Wakie, Wakie

Freeze, okay, that was a little much, but before you read this, have you read Take A Hint? Perry opened their eyes and immediately snapped them shut again. “Jazz turn off the light!” Perry groaned, trying to roll onto their side. “Baby no!” Jasmine yelled as she jumped up from her seat at Perry’s bedside.… Continue reading Wakie, Wakie


Wait a second. Before you dive into this story, have you read The Doctor's Office? Perry sat on the examining table, their eyes sealed shut. With their shirt and binder discarded on the side table, Perry fisted their hands at their side and took deep breaths. ‘This is all part of the process. All part… Continue reading Dr.Roman

Home Sweet Home

The New York City pavement was so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Bells from bicycles dinged as children road through the streets. In the distance, the familiar jingle of the ice cream truck played on repeat, exciting the neighborhood kids as it drew closer and closer.    Myles Grace pulled open… Continue reading Home Sweet Home

How Did We Get There?

The bed might as well have been a block of ice. With her back to Russell, Shauntell stared straight ahead at the blank wall.   She didn’t say anything and honestly, she didn’t need to; her position in the bed, back to Russell, knees curled into her chest, did all the talking for her. The… Continue reading How Did We Get There?

A Collection of Moments

Nothing about the moment was romantic or special, it was like saving up to buy something big, something grand and epic. A bunch of little moments coming together, like collecting twigs to make a pile that would later be doused in lighter fluid and set to flames.    The first one of these ‘twig moments’… Continue reading A Collection of Moments

What A Way To Start The Day

Fingertips skated along slick skin, following the little droplets of sweat that ran down Kim Parker’s stomach. As the fingers dipped beneath the sheets, Kim caught hold of the hand.   “Give a girl some time to recover.” Kim said, looking over at the owner of the hand.   Joy chuckled before leaning in, pressing… Continue reading What A Way To Start The Day

Thinking of You| Casey and Mya Pt.10

Wait, before you read this, check out Pt.9   Casey sat up in their sleeping bag. Rubbing the sleep from their eyes, they looked up at the clock that hung on the wall. One PM on the dot.  With a dry mouth and a throbbing head, Casey felt as though they were about to throw up.… Continue reading Thinking of You| Casey and Mya Pt.10

Into The Darkness| Casey and Mya Pt.9

Wait! Before you read this check out Pt. 8 Casey stood in the middle of the dark hallway of their and their twin brother Cain’s tenth group home. Turning their head to the right, Casey took in the clock that hung on the wall; it was about one in the morning. Earlier that night, their… Continue reading Into The Darkness| Casey and Mya Pt.9

What’s Being A Twin Like | Casey and Mya Pt.8

Mya made her way down the stairs and through the living room. Slipping passed party goers, she made her way into the kitchen and over to the fridge, snagging a beer. “I heard genius cut his face open. Is he alright?” Maddie asked from behind Mya.  Twisting the top off her beer, Mya tossed it… Continue reading What’s Being A Twin Like | Casey and Mya Pt.8

Privet Party

Angelica floated around the room, barking orders at staff members as she went.    “Everything needs to be perfect people!” She yelled before stopping at the head chef’s stove to taste the pasta sauce.   “Fuck, that’s good.” She said, looking up at the middle aged man.   He only offered up a tight smile,… Continue reading Privet Party