Summer’s End

Nate stared out the upstairs window of the cabin, watching as the sun began to descend from its place in the sky. 

    “How is the summer over? I feel like it just started.” He said looking back at Carter. 

Carter shrugged. 

    “You know good things always happen in the blink of an eye.” He said as he stuffed a pair of socks into the front pocket of his carry on. 

And good the summer was. With each passing day of swimming,grilling, and fireside chats, Carter and Nat got to know Jade and Olivia more and more. During the last few days, the trio had found an Airbnb in the same area as Jade and Olivia’s off campus apartments and they booked it the second they found it. 

After packing up their things, Nat and the guys loaded up their rental car and waited for Jade and the rest of the women to pack up their car. Then, hopping into the car, Carter followed Jade all the way to the city. 

Jade pulled into a local coffee shop parking lot, Carter pulling in after her. After parking next to her, Nat rolled down his window so they could talk to her. 

    “I hate to just bring you to the city and ditch you but we’ve gotta go move back into our apartments. Do y’all wanna come with us or do you wanna go check into your Airbnb and then we’ll meet up later?” Jade asked. 

After being up all night, and then getting up at nine in the morning to leave, and then attempting, but miserably failing, to get some shut eye in the back of their SUV, Carter was pooped. Nothing in the world sounded better than a nap right then. 

    “I don’t know about these two, but I’m tired as fuck. I’m gonna go take a nap and I’ll text you when I wake up.”  Carter said. 

The twins agreed with Carter’s decision for a nap; So after saying farewell to the girls, Nat and the guys headed to their AirBnB. 

The house was large and made of gray and almost black looking stones. Sitting on a private street with nothing but trees surrounding it for miles, it was secluded just like the cabin had been, but still within walking distance of a store. 

Driving up the blacktop driveway, Carter pulled around back. In the back of the house there was a four car garage as well as two walkways; one that led into the woods, and another that led up to the house.

Getting out of the car, Carter and the twins marveled at the greenery surrounding them. As they looked at the trees and shrubbery, the sound of falling water caught Nate's attention. 

    “Y’all hear that?” He asked, his eyes growing to twice their original size. 

    “Uhh, Nate no. I'm tired, and I’m not in the mood to be the inspiration for a horror film.” Carter said with a groan. 

Nate scoffed. 

    “What the fuck are you talking about, it’s day time.” He said. 

    “You know who would say that? The person that dies first in the horror film.” Nat said, wagging a finger at their brother. 

Nate shook his head. 

    “Fuck you Nat, I’m leaving.” He said, heading off into the woods. 

Shaking his head, Carter sighed. 

    “Alright, I’m going to bed. Call me if anything happens.” He said. 

Nodding, Nat took off after Nate while Carter headed inside. 

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