pills. 

After taking the pills, the gang joined Jade on the couch and Carter started the movie.

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