That Was Meant To Be A Joke


    “Legend has it their body parts are still somewhere out there, floating around.” Nat said, finishing their story.

With her fingers serving as ear plugs, Olivia sat in Nat’s lap, her face buried in their neck. To avoid Nat’s words slipping past her fingers and making it into her ears, Olivia sang obnoxiously loud. 

    “Liv, the story’s over, you can unplug your ears now.” Nat said with a laugh. 

    “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!” Olivia shouted back, causing the gang to laugh. 

    “Oh please Nat, she knows that. She just wants to sit in your lap.” Sophie teased, causing Olivia to pull her fingers from her ears and present Sophie with her middle finger. 

The gang all laughed as Olivia climbed out of Nat’s lap. 

    “Aw come on! I was really enjoying holding you!” Nat said as Olivia sat beside them. 

Blood rushed to the surface of Olivia’s face, causing the gang to all laugh and coo as she looked away. 

    “Shut up everyone, you’re gonna ruin my chances with a pretty girl.” Nat said. 

Clearing her throat, Olivia stood.

 “I’m gonna go get another beer.” She said, pointing to the cooler just a couple feet away.

Nat frowned as they watched her get up. Hopefully they didn’t just ruin their chances themself. 

Hopping up onto their feet, Nat dusted themself off and made their way over to her to find out. 

    “Hey, I’m sorry about that ‘ruin my chances’ thing. That was meant to be a joke, a very stupid joke.” Nat said, scratching the back of their head. 

Despite having only known them for a couple of days, Olivia could see right through the bullshit they were spurwing. That wasn’t a joke. 

Olivia put on her best pout, her bottom lip poking out just a bit. 

    “That sucks, I really was considering asking you out at the end of the night. Now that I know you’re not interested you saved us an awkward conversation. Thanks, I guess.” Olivia said, just before walking away. 

As she walked past Nat, she bit back a smile as she felt them turn and grab her wrist. 

    “Wait, wait, wait. You were gonna ask me out?” Nat said, turning Olivia back around. 

Olivia couldn’t help but bask in the state of flusteredness Nat was currently in. All night they seemed cool, calm and collected; it was nice to know that she made them a little nervous like they made her. 

    “Well not anymore, you’re not interested.” Olivia said, biting back her laugh. 

Nat scratched the back of their neck. 

    “Hang on, I never said that.” Nat said. 

Olivia laughed. 

    “Uh, you kinda did though. ‘That was meant to be a joke, a very stupid joke.’ Where those not your words?” She asked, enjoying the way they squirmed a little too much. 

Nat’s ears glowed a bright red as they scratched the back of their neck again. 

    “No… I… what I meant was…” 

Far too amused at watching Nat stumble over their words, Olivia bursted into a fit of laughter. 

For a moment, Nat narrowed their brows, growing confused, but not even a second later they realized she was joking. 

    “That wasn’t very nice. You know just for that I should be able to take you out twice. Once for actually working up the courage to ask, and again for that mean joke.” Nat said. 

Olivia smiled her flirtiest smile as she stepped closer to Nat. 

    “I should pay for both dates then as a punishment.” She said, her voice low and seductive. 

Nat opened their mouth, looking as though they wanted to say something but, instead they bit down on their lip and shook their head. 

    “Friday?” They asked, their eyes beginning to cloud with a look that made Olivia’s stomach flutter. 

    “Friday sounds great. How about six?” Olivia suggested. 

Nat’s smile grew impossibly wider. 

    “Six sounds great.” Nat said. 

Oooo, got a little bit of sexual tension brewing between Nat and Olivia. What do we think of that?

As always, I hop you’ve enjoyed this latest installment of the Nat and Olivia/Carter and Jade series. If you did, don’t forget to hit that star

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