The End of The Sarah, Alexis and Xena Series

This kinda feels like a breakup in a way. I won’t make this too long or get too fancy with it, but I’ve decided to stop making updates to The Sarah, Alexis, and Xena series. 


In my writing, there are seasons; short story seasons, and long, episodic seasons. When I began The Sarah, Alexis, and Xena series, I was in a season of episodic stories, I was writing The Paula and Dani Series at the same time, and I guess I just burned myself out. So into the pile of unfinished stories this one goes.


Will I rewrite/rework this series later on? Possibly, I can’t say for sure; but for now, I wanna focus on one-shots and shorter series. 


If you took the time to read this, thank you.


Until the next post,



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