This Has To Stop

WAIT A SECOND! Have you read 'You're Looking A Little Blurry'? “You probably should cover that hickey.” Clark said, raising his coffee cup to his lips.   Dani's eyes nearly popped out of her head as her hand flew to the left side of her neck.    Gasping, Clark sucked in all the remaining air… Continue reading This Has To Stop


Before you dive into this week's story, have you read  'Another Date'? Shit, shit, and even more shit. Locking the door behind her, Dani looked at her reflection in the mirror. What the actual fuck was she doing? First the club and now not one, but two fucking dates?! This wasn’t happening; this couldn’t be… Continue reading Wildfire


Before you start this story, have you read 'Funny Seeing You Here'?  “This city isn’t big enough.” Dani said as she and Clark pulled their doors closed.   Clark laughed.   “You seemed quite excited to see her.” He said raising a brow.   Dani rolled her eyes. Seeing Paula was very unexpected. Dani was… Continue reading “Friends”

Funny Seeing You Here

Wait a second! Before you read this, have you read 'A Slippery Slope' ? Paula sat on the corner of her father’s desk. Shuffling a deck of playing cards she sat listening to her uncle and father take turns sharing stories from their childhood. Paula's mind drifted back to the other night as the men… Continue reading Funny Seeing You Here

A Slippery Slope

Hold up! Have you read 'Smitten' yet?   Shit, shit, and more shit.    Dani practically floated the whole way home. Pulling into the parking garage of her condo, she couldn’t even remember the drive. The whole time all she could think about was the green of Paula’s eyes and the sweet smell of her… Continue reading A Slippery Slope


Before you read this have you read 'Mr. Young's' ?   Paula didn’t do relationships, and she certainly didn’t do romance. But, there she was, standing in front of the mirror adjusting her blouse as she looked at her reflection.    “Hot date?” Said a voice from behind her.   Turning around Paula spotted her… Continue reading Smitten

Never Thought I’d See You Again

Before you read this have you read 'Caught Up'?  The floor of the bathroom rattled as the base knocked heavily against the door. Though the heavy door kept most of the loud screams and music at bay, Paula could still feel all the stomping and clapping that Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ required.    Despite… Continue reading Never Thought I’d See You Again

Brotherly Love

Before you read this have you read 'The Other LaVine'?   The snow crunched under expensive Italian dress shoes as Vinny stepped out of the SUV.    “Why was this place so easy to find?” Floyd, Vinny’s business partner, said as he looked at the warehouse.   Vinny turned to look at the other man.… Continue reading Brotherly Love

The Other LaVine

Wait! Before you read this have you read 'We've Got Some Catching Up To Do'? Dani was woken up out of her sleep around one in the afternoon. It was her day off and she had been out all night clubbing with the girls and Brock and Evan; she wasn’t planning on getting out of… Continue reading The Other LaVine