Sexy Flexy

A fucking fire hazard; that was the best way to describe Big Larry’s, the small, abandon factory, located in the heart of Brooklyn.  


Packed together like sardines in a can, more than double the max capacity of the old factory prepared themselves for a battle the entire city had been waiting months for. Sexy Flexy and Roger Rabbit where two of the most talked about names in the underground rap scene, and tonight, the men would be going head-to-head for the first time. 


“Brooklyn, make some fucking noise!” The DJ shouted into the mic. 


The beat pouring from the speakers spilled out into the crowd, squeezing its way between squished bodies before leaking out of the garage door of the small factory. 


Just behind the dark curtain, that concealed the opponents from one another and the crowd, solely to heighten the suspense, Roger Ribbit, and Sexy Flexy stood on opposite ends of the stage.  


Sexy Flexy was quite a ridiculous name, and Flexy, or Miller, as his mother and father called him, was quite aware of that fact. Miller had spent so much time perfecting his bars, he hadn’t even thought of naming himself until just days before his very first rap battle. 

“Yo, you gotta have a name son!” Jared, Miller’s producer and best friend said. 


“What’s wrong with the one my mama gave me?” Miller asked as he squared up to take his shot. 


The ball rolled off Miller’s hand and made its way towards the hoop. This would be nothing but net, Miller was sure of it. But at the last second, BANG! The ball slammed into the rim before bouncing off and flying to the left. 


“Cause the shit’s trash, just like yo jump shot!” Brian, Miller’s older brother, said as he jumped up to catch the ball. 


In typical older brother fashion, Brian dribbled circles around Miller, turning him this way and that way. Then, when Miller was too dizzy to play defense, Brian charged forward and dunked the ball. 


The backboard and metal chains that formed the net rattled and shook. 


“Fucking B! Always gotta show out!” Miller said with a smack of his lips. 


“Me? Show out? Never! I’m just showing you how the big dogs play.” Said Brian. 


“If you really trynna see me stunt, 1 v 1 me, and I’ll mop this court with that ass.” Brian said, throwing the ball at Miller. 


Miller rolled his eyes. 


“You know I’m on T now. This isn’t like when we were kids . I’m a grown ass man now!” Miller said. 

Brian laughed. 


“Oh, I know! You went through puberty TWICE! So, when I wipe this court with your ass, I don’t wanna hear no excuses.” Brian said. 


“Bet!” Miller said, throwing the ball back to his brother. 


The brothers headed to the middle of the court where Jared started the men off with a jump ball. Of course, with Brian being the taller of the two, he got to the ball first; keeping the ball close, Brian pushed his way down the court, crossing his brother every step of the way. 


Brian’s ball handling skills were far greater than Miller’s, as was his cardio. But if anything, that all only made Miller work harder. Brian would push Miller, and often rough him up during games, but Miller gave Brian that same energy. 


Jared kept score, and for most of the game, the brothers were pretty neck and neck. The pressure coming from both men was intense; but in the end, there was a reason Brian got a full ride scholarship to NYU and Miller didn’t. 


With only one point left to crown him champion, Brian gave it his all; charging for the net, his leap into the air was almost cartoonish, and with one powerful slam, the ball was crashing into the net, thus making him the winner.  


“GAME, SET, MATCH, BITCH!” Brian gloated.  


Miller spilled onto the court, exhausted from the brutal beating he’d just taken. 


“Alright nigga, you win!” Miller said between pants. 


Grabbing Miller’s hand, Brian pulled his brother to his feet before taking the younger man’s sweaty face in his hands. 


Turning him this way and that way, Brian smiled. 


“I think I’ll call you…” 


“Sexy Flexy!” Jared chimed in. 


Brain’s eyes twinkled as Miller’s head snapped to his best friend. 


“Nigga what!”  


But it was already too late, the seed had already been planted. 

“And now, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in-between, let the battle begin.” Brian said in his best announcer voice. 


The lights dimmed, and Sexy Flexy and Roger Ribbit stood toe to toe. After winning the coin toss, Flexy decided to let Ribbit go first.  


So, Brian handed Ribbit the mic while Flexy took a seat on of the speakers as the beat kicked in. 


Just by the look in his eyes, Brian knew Flexy was about to have a feast; but as for who would be crowned the winner? Well, that was for the crowd to decide.  

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