Going Under


Jasmine rolled over to find Perry fast asleep beside her. With their black hair splashed against the pillow and the cover’s tucked snuggly under their armpits, Perry looked like a god. Rolling over, Jasmine faced her lover and took the time to admire them. Since getting to The Big Apple, everything was a constant go go go, and Jasmine hadn’t really had the time to stop and admire her lover.

But now, as they laid sound asleep beside her, Jasmine was able to admire Perry without any distractions. Running a finger down their forehead, Jasmine traced the worry lines. All the stressing Perry did during their research process must have aged them about ten years. Night after night, Jasmine would wake up to pee, and find Perry staring at their computer screen, intensely reading an article about doctors, or hospitals, or something else having to do with their surgery. For months, Jasmine went to bed and woke up without Perry. It was hard, but it was all worth it to get to this point.

As Jasmine continued to stare, Perry stirred in their sleep before slowly waking up.

“What cha looking at weirdo?” Perry said, the sleep still present in their voice.

Jasmine ran a finger down the bridge of Perry’s nose.

“Just the sexiest person alive.” Jasmine said with a wink.

Propping themself up on their elbow, Perry turned around to look behind them.

“There’s no mirror behind me.” Perry said, looking back at Jasmine.

It took a second, but when Perry’s words registered in Jasmine’s head, she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ahh, you’re smooth young Perry. Very smooth.” She said.

“Thank you sensei, I try.” Perry said, giving a mock bow.

Laughing, Jasmine playfully pushed their shoulders.

“Come on dork, we gotta get a move on.” Said Jasmine.

Getting up, the couple hopped into the shower and quickly washed off the night before. Then, after getting out and getting dressed, they made their way out the door.

“How about some IHOP for breakfast?” Perry asked as they headed for the elevator.

“No, you can’t eat remember?” Jasmine reminded them.

Perry laughed.

“I know that, but YOU still can.” Perry pointed out.

Jasmine bit her bottom lip.

“I don’t wanna eat without you.” She said softly.

“Aw, how thoughtful of you.” Perry said before leaning in to kiss her.

After a brief make out session, the couple made their way out the door. Hand in hand, the couple stepped out onto the streets. Then, five minutes later, they arrived at Dr. Roman’s office.

“Ahh, Perry! You’re here!” Said Dr. Roman with a bright smile.

Perry and Jasmine greeted the doctor as well as his receptionist before Dr. Roman lead them to the back. After a quick rundown of all that would be happening. Jasmine gave Perry a kiss, wished them luck, and exited the room.

Thereafter,Perry got changed into a backless gown before a nurse came in and started going over some last minute things with Perry. Then, as the anesthesia began to drip, Perry sunk into dreamland.

Who else is excited for Perry to wake up? Anyways I hope your enjoying my little series. I’m pantsing this series, so I’m not sure how many more these their are. But if you have enjoyed the series thus fur, make sure you hit that star.

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