Brewing Affections

Mitchell Rice swiped through the endless faces of men; After hours of swiping, they were all starting to look the same. Pouty lips, shiny abs, and shots of them holding their bulges through their boxer briefs. They barely even wrote anything in their profiles. It was all ‘here for a good time, not a long… Continue reading Brewing Affections

Running Late

“Mya, don’t forget we have dinner plans tonight.” Mya’s mother, Judy, reminded her as the older woman sat across from her daughter.  Mya hummed in response.  “I won’t forget mom,” Mya said, not bothering to look up from her computer.  Mya tapped away at her keys, making a few notes to herself as she looked… Continue reading Running Late

Only Time Will Tell

The beach was packed with graduates from Lakeman High. Nursing their beers, the teens clustered together, talking, dancing, and enjoying themselves. Among the partygoers, Wallace Hall made his way over to a truck that held the keg and refilled his red solo cup. Sipping the foam he turned around just as a pair of arms… Continue reading Only Time Will Tell

Privet Party

Angelica floated around the room, barking orders at staff members as she went.    “Everything needs to be perfect people!” She yelled before stopping at the head chef’s stove to taste the pasta sauce.   “Fuck, that’s good.” She said, looking up at the middle aged man.   He only offered up a tight smile,… Continue reading Privet Party

Finally Home

“Alright fellas, I'm gonna head out before the wife finds someone to replace me.” Frankie Wallace said as they stood up from the desk.   The men currently crowding Frankie’s desk laughed before patting Frankie on the back whilst playfully telling them to hurry.   Sore as all hell, and ready to be in their… Continue reading Finally Home

Summer’s End

Nate stared out the upstairs window of the cabin, watching as the sun began to descend from its place in the sky.      “How is the summer over? I feel like it just started.” He said looking back at Carter.  Carter shrugged.      “You know good things always happen in the blink of an eye.”… Continue reading Summer’s End

Not A Very Good Spy

Before you dive into this story, hand you read 'Sending Her Off To Dream Land'? Chelsea awoke a little after noon to the smell of eggs, bacon, and pancakes filling her nose. If there was one thing she loved more than anything, it was a late breakfast. Sitting up in bed, she looked over at… Continue reading Not A Very Good Spy


Pause, before you dive into this story, have you read 'Wait! What Does This Mean?' After having dinner,Chelsea, Jade, Carter, Sophie, Nate, Nat, and Olivia all sprawled out in the living room.      “Guys, I’m fucking bored, let’s do something!” Chelsea groaned as she fell over into her best friend’s lap.       “We could have… Continue reading Bonfire

Wait! What Does This Mean?

Wait a second! Have you read 'Well Don't You Two Look Cozy' ? Olivia looked up to find Sophie stealing glances at her every five seconds. Each time she looked up, Sophie gave her that all knowing smirk of hers. “Hey! Eyes on the road, you can make googly eyes at your lover when we… Continue reading Wait! What Does This Mean?