What’s Being A Twin Like | Casey and Mya Pt.8

Mya made her way down the stairs and through the living room. Slipping passed party goers, she made her way into the kitchen and over to the fridge, snagging a beer. “I heard genius cut his face open. Is he alright?” Maddie asked from behind Mya.  Twisting the top off her beer, Mya tossed it… Continue reading What’s Being A Twin Like | Casey and Mya Pt.8

Memories|Casey and Mya Pt.6

After saying goodbye to Mason and Bella, Casey and the sisters hopped into Maddie’s truck. As they headed out the driveway, Maddie made a right.   “What are you doing? You’re going the wrong way.” Megan complained.   “No. We have to swing around, we're going to go pick up Sophie and Tiffany.” Maddie explained.… Continue reading Memories|Casey and Mya Pt.6

Dealing With The Drunks

Wait, have you read Cliff Diving? Jade pulled up to the restaurant to find Carter, Nat, and Nate standing outside, waiting. As the car came to a stop, Olivia looked up from her phone, and out the window. As soon as she looked up, she was met with the site of Nat. Dressed in a… Continue reading Dealing With The Drunks