The Middle Man

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. There’s The Tea
  3. One Fateful Night
  4. The Best Family
  5. Mr. And Mrs. Grace
  6. Port Prince Media
  7. The City of Love
  8. Running A Little Late
  9. Maria Grace
  10. Nothing Between Me and You
  11. The Middle Man
  12. Another World
  13. The Premier

Wait! Before you read this, have you read ‘Nothing Between You and Me‘?

“Ahh Maria! Welcome home!” Claude, the man selling fish yelled from the doorway of his shop.


“Bonjour Monsieur Claude!” Maria said as she waved to the shop owner.


It was just a little after sunrise, and while Myles was still dead to the world, Maria decided to get up and make her way into town. 


Other than a few early risers, shopping at the outdoor market in the middle of town, Collioure was a ghost town. 


Heading down the mountain, Maria stopped by a local market, grabbing some essential items, before hopping back onto her bike and making her way back to the house. 


Maria took her time, enjoying the view of the water from below the cliff. 


The breeze rolling off the water was heavenly, and she couldn’t help but stop for a moment to take in the view. 


It’d been too long since they’d been home, and Maria had been missing this.


After a couple more minutes of watching the waves crash into the side of the mountain, Maria hopped back onto her bike, and headed back home.


As she rode up to the gate, she laughed as she spotted Benjamin, the neighbor’s dog, trotting over to her.


“Hi Benny!” She said excitedly.


Leaning her bike against the gate, she knelt down to pet the massive pitbull. A moment later, Maria spotted Jackson and his son, Frankie, her and Myles’s neighbors, walking on the other side of the street.


“Benny, allons-y!” Jackson called out.


The father and son waived at Maria.


“Welcome home Maria! Say hi to Myles for me!” Jackson called out.


Maria waived back and assured him that she would. Then, after petting Benny one last time, the dog made his way over to his owner and Maria headed inside.

“Ah, it smells so good down here.” Myles said as he entered the kitchen.


Walking up behind his wife, Myles wrapped his arms around Maria and gave her a tight squeeze before pressing a kiss behind her ear. 


Maria’s eyes fluttered close, a soft hum escaping her lips, causing her husband to laugh.


“All these years later and you’re still obsessed with me.” He whispered in her ear just before capturing her earlobe between gentle teeth.


Maria opened her mouth to say something when Myle’s pocket began to vibrate against her ass.


“Oh Mr. Grace.” She said with a chuckle.


Myles pulled back and wagged a finger at her as she turned around to look at him.


Pulling the device from his pocket, Myles’s smile fell, and Maria instantly knew who was calling.


“What do you want Pat?” Myles said, very much annoyed.


On the way over to France, Myles had informed his team that he would be busy, and not to contact him unless it was dier, but apparently Pat didn’t get the message.


“Myles! Where the hell are ya man?! I was talking to Donte earlier and he said you left the country! What the hell man?!” Pat said.


Pat was full of shit. Donte couldn’t stand Pat. The most the men had spent together was while they were on the set of The House of David.


Donte literally hired an assistant, whose sole job was to relay information from Pat to Donte. 


“Pat, we’ve talked about this several times, Donte’s got it.” Myles reminded him.


Port Prince was divided into three sub-divisions; writing, production, and post-production. Donte and Myles wrote everything together. Sometimes Myles would do more work than Donte, and sometimes it was the other way around. Then, the men would hire actors and a crew, and from there, Myle’s took control of the project until it came time for the edit. 


During filming, Myles and Donte would talk extensively, and Donte would visit sets a lot, but for the most part, the filming was left up to Myles and the crew. Then, when the film was all finished in production, the film would go back to Donte, who would do the first round of edits, and then Myles would join Donte for the second round before the pair sent it off for its final round of editing. 


“Donte! You left The House of David in the hands of Donte?!” Pat asked.


Myles rolled his eyes. 


‘Here we go with this again.’ Myles thought to himself.


“Port Prince belongs to both of us. 50/50 Pat, which means you work for both Donte and I.” Myles explained.


It was no secret that Pat wasn’t a big fan of Donte. In Pat’s eyes, because Donte wasn’t all suit and tie proper like Pat and Myles, Pat felt like he didn’t have to respect Donte as much. 


Oftentimes, Pat spoke to and treated Donte like he worked for Myles, rather than as Myles’s business partner. Myles talked to Pat about it, and Pat seemed to change for a bit, but as the company got bigger, Donte began to focus more on the writing and editing of the company while Myles was more present on sets, and doing more media outings. 


Donte and Myles talked daily, constantly checking in on each other’s ends of the business, and making sure they were on the same page. But from the outside looking in, unless you were an editor, a writer, or a director, then you hardly ever saw Donte. 


This caused Pat to jump to all kinds of conclusions about Donte, despite Pat having Donte’s number and being able to call the man anytime he liked.


“50/50, that’s rich.” Pat muttered under his breath.


Myles was growing tired of Pat. To Pat, the fact that he was white, and had a father who rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood’s most elite filmmakers, meant that somehow he was entitled to be treated like a king. 


Any chance Pat got to name drop his father, he did, and actors, directors, and big movie executives would bow to Pat like he was a god. But what they didn’t know was Pat’s father wanted nothing to do with the man.


Pat being estranged from his father wasn’t something that alarmed Myles in the beginning. After all, plenty of Myles’s friends, Donte included, had little to no contact with their fathers. But now, Myles was beginning to see Pat’s lack of any kind of relationship with his father as a big ol’ red flag. 


Myles had no interest in going back and forth with Pat. This was supposed to be a mini vacation for Myles and Maria before they had to return to the states and Myles would have to go off and start promoting this movie; and Myles wouldn’t allow anything to put a damper on their vacation. 


“Look Pat. If you’ve got a problem with Donte, you can let me know. But he’s my business partner. It’s been he and I for the last decade, so if you’ve got a problem with him, maybe we should reevaluate our business relationship.”  Myles said.


Pat grew quiet. Myles would bet his last dollar that Pat was sulking at that very moment. 


Myles couldn’t understand it; Pat had met Myles and Donte at the same time. Pat seemed excited about what the men were doing, and Myles and Donte were happy to be making friends and connections in the business thanks to Pat. The trio would go to parties and have lunches together all the time. And then one day… poof, something happened between the pair, and suddenly Pat and Donte were no longer friends.


Myles had asked Donte about it countless times, and even offered to get rid of Pat, but Donte declined.


“Ol’ boy is good at his job. We don’t have to be all buddy buddy like you and him.” Donte told Myles.


Myles sensed that Donte wasn’t being one hundred percent with him, but Myles didn’t push it. If Donte said everything was good, then Myles would trust what his best friend was telling him.


“Myles, come on! There’s no need to be so extreme. Donte and I have no issues.” He said.


Well of course the men had no issues, they barely even spoke to one another; how could they have issues?


But Myles decided to drop it. The last thing he wanted was to create a situation where there wasn’t one. But he would be talking to Donte about Pat when he got back to New York.


“Look, just get back to your vacation and don’t sweat it.” Said Pat.


Of course Myles wasn’t going to let this ruin his and Maria’s time away, but he wouldn’t be forgetting about it either.


But for now, Myles dropped the subject and after wrapping up his call with Pat, Myles shoved his phone back into his pocket.


“Everything alright?” Maria asked, coming up behind Myles.


Myles turned around and looked at his wife. Bringing up the conversation to Maria would start a whole conversation about it, and then Myles wouldn’t be able to put it out of his head. Myles didn’t want that. So instead, he leaned down and pressed his lips into Maria’s, kissing her deeply before pulling back to look at her.


“Yeah, everything’s fine. Come on, let’s finish cooking so we can eat.” Myles said, turning Maria around and placing his hands on her hips.


Maria made her way back into the kitchen, and Myles helped her finish breakfast before they set the table and sat down to eat.


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