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A Good Day

Wait?! Before you begin reading this story, have you read ‘Jimmy’ ? Carter held the blunt


Stop right there, before you read this, have you read ‘Damn That Red Binki’? Carter pulle

Damn That Red Binki

Carter awoke to find himself face to face with a sleeping Jade. With her mouth slightly ajar and a fe

Stuck On Her

Before you start reading this story, have you read the one that came before it? In Due Time. The next

In Due Time

Hold it right there, have you read ‘Just Pop It Back Into Place’ ? Carter, Nat, Nate, Jad

Just Pop It Back Into Place

Jade helped Carter into the house and over to the couch. “Wait right here, I’m gonna call an ambu

Two Dummies And A Canoe

Hold it, before you read this, have you read ‘Why’s He Talking To Carter?’ While Na

Why’s He Talking To Carter?

After breakfast, the gang was stuffed. So, migrating over to the living room, they flopped down onto

Not A Very Good Spy

Before you dive into this story, hand you read ‘Sending Her Off To Dream Land’? Chelsea a

Sending Her Off To Dream Land

HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE, HAVE YOU READ ‘That Was Meant To Be A Joke’? The next morning Jad