Should’ve Looked Closer

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Xena scrolled through headline after headline. ‘Fifteen women have alleged that Mr. Wells was a very ‘hands-on’ kind of boss’, ‘A source from within the Wells brothers’ company said “Mr. Wells has always been quite the party boy.” Page after page, the headlines only got worse and worse. 


How had she missed this? Research was Xena’s thing. For months, Xena looked into the Wells brothers and found nothing. Other than a few articles about their long family history in the business of natural medicine, Xena didn’t find anything on either of the Wells brothers. Of course, she knew that they kept private, personal social media accounts, and even those were squeaky clean, not even a photo of the brothers holding a beer bottle. So where the fuck was all this coming from?


Xena’s phone went off and the second she saw Trent’s name on her screen, she ignored it. Why was it so hard to breathe, and why was everything spinning?


“Xena, breathe, in through your nose and out through your mouth.” Alexis said, or was it, Sarah?


Hell, at this point, Xena wasn’t even sure where she was anymore.


Suddenly everything was spinning, her chest tightened with every snippet of text she read.


“How the fuck did I miss this?” She asked herself.


Her phone went off again and before Xena could process what was happening, the device was pulled from her grasp as she found herself seated on leather seats with cool air being blown onto her.


“How did I miss this?” She said out loud.


She tried to recall every line of text she’d read about the Wells brothers, but all she could think about were those headlines.


“Where’s my phone?” She said, suddenly realizing she wasn’t holding it anymore.


Sarah extended her hand and Xena took the device. Notifications of texts and emails filled Xena’s screen before a call came through.


Taking a deep breath, she accepted the call before pressing the phone to her ear.


“It’s a lie! It’s all fucking lies!” Xena could hear Travis yell.


“Travis shut the fuck up and get the hell out of my office!” Xena heard Trent say. 


A moment later there was a loud slam before Trent sighed into the phone.


“Xena you there?”He asked.


“Did you know?” Xena heard herself ask.


Her mind was whirling a mile a minute. In times like these, she didn’t like to talk; there was no telling what she might say; But, she had to know.


“What?” Trent asked.


“Travis, the allegations. Did. You. know?” She asked again.


“Fuck no! I would have killed him had I known!” Trent said.


A part of Xena wanted to believe him, she really did, but who was to say that Trent wasn’t trying to cover his own ass? 


Xena’s head was a mess and she didn’t know what to do.


“I’m not going to be returning to the office today. I need time.” Xena said.


She needed to figure out what the fuck was going on with all of these allegations. In her line of work, getting wrapped up with the wrong people was a death sentence. If she was going to proceed any further with the Wells brothers, she needed to know what the fuck was happening with this whole Travis situation. 


“I understand.” Trent said, sounding defeated. 


After ending the phone call, Xena dropped her phone into her lap before dropping her face into her hands.


“Can we do anything to help.” Sarah asked, placing a hand on Xena’s thigh.


Xena pushed her hair back and looked up at the women who stared back at her.


“Do either of you happen to have a time machine?” Xena asked.


The women offered up tight smiles before Xena sighed yet again. 


“I need to go home.” She said.


Since Xena was in no condition to drive, Sarah swung by the office where Alexis picked up Xena’s car, and the women made their way back to Xena’s place. 


As they turned onto the main street, Xena began scrolling through headlines before her phone vanished from her hands. 


“No! No doom scrolling!” Sarah said as she dropped Xena’s phone in the cup holder.


Xena attempted to reach for the device when Sarah smacked her hand away.


“Sit back and put your seatbelt on.” Sarah ordered.


Xena grumbled but did as she was told.


After her phone buzzed for the fifteenth time, Sarah thankfully switched it to silent, and for the first time since the first article hit Xena’s screen, she finally felt like she could breathe.

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