The Other LaVine

Wait! Before you read this have you read 'We've Got Some Catching Up To Do'? Dani was woken up out of her sleep around one in the afternoon. It was her day off and she had been out all night clubbing with the girls and Brock and Evan; she wasn’t planning on getting out of… Continue reading The Other LaVine

Brotherly Love

Before you read this have you read 'The Other LaVine'?   The snow crunched under expensive Italian dress shoes as Vinny stepped out of the SUV.    “Why was this place so easy to find?” Floyd, Vinny’s business partner, said as he looked at the warehouse.   Vinny turned to look at the other man.… Continue reading Brotherly Love

Party At The LaVine’s

Before you start this story have you read 'Brotherly Love'? “Remind me again why we have to go to this party?” Clark said, leaning against the door frame of Dani’s bathroom door.   Clark was never much of a social person. Even back when he and Dani were in college, Dani would drag him to… Continue reading Party At The LaVine’s


Before you start this story, have you read 'Funny Seeing You Here'?  “This city isn’t big enough.” Dani said as she and Clark pulled their doors closed.   Clark laughed.   “You seemed quite excited to see her.” He said raising a brow.   Dani rolled her eyes. Seeing Paula was very unexpected. Dani was… Continue reading “Friends”

An Unexpected Visitor

Wait just a second! Have you read 'Ronnie LaVine' yet? Dani’s stomach was a mess. Why the hell did she tell Paula she could come over? After her conversation with Clark, Dani thought about having her place bugged; while it was very much insane, she couldn’t trust herself alone with Paula. Knowing that they were… Continue reading An Unexpected Visitor

What A Mess

Wait! Have you read 'An Unexpected Visitor' ? She cried. Paula Andrea LaVine fucking cried in the arms of a woman she barely even knew. And to make matters even worse, Paula spent the night, again. Wrapped in the blankets, Paula found herself swimming in a sea of warm vanilla and clean linen. Sometime in… Continue reading What A Mess

Switching Sides

Before you start this, have you read 'A Snow Storm Is Coming'? After getting the news about Pauly and Vinny’s plans, Dani and Paula decided that Paula would return to her father and play it cool. As far as Pauly and Vinny knew, nothing had changed. Paula apologized for her ‘little outburst and the LaVines… Continue reading Switching Sides

Leo LaVine

Wait! Have you read 'This Can't Be The End'? A few days ago... Mikey stood outside the prison as his heart pounded against his ribcage. Looking down at his watch, he checked the time, eight-thirty. Shit, he was thirty minutes too early. Looking back at the building, he allowed his mind to drift back to… Continue reading Leo LaVine


Wait! Have you read 'Catching Them Up' Paula and her brothers talked for hours. Paula told Leo all about their father and uncle’s plan to flood the streets with drugs, told him all about their fight, and what Pauly had said to her. As Leo sat beside her, leaning back in his seat, he shook… Continue reading Aftermath