Take A Hint


Jasmine stepped out onto the New York City streets and took a deep breath. For about ten minutes, she stood in the waiting area arguing with herself. Part of her wanted to stay in the waiting room in case Perry or the doctors needed her, or in case something went wrong, but the other part of her couldn’t just sit around and imagine the person she loved being cut up. Of course she understood how beneficial the surgery was for Perry; no more binding and discomfort in their own body, but still the thought of her lover being cut up for any reason scared Jasmine shitless. So rather than sitting around and imagining the worst, she would keep busy. And what better way to keep busy than to go shopping. Pulling out her phone, she searched for the closest mall and was thrilled to find that there was a mall within walking distance. So, after setting an alarm to remind her to return to the hospital, Jasmine began her journey. As she was walking, she got the idea to get Perry some new shirts. Even though it would be a while before they could take their bandaids off, Jasmine figured her lover would appreciate some fresh tees to wear after they healed. Also, during Jasmine’s research about top surgery recovery, lots of bloggers and YouTubers recommended wearing button ups after surgery; and Perry currently had zero button ups.

When Jasmine made it to the mall, the first store she decided to hit up was H&M; Perry’s favorite. Shuffling through the clothes, she searched for buttons up in Perry’s size.

“Hey, welcome to H&M, my name’s Corey. Can I help you find something today?” Said a deep, flirtatious voice.

Turning around, Jasmine came face to face with a tall, jock looking man. Standing at what had to be six foot four, the man eyed Jasmine like a hungry lion, she, his prey.

“Um no, I found the section I’m looking for.” She said, gesturing to the button ups she was standing in front of.

Jasmine thought he’d take the hint and make like Micheal and beat it, but instead Corey leaned against the clothing rack as if he had nothing better to do.

”Aw, nice. So are you shopping for your boyfriend?”He asked, his eyes wandering to her chest.

Jasmine mentally kicked herself for not staying at the hospital. Why? Just why?

“Nope.” She said shortly.

That response elicited a smile so bright from Corey, Jasmine thought she might go blind.

“Husband?” Corey guessed again, looking down at Jasmine’s hands.

The urge to tell him to piss off was growing more and more by the second. Clearly this guy couldn’t even find his own ass with both hands and a road map; so expecting him to be able to take a hint was obviously asking too much of poor Corey.

“Found it!” Jasmine suddenly yelled, as she pulled a navy blue shirt with polka dots from the rack.

“Aw, Perry’s gonna love this!” Jasmine said, holding up the shirt as if it were an award.

Corey scratched the back of his neck.

“Um, who’s Perry?” He asked.

For a second Jasmine had forgotten about him.

“Oh, Perry’s my partner.” She explained, never looking away from the shirt.

Corey scoffed as though she’d just offended him.

“Partner? What are you guys fucking cops?” He said, his voice dripping with disgust.

Jasmine hufffed, of course this asshat’s homophobic. Rolling her eyes, Jasmine turned to him.

“Listen Corey. You just sexually harassed me for like ten minutes straight. I’m sure your bosses would love to see a review of this experience on Google.” She said sweetly.

Corey gulped so hard, Jasmine could have swore he swallowed his Adam’s Apple. Satisfied, she gave a little nod.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an officer to get back to. ”

And with that, she turned on her heels and made her way to the register.

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