Well Don’t You Two Look Cozy

WAIT, BEFORE YOU START READING THIS STORY, HAVE YOU READ Case Of The Ex? Olivia and Nat walked side by side, their strides perfectly in sync. As they made their way around the neighborhood, they discussed their passions and dream jobs.      “So what’d your parents say when you and your brothers told them y’all… Continue reading Well Don’t You Two Look Cozy

Hot Rod, Hot Box

Hold on there, before you read this, have you read Seeing Red? Carter and Nathan swam through the swamp-like crowd of sweaty bodies on the makeshift dance floor. As they headed for the exit, Jade, who stood a couple feet away called out to them. “Hey, are you guys leaving?!” She shouted over the pounding… Continue reading Hot Rod, Hot Box

Todd Duty

WAIT ONE SECOND. BEFORE YOU READ THIS, HAVE YOU READ Double Booked? Chelsea Thomas entered her bedroom and made her way over to her closet. Grabbing her duffle bag from the bottom of the closet, she tossed it on the bed before rummaging through her clothes. Then, as she threw a bikini and a pair… Continue reading Todd Duty

On The Set Part.3- Bad Things Come In Twos

WAIT! HAVE YOU READ Part.2? Standing in the doorway of their and Stephanie's bedroom, Huston's blood runs cold. Unable to move, nor look away, Huston watches as Stephanie and Rick leap out of bed and scramble to cover themselves. "My bed." Huston says slowly, their voice a ghost whisper. "Baby it's-" "Don't! Don't say a… Continue reading On The Set Part.3- Bad Things Come In Twos