Funny Seeing You Here

Wait a second! Before you read this, have you read 'A Slippery Slope' ? Paula sat on the corner of her father’s desk. Shuffling a deck of playing cards she sat listening to her uncle and father take turns sharing stories from their childhood. Paula's mind drifted back to the other night as the men… Continue reading Funny Seeing You Here


Before you start this story, have you read 'Funny Seeing You Here'?  “This city isn’t big enough.” Dani said as she and Clark pulled their doors closed.   Clark laughed.   “You seemed quite excited to see her.” He said raising a brow.   Dani rolled her eyes. Seeing Paula was very unexpected. Dani was… Continue reading “Friends”


Before you dive into this week's story, have you read  'Another Date'? Shit, shit, and even more shit. Locking the door behind her, Dani looked at her reflection in the mirror. What the actual fuck was she doing? First the club and now not one, but two fucking dates?! This wasn’t happening; this couldn’t be… Continue reading Wildfire

This Has To Stop

WAIT A SECOND! Have you read 'You're Looking A Little Blurry'? “You probably should cover that hickey.” Clark said, raising his coffee cup to his lips.   Dani's eyes nearly popped out of her head as her hand flew to the left side of her neck.    Gasping, Clark sucked in all the remaining air… Continue reading This Has To Stop

Ronnie LaVine

Before you head this, have you read 'This Has To Stop' Paula drove aimlessly through the streets of Brooklyn, her father’s careless face etched into her mind.   “If the junkies on the street wanna get fucked up, then that’s on them.” The words echoed in her head, making her want to turn the car… Continue reading Ronnie LaVine

An Unexpected Visitor

Wait just a second! Have you read 'Ronnie LaVine' yet? Dani’s stomach was a mess. Why the hell did she tell Paula she could come over? After her conversation with Clark, Dani thought about having her place bugged; while it was very much insane, she couldn’t trust herself alone with Paula. Knowing that they were… Continue reading An Unexpected Visitor

What A Mess

Wait! Have you read 'An Unexpected Visitor' ? She cried. Paula Andrea LaVine fucking cried in the arms of a woman she barely even knew. And to make matters even worse, Paula spent the night, again. Wrapped in the blankets, Paula found herself swimming in a sea of warm vanilla and clean linen. Sometime in… Continue reading What A Mess

It All Comes Out

Wait a second! Did you read 'What A Mess'? Dani pulled the bedroom door shut and made her way out onto the patio before answering her father’s call.   “Hey, dad.” She said as she looked out at the city skyline.   “Hey, where are ya? The game is about to start!” Jackson yelled over… Continue reading It All Comes Out

Let’s Put A Pin In That

Hold up! Before you read this have you read 'Lying With Pigs' Paula was warm; pressed into Dani’s side, the women’s sweat caused them to stick together like Velcro. Dani’s head was a mess; her current situation went against everything that she knew to be right.  She was officially one of those cops that’d fallen… Continue reading Let’s Put A Pin In That

Switching Sides

Before you start this, have you read 'A Snow Storm Is Coming'? After getting the news about Pauly and Vinny’s plans, Dani and Paula decided that Paula would return to her father and play it cool. As far as Pauly and Vinny knew, nothing had changed. Paula apologized for her ‘little outburst and the LaVines… Continue reading Switching Sides