The End of The Road

The Los Angeles sky was uncharacteristically gloomy, quite fitting for the day Sarah and Summer Halls were having. Sitting in a high rise in downtown LA, the pair looked down at the stack of papers that would officially undo decades of love and life they’d built.    Looking over the papers, Sarah tapped her pen… Continue reading The End of The Road

Only Time Will Tell

The beach was packed with graduates from Lakeman High. Nursing their beers, the teens clustered together, talking, dancing, and enjoying themselves. Among the partygoers, Wallace Hall made his way over to a truck that held the keg and refilled his red solo cup. Sipping the foam he turned around just as a pair of arms… Continue reading Only Time Will Tell

Why’s He Talking To Carter?

After breakfast, the gang was stuffed. So, migrating over to the living room, they flopped down onto the couch. On the right end of the couch, Sophie laid with her legs stretched across Olivia’s lap while Olivia leaned into Nat’s side. On the other side of Nat sat Nate who laid with his feet in… Continue reading Why’s He Talking To Carter?

After Care Plan

WAIT, BEFORE YOU READ THIS, HAVE YOU READ Wakie, Wakie Perry grabbed the remote from the bedside and hit the up button propping themself up. As the bed went from lying completely flat to an upright position, Jasmine began to stir from her place on the small black couch, just a few feet away. “Ahh… Continue reading After Care Plan

The Doctor’s Office

WAIT, BEFORE YOU READ THIS HAVE YOU READ 'Giovanni's' “Got everything?!” Jasmine yelled from the bathroom as she applied her lipstick. Standing outside the bathroom, Perry couldn’t help but chuckle. Jasmine had asked that question about fifteen times in the last minute or so. “Yes mom. Would you like to quadruple check?” Perry joked, causing… Continue reading The Doctor’s Office


Hold up, wait a minute! Before you read this have you read Dinner? Jasmine and Perry sat in the back of an upscale black town car, sipping champagne as they made their way to Jasmine’s favorite Italian restaurant, Giovanni’s. “Have we been here before?” Jasmine asked, throwing out a millionth guess. “Nope.” Perry said shortly.… Continue reading Giovanni‘s


WAIT, BEFORE YOU READ THIS, HAVE YOU READ Made It To The City? The door of the New York City high rise condo swung open and in walked Jasmine. With her duffle bag slung across her chest and Perry’s camera bag in hand, Jasmine entered the penthouse. Despite being smack dab in the middle of… Continue reading Dinner

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

HANG ON. BEFORE YOU READ THIS HAVE YOU READ 'A Long Time Coming' ? Jasmine awoke at seven in the morning, expecting to roll over and find Perry lying beside her, playing with their phone like they usually do. But instead she rolled over to find her partner’s side of the bed empty. Rubbing her… Continue reading Girls Just Wanna Have Fun