An Emergency and A Little PTSD

The world around Frankie moved sluggishly.    “It’s Travis, he’s been in an accident.” The words bounced around in Frankie’s head like a tennis ball that had been whacked against the wall at full force.    ‘Breathe Frankie, breathe.’ Frankie could hear his boyfriend say to him.   “Frankie you still there?” Travis’s brother Mario… Continue reading An Emergency and A Little PTSD

Even When I Lose My Head

The cloudless sky was a blue blanket with millions of tiny holes. The wind was a soft caress, ruffling the leaves on the ground.    Lying on a blanket, amongst the leaves, Michael Jones looked up at the sky, attempting to count each and every twinkling speck.    On his chest, Michael's husband, Darius twisted… Continue reading Even When I Lose My Head

A Trip To The Lake

The door squeaked so loud Austin was sure he’d wake the whole neighborhood.  Cringing, he tucked his bottom lip between sharp teeth as he slowed his movements. Slipping through the small space between the screen door and the door frame, he successfully slid out of the house. After guiding the screen door back into place,… Continue reading A Trip To The Lake

Only Time Will Tell

The beach was packed with graduates from Lakeman High. Nursing their beers, the teens clustered together, talking, dancing, and enjoying themselves. Among the partygoers, Wallace Hall made his way over to a truck that held the keg and refilled his red solo cup. Sipping the foam he turned around just as a pair of arms… Continue reading Only Time Will Tell


The room was dark; The only source of light came from the vanilla scented candles. The soft glow of the candle sent shadows dancing across the walls and ceiling. Lying on his back, Jones Rivers watched as his dog tags swung back and forth. The motion, paired with the soft hum of JP Saxe’s voice… Continue reading Blurry