Wakie, Wakie

Freeze, okay, that was a little much, but before you read this, have you read Take A Hint? Perry opened their eyes and immediately snapped them shut again. “Jazz turn off the light!” Perry groaned, trying to roll onto their side. “Baby no!” Jasmine yelled as she jumped up from her seat at Perry’s bedside.… Continue reading Wakie, Wakie

Privet Party

Angelica floated around the room, barking orders at staff members as she went.    “Everything needs to be perfect people!” She yelled before stopping at the head chef’s stove to taste the pasta sauce.   “Fuck, that’s good.” She said, looking up at the middle aged man.   He only offered up a tight smile,… Continue reading Privet Party

Cliff Diving

Nat and Nate made their way through the forest, the sound of falling water getting closer and closer with every step they took.      “To the left!” Nat said, as they ducked under a tree branch.  Continuing on, the twins made it to the other side of the mini forest and came face to face… Continue reading Cliff Diving

A Good Day

Wait?! Before you begin reading this story, have you read 'Jimmy' ? Carter held the blunt between his lips and shielded the flame of his lighter from the wind. After getting the blunt started, he tossed the lighter onto the deck where everyone’s clothes sat. Then, taking in a deep breath, he filled his lungs… Continue reading A Good Day

Just Pop It Back Into Place

Jade helped Carter into the house and over to the couch. “Wait right here, I’m gonna call an ambulance.” She said. “No, don’t!”Carter yelled, grabbing her hand, the movement causing him to jostle his arm and cry out in pain. “Carter we have to take you two the hospital, your could be- ” ”It’s not!… Continue reading Just Pop It Back Into Place

Sending Her Off To Dream Land

HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE, HAVE YOU READ 'That Was Meant To Be A Joke'? The next morning Jade sat at the kitchen island, her sketchbook open and her pencils scattered around her. As she drew in her sketchbook, the sound of shuffling on the back patio caught her attention. As soon as she looked… Continue reading Sending Her Off To Dream Land

Who Grips The Mic?

Hold up, wait a minute! Have you read 'Go Around' ? “This would be the perfect place for a horror film.” Nat said as Carter drove through the backwoods of the small town, Daxprint, Canada. “Hey man, pull over so I can get some pics.” Nat, Carter, and Nate’s photographer, Blake said. Doing as Blake… Continue reading Who Grips The Mic?

I Don’t Normally Work Like This

HANG ON!! BEFORE YOU READ THIS HAVE YOU READ Tody Duty Carter’s fingers flew over the screen of his phone as he stood in front of the open fridge. Typing out a message, he let everyone in the group chat he was in with Nat, Nate, and the rest of their friends, know that they… Continue reading I Don’t Normally Work Like This