It All Happened So Fast

Before you begin reading this, have you read 'Switching Sides'? Paula laid sprawled out on the cold concrete, her father’s lifeless body to her left and her uncle’s to her right. Looking  up at the sky, she watched the clouds float by. Had the sky always been so blue?    A thick fog took over… Continue reading It All Happened So Fast

Leo LaVine

Wait! Have you read 'This Can't Be The End'? A few days ago... Mikey stood outside the prison as his heart pounded against his ribcage. Looking down at his watch, he checked the time, eight-thirty. Shit, he was thirty minutes too early. Looking back at the building, he allowed his mind to drift back to… Continue reading Leo LaVine

Catching Them Up

Wait, have you read 'Leo LaVine'? Dani stood in the middle of her apartment locked in a three-way staring contest with Leo and Mikey LaVine. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.” Leo said, his voice raw and filled with emotion.  Dani said nothing as she continued to look back and forth between the men.  This whole… Continue reading Catching Them Up


Wait! Have you read 'Catching Them Up' Paula and her brothers talked for hours. Paula told Leo all about their father and uncle’s plan to flood the streets with drugs, told him all about their fight, and what Pauly had said to her. As Leo sat beside her, leaning back in his seat, he shook… Continue reading Aftermath