Sending Her Off To Dream Land


The next morning Jade sat at the kitchen island, her sketchbook open and her pencils scattered around her. As she drew in her sketchbook, the sound of shuffling on the back patio caught her attention. As soon as she looked up, Jade came face to face with a mouth watering sight. Standing at the door in nothing but a hat, and a pair of running shorts that hugged his tree trunk like thighs, Carter wiped his forehead with the back of his hand before opening the back door.

“Oh hey, morning Jade.” He said with a smile, after removing his earbuds.

After putting the earbuds into its case, he dropped it on the counter before unstrapping the running band from his arm and dropping it down beside the case.

All the while, Jade watched him as if he were doing magic, her eyes never leaving him.

“So Jade, what’s got you up so early? Aren’t you the party all night, sleep all morning type?” He asked, looking over at her.

Jade averted her gaze back to her drawing.

“Is it really early rising if you never went to sleep?” She asked with a chuckle.

“That’s right, you do suffer from insomnia, I forgot.” He said with a nod.

Jade couldn’t help but smile; She had told him about her insomnia during one of their many late night FaceTime calls; But that had been forever ago, she was surprised he remembered.

“You remembered.” She said, smiling a little more than she would have liked to.

Carter returned her smile.

“Of course I did. It is the reason for all of our late night calls.” He pointed out.

“Yeah, hopefully I’ll crash soon, my eyes are killing me.” She said, rubbing her eyes.

“If you want I can lay down with you and talk to you until you fall asleep. Or I could call you. Either is fine with me.” He said.

Jade mulled it over for a moment.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I’m cool with laying down together.” She said.

So after taking his shower, Carter pulled on some comfy clothes and headed to Jade’s room.

“I’m a big cuddler, is that okay?” He asked, pulling back the covers.

“I never would have peg you for the cuddling type.” Jade said as she crawled into bed.

Crawling in behind her, Carter left a bit of room between them.

“This okay?” He asked.

Jade backed up, until she was flush against him.

“Shit, fine by me.” Carter laughed.

“Is it alright if I play with your hair?” He asked, causing her to smile.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” She said.

Running his fingers through her hair, he played with it and massaged her scalp, causing Jade to hum with delight. Then, closing her eyes, she allowed herself to slip off to dreamland.

Between Jade and Carter, and Nat and Olivia, which paring do you like more?

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