The End of The Road

The Los Angeles sky was uncharacteristically gloomy, quite fitting for the day Sarah and Summer Halls were having. Sitting in a high rise in downtown LA, the pair looked down at the stack of papers that would officially undo decades of love and life they’d built. 


Looking over the papers, Sarah tapped her pen against the table. How was this happening? Just a few months ago they were happy, ready to welcome their first child into the world. Then in a blink of an eye, the sky was falling. Summer would go missing for days at a time and Sarah couldn’t stand to be awake. After a close call with some sleeping pills and Summer’s month-long vacation in France, the couple decided that it was best they go their separate ways. But that didn’t mean that this was easy. 


“We can reschedule if you two need some time to think.” Oscar, the women’s best friend said. 


The two women looked at one another, they couldn’t drag this on any longer. All Summer wanted was to hop on a flight and get back to Europe. 


“No, we’ve dragged this on too long.” The women said at the same time. 


With a quick flick of a pen, their names were on the lines and it was over. 


Collecting her things, Summer stood up. 


“Well, I guess this is goodbye.” She said, almost cringing at the cliche words. 


Sarah gave a little nod and a tight smile. 


As Summer exited the conference room Sarah felt the first tear fall. 


In an instant, Oscar was kneeling beside her and gathering her in his arms. 


With her face hidden in his chest, she unleashed months and months of hurt, loss, and confusion. 


Sobbing uncontrollably she let it all go until she was too weak to stand. 


Sitting on the floor of the conference room she pulled back, gasping at the mess she made of her best friend’s shirt. 


“Oh, Oscar.” She began. 


Oscar waved a dismissive hand. 


“It’s a white button-up. I have a million of these.” He said as he rose to his feet. 


Holding a hand out, Oscar helped her to her feet before tucking Sarah beneath his arm. 


“Break up’s are the worse.” He said as he made his way over to the conference table. 


After gathering his things and Sarah’s, the two said goodbye to her lawyer before walking out. 


“Feel like going out?” Oscar asked. 


Sarah stopped walking and looked at her best friend as if he’d grown a second head. 


“Tequila and The L Word it is!” He said with a sharp nod. 


“Now you’re talking.” She laughed melting back into his side. 


After making it to the parking garage, Oscar texted his assistant asking them if they could drive his car home for him, and after getting an okay, he hopped in Sarah’s car and they were off. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this short story. If you did, be sure to hit that star. For more LGBTQIA stories, follow this site. Until next time, thank you!

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