Party Crashers

Hold it right there! Before you read this story, have you read 'Mikey'?  Andy Grammer’s voice poured through Dani’s speakers as she and her girls sat in the middle of her living room. The three best friends passed a bottle of tequila as they reminisced on their high school days.   “Didn’t you fuck her?!”… Continue reading Party Crashers

We’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do

For months after Mikey and Paula’s mom took Mikey and up and left him, all Pauly did was cry his eyes out. In the mornings before he started his days, anytime he got a moment to himself, and late at night after he put Paula to bed, all Pauly did was cry. He’d lost the one thing that was most important to him, his family; well at least to third of it anyways. After those few months, Pauly reminded himself that he still had a daughter to look after and provide for. So Pauly dried his eyes and kept it moving. Soon the pain of his wife’s betrayal became dull and didn’t affect him as much, but not a day went by when he didn’t think about his baby boy.

Party At The LaVine’s

Before you start this story have you read 'Brotherly Love'? “Remind me again why we have to go to this party?” Clark said, leaning against the door frame of Dani’s bathroom door.   Clark was never much of a social person. Even back when he and Dani were in college, Dani would drag him to… Continue reading Party At The LaVine’s

Caught Up

Wait, before you read this story have you read 'Party At The LaVine's'?   “Dani where the fuck are you?” Clark mumbled to himself as he scanned the crowd.   Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Dani panted breathlessly as Paula kissed her way down Dani’s neck, her hands running up the other woman’s skirt.   Dani… Continue reading Caught Up

Never Thought I’d See You Again

Before you read this have you read 'Caught Up'?  The floor of the bathroom rattled as the base knocked heavily against the door. Though the heavy door kept most of the loud screams and music at bay, Paula could still feel all the stomping and clapping that Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ required.    Despite… Continue reading Never Thought I’d See You Again

Mr. Young’s

Wait a minute! Have you read 'Never Thought I'd See You Again'? “Dani hurry up! I swear if Mr. Young is out of the red velvet donuts I’m going to kill you!” Ellie yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Dani rolled her eyes as she slapped her watch onto her wrist and grabbed her… Continue reading Mr. Young’s


Before you read this have you read 'Mr. Young's' ?   Paula didn’t do relationships, and she certainly didn’t do romance. But, there she was, standing in front of the mirror adjusting her blouse as she looked at her reflection.    “Hot date?” Said a voice from behind her.   Turning around Paula spotted her… Continue reading Smitten

A Slippery Slope

Hold up! Have you read 'Smitten' yet?   Shit, shit, and more shit.    Dani practically floated the whole way home. Pulling into the parking garage of her condo, she couldn’t even remember the drive. The whole time all she could think about was the green of Paula’s eyes and the sweet smell of her… Continue reading A Slippery Slope

What A Mess

Wait! Have you read 'An Unexpected Visitor' ? She cried. Paula Andrea LaVine fucking cried in the arms of a woman she barely even knew. And to make matters even worse, Paula spent the night, again. Wrapped in the blankets, Paula found herself swimming in a sea of warm vanilla and clean linen. Sometime in… Continue reading What A Mess