What A Day

Hold up, wait a minute, have you read ‘I Have A Client For You’? Xena stepped off the elevator and made her way down the hall. With every step she took, Xena could feel herself growing more and more exhausted. By the time she’d made it to her door, she was about ready to collapse […]

Paula/ Dani

We’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do

For months after Mikey and Paula’s mom took Mikey and up and left him, all Pauly did was cry his eyes out. In the mornings before he started his days, anytime he got a moment to himself, and late at night after he put Paula to bed, all Pauly did was cry. He’d lost the one thing that was most important to him, his family; well at least to third of it anyways. After those few months, Pauly reminded himself that he still had a daughter to look after and provide for. So Pauly dried his eyes and kept it moving. Soon the pain of his wife’s betrayal became dull and didn’t affect him as much, but not a day went by when he didn’t think about his baby boy.