Hold up, wait a minute! Before you read this, have you read 'Forgotten Birthday Dinner' Paula walked through her front door and kicked off her heels. Sweeping them into the corner of the room with her foot, she didn’t even bother to turn on the lights as she made her way across her loft and… Continue reading Mikey

Never Thought I’d See You Again

Before you read this have you read 'Caught Up'?  The floor of the bathroom rattled as the base knocked heavily against the door. Though the heavy door kept most of the loud screams and music at bay, Paula could still feel all the stomping and clapping that Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ required.    Despite… Continue reading Never Thought I’d See You Again

Ronnie LaVine

Before you head this, have you read 'This Has To Stop' Paula drove aimlessly through the streets of Brooklyn, her father’s careless face etched into her mind.   “If the junkies on the street wanna get fucked up, then that’s on them.” The words echoed in her head, making her want to turn the car… Continue reading Ronnie LaVine


Wait! Have you read 'Catching Them Up' Paula and her brothers talked for hours. Paula told Leo all about their father and uncle’s plan to flood the streets with drugs, told him all about their fight, and what Pauly had said to her. As Leo sat beside her, leaning back in his seat, he shook… Continue reading Aftermath

Into The Darkness| Casey and Mya Pt.9

Wait! Before you read this check out Pt. 8 Casey stood in the middle of the dark hallway of their and their twin brother Cain’s tenth group home. Turning their head to the right, Casey took in the clock that hung on the wall; it was about one in the morning. Earlier that night, their… Continue reading Into The Darkness| Casey and Mya Pt.9

What’s Being A Twin Like | Casey and Mya Pt.8

Mya made her way down the stairs and through the living room. Slipping passed party goers, she made her way into the kitchen and over to the fridge, snagging a beer. “I heard genius cut his face open. Is he alright?” Maddie asked from behind Mya.  Twisting the top off her beer, Mya tossed it… Continue reading What’s Being A Twin Like | Casey and Mya Pt.8

Drunken Boyfriend| Casey and Mya Pt.7

Mya stared at Casey for a moment, at a loss for words. Blinking a few times, she shook her head.   “Wait, I don’t understand, you have a twin?” She said, confused.   Casey lit another cigarette.    “Yep. We got separated when we were like ten or so.” They said, blowing out a puff… Continue reading Drunken Boyfriend| Casey and Mya Pt.7

Memories|Casey and Mya Pt.6

After saying goodbye to Mason and Bella, Casey and the sisters hopped into Maddie’s truck. As they headed out the driveway, Maddie made a right.   “What are you doing? You’re going the wrong way.” Megan complained.   “No. We have to swing around, we're going to go pick up Sophie and Tiffany.” Maddie explained.… Continue reading Memories|Casey and Mya Pt.6

Dealing With The Drunks

Wait, have you read Cliff Diving? Jade pulled up to the restaurant to find Carter, Nat, and Nate standing outside, waiting. As the car came to a stop, Olivia looked up from her phone, and out the window. As soon as she looked up, she was met with the site of Nat. Dressed in a… Continue reading Dealing With The Drunks

Cliff Diving

Nat and Nate made their way through the forest, the sound of falling water getting closer and closer with every step they took.      “To the left!” Nat said, as they ducked under a tree branch.  Continuing on, the twins made it to the other side of the mini forest and came face to face… Continue reading Cliff Diving