The City of Love

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. There’s The Tea
  3. One Fateful Night
  4. The Best Family
  5. Mr. And Mrs. Grace
  6. Port Prince Media
  7. The City of Love
  8. Running A Little Late
  9. Maria Grace
  10. Nothing Between Me and You
  11. The Middle Man
  12. Another World
  13. The Premier

Wait a second, before you start this story, have you read ‘Port Prince Media

Maria’s eyes shifted to the bottom corner of her screen, the time reading three thirty. It was well past when she usually took her lunch and she was starving. Knowing that Myles was probably in another world, oblivious to the time, Maria saved the sketch she’d been working on and made her way to her husband’s office.


“Baby, it’s lunchtime.” She said, tapping her knuckle on the door.


Myles was in his own world, headphones on, leaning into his computer. Maria hated when he did that. 


“You’re gonna go blind.” She’d tell him, which usually prompted him to reply, “And that’s why God invented glasses.”


At times Maria wanted to strangle him.


“Baby.” She called out again, this time walking into his office and rounding his desk.


Myles finally looked up from his computer, and it was like watching him settle back into his body; almost like he’d gone to an entirely different place.


Maria admired that about her husband. While she enjoyed being a fashion designer, her love of her craft could never compete with Myles’s love for filmmaking. 


Myles’s life revolved around films. Other than the two days a week Maria insisted that he take off, Myles was always working. He’d spend hours behind his computer tweaking audio and footage for whatever latest project he was working on, and then he’d come home and film for several hours after the fact. And during the rare times when he wasn’t working on a project, Myles would spend hours and hours at the movie theater, watching everything from the latest kids’ movies to horror films, and everything in between.


In college, Myles would often miss meals, and sometimes go days without sleep, because he was working on a project. 


While Maria loved and admired his passion, it also made her a bit hesitant about being with him. She’d dated a few artists, of varying mediums, in the past, and her partner’s egos and competitive nature exhausted Maria. It was almost as if she were the side chick to her partners’ passion. Myles was like that in the beginning, but once Maria mentioned it, she noticed that he was making strides to change that. While he wasn’t perfect by any means, Maria could tell that Myles valued her and put her first. Sure he had his times when he’d fall into work, but once he finished whatever project was taking up so much of his time, he made sure to make up for lost time. 


His passion also inspired her to become more passionate about her own work; and when she started her fashion line, Myles was always there, cheering her on and telling her how proud of her he was.


“It’s lunchtime already?” He asked, pushing his headphones off his head.


Maria nodded as he clicked away on his computer, saving his work before rising up from his seat.


“I’ve got a taste for pasta.” He said, rounding his desk and making his way over to her.


Maria laughed, of course he had a taste for pasta, he always did. 

The couple sat in the back corner of Don’s, a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that the couple used to frequent back in college. 


“How’s the Paris show coming along?” Myles asked, twisting his fork in his noodles.


Maria’s eyes twinkled like stars in the night sky.


“So good. We leave in a few weeks.” She said.


Maria felt about Paris the same way Myles felt about New York. For two and a half years after college, Maria moved to Paris, and Myles split his time between New York and Paris. 


Maria had a little apartment not too far from the Eiffel Tower, and every morning and every night, she would sit on her balcony, either drinking coffee or sipping tea and watching the city awake or fall asleep.

After Myles proposed to her in France, the couple returned to the States and began their lives together in New York. 


Part of Myles always felt bad because he knew how much his wife loved the city and wished to return. Maria never moped or made Myles feel bad about it, New York was her home too, but she always missed the city of love. 


What if we stayed over there for a little? After the show’s over, we can head up to the house in Collioure.I feel like one of us is always working when we’re there, and we rarely ever have time to just be.” He said.


Maria’s eyes shone like diamonds basking in the sunlight.


 “Really?” She asked, grinning like a kid who just found out they were going to the candy store.


Myles took a sip of his drink, humming in response. 


Leaning over the table, Maria grabbed her husband’s face, kissing him deeply, causing him to laugh.


“Best husband ever!” She declared, fist pumping as she settled back into her seat.


Myles laughed, pleased with how such a simple thing could make his wife so happy.


That’s what they did for one another, Myles and Maria always took turns bending to fit the needs and desires of the other. 


After finishing lunch, the couple headed back to the office and went their separate ways to get more work done. 


Then, as five o’clock rolled around, the couple bid their colleagues a farewell and made their way home, stopping for some Chinese on the way. 

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