Straight to Dessert

Madison stared at her phone in pure disbelief. After her swiping session in the tub, the rest of that night was a blur. After downing a third glass of wine, she thought it would be pretty irresponsible to chat up strangers while under the influence. So finishing her bath, she set her phone on the charging pad in the living room, and went to bed; Or so she thought. 


Madison sat up in bed just as her phone went off. Reaching over onto the nightstand she grabbed the device and saw that she had four unread texts from a group chat called ‘The Sexy Frenchies.’ The first message was from Jean asking if she was still awake. The next was from Emily explaining that Madison must have fallen asleep, and the last two were the couple letting Madison know they’d continue talking more tomorrow. 


Scrolling up Madison was horrified to find suggestive photos of herself in lingerie and quite risqué photos of Emily and Jean as well. 


Continuing her scroll, she read their conversation in reverse, each message getting less and less explicit the higher she went. 


Then, right as she was about to find out how it all began, she received a call from Emily. 


“Emily, hi!” Madison said, trying not to envision the rather explicit images of 

both Emily alone and Emily and Jean together. 


“Hey, you sound groggy, did I wake you?“ She asked. 


Her voice was soft, velvet-like; a tone Madison had only ever heard her use with her husband. 


“Um, no. I, I’ve been up for a minute or so now.” She said. 


Emily said something but those images of her in transparent lingerie dancing around in Madison’s head made the other woman’s voice sound like mere background music.


“I’m sorry, what was that?” Madison asked, shaking her head.


Emily chuckled. The sound was low and deep, like the rumbling just before an avalanche or irruption of a volcano that had been dormant for months.


“I take it you were a little intoxicated the other night.” Emily laughed.


Emily’s laughter crashed through the phone, landing right in the pit of Madison’s stomach.


“Just a little bit.” Madison admitted shyly.


Emily laughed again, causing Madison’s body to heat up; clearly it knew something she didn’t.


“I’ll tell you what, go back and read over the texts. If you like what you’ve read then call me back. If not then fini.Emily said simply.


So after a brief goodbye, Emily hung up and Maddie began scrolling up, and up, and up, until she finally reached the top of the groupchat.


After looking it over, it seemed as if drunk Maddie had suggested a threesome. The suggestion was made after a few explicit messages, which all started from Maddie’s admission to being attracted to the couple. 


After thanking drunk Maddie for getting her into a situation that could end with her having a very hot threesome, with her ridiculously hot boss and his equally crazy hot wife, Maddie mentally high fived herself.


Now it was time for the kill. Hoping that she had as big of balls as drunk Maddie, sober Maddie Facetimed the couple. 


“Here goes nothing.” She said to herself as the FaceTime call rang.


Within seconds, two smiling, Southern French faces were staring back at her.


“I take it you like what you read.” Jean said, his voice silk like.


“I did.” Maddie said, doing her best to play it cool.


“Why don’t you come over, let’s have some dinner and wine and we can chat.” Emily suggested.


Jean smiled, his eyes twinkling.


“Yes. Good idea Chérie. Maddie, what will it be?” He asked, arching a brow.


“How about a white chardonnay?” Maddie suggested. 


Emily’s eyes twinkled with something mischievous and Jean shook his head.


“Chérie.” Jean said in a warning, yet playful tone.


“I’ll go get the wine.” Emily said, heading towards the kitchen.


“Drive safe.” Jean said with a wink.

After ending the call with Jean and Emily, Maddie stared at her black screen for a moment. Was she really about to have a threesome with her boss and his hot wife? Yes, the answer was an undoubtably hell yes. Dropping her phone, Maddie sprung out of bed and made her way to her closet.


What would she wear? Normally when she got a bootycall she’d…Wait, was this a bootycall. It couldn’t be, it was still quite early in the morning. But then again… 


“Don’t get to caught up in the details!” Maddie said to herself as she shook her head.


After a long and quite through shower, Maddie pulled on a pair of red and black checkered pants and a plane white shirt. Then, after a quick pat down to make sure she had her phone, wallet, and keys, she made her way out the door.


Upon making it to the large villa tucked away into the mountain side, Maddie made her way to the front door and rang the door bell.The door wisped open.


“Oh Miss Moore, you must be here to see Emily and Jean.” Said a woman in a maids uniform. 


Before Maddie could say a word, Emily appeared at the top of the stairs. 


Emily’s long, blonde locks flowed effortlessly, framing her face perfectly. Moving confidently, Emily took long strides, haulting once she finally reached Maddie.


“Make yourself at home.” She said, leaning close to Maddie.


Her body was like red hot iron, branding Maddie; Even after she was gone, Maddie could still feel the burn and she was loving every bit of it.


As Emily stood back Jean appeared behind Maddie.


“May I take your coat?” Jean asked.


His voice was distant and muffled; making Maddie feel like she was swimming in a sea that was Emily.


“I’m sorry what?” Maddie finally said after Emily had gone to far to be seen anymore.


“Your coat, shall I take it for you?” Jean said, a knowing smile gracing his lips.


If anyone knew what it was like to be struck by Emily’s beauty it was Jean.


“Yeah. Sure. How come Emily’s never modeled for you before?” Maddie asked, staring back at the spot the woman once was.


Jean laughed, bringing Maddie’s attention back to him.


“She has. I just like to keep her photos to myself. But maybe, with you, I’ll be willing to share.” Jean suggested, as he wiggled his brows. 


Something in Jean’s tone told Maddie that he was willing to share more than just the photos.


Emily reappeared with a bottle of white wine in one hand and two glasses in the other. 


“Wine?”She asked, waving the bottle of white Chardonnay.


Maddie smiled brightly as the other woman offered up one of the glasses. Then, before Maddie could ask where Jean’s glass was, he vanished and reappeared with a glass of amber colored liquid. Soon the threesome found themselves laughing and talking on the couch. Before Maddie knew it, talking and laughing turned to talking, touching, and laughing, and shortly after, the talking turned to kissing. 


“Wait, wait, wait. I don’t want to overwhelm Maddie.” Jean said, pulling back from his kiss with Maddie and removing his wife’s hand from his belt.


The trio were on the couch, articles of their clothing littered the floor, coffee table, and back of the couch. 


Maddie smirked, watching Jean’s shirtless chest rise and fall.


“Oh don’t worry about me. This isn’t my first rodeo.” Maddie said with a devilish grin. 


And with that she hooked a finger in one of his belt loops and Emily mirrored her action before they pulled him down onto the couch. 


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