It All Comes Out

Wait a second! Did you read 'What A Mess'? Dani pulled the bedroom door shut and made her way out onto the patio before answering her father’s call.   “Hey, dad.” She said as she looked out at the city skyline.   “Hey, where are ya? The game is about to start!” Jackson yelled over… Continue reading It All Comes Out

Into The Darkness| Casey and Mya Pt.9

Wait! Before you read this check out Pt. 8 Casey stood in the middle of the dark hallway of their and their twin brother Cain’s tenth group home. Turning their head to the right, Casey took in the clock that hung on the wall; it was about one in the morning. Earlier that night, their… Continue reading Into The Darkness| Casey and Mya Pt.9

Cliff Diving

Nat and Nate made their way through the forest, the sound of falling water getting closer and closer with every step they took.      “To the left!” Nat said, as they ducked under a tree branch.  Continuing on, the twins made it to the other side of the mini forest and came face to face… Continue reading Cliff Diving

You’re Staying?

    “So when are you all headed home?” Chelsea asked, reaching for the salad.  After Olivia and Nat got back from the store, Carter and Nate began cooking; For their last meal of the summer, they were having steak and potatoes.      “Damn Chels, you trying to get rid of us?” Nate asked, placing a… Continue reading You’re Staying?

Going Under

WAIT ONE SECOND! HAVE YOU READ Dr. Roman? Jasmine rolled over to find Perry fast asleep beside her. With their black hair splashed against the pillow and the cover’s tucked snuggly under their armpits, Perry looked like a god. Rolling over, Jasmine faced her lover and took the time to admire them. Since getting to… Continue reading Going Under

Double Booked

Carter Adams pulled the blue light blocking glasses from his face, dropping them on the desk. Leaning back in his chair, he attempted to rub the fatigue from his eyes. For the past two and a half hours, he’d been staring at his screen, working on the script for a horror film he and his… Continue reading Double Booked