Running A Little Late

  1. Home Sweet Home
  2. There’s The Tea
  3. One Fateful Night
  4. The Best Family
  5. Mr. And Mrs. Grace
  6. Port Prince Media
  7. The City of Love
  8. Running A Little Late
  9. Maria Grace
  10. Nothing Between Me and You
  11. The Middle Man
  12. Another World
  13. The Premier

Wait, before you start reading this, have you read ‘The City of Love‘?

For the past week and a half, Myles had been pulling all-nighters, busting his ass to finish up ‘The House of David’, the horror film he’d been working on. As Friday rolled around, with the help of Donte, the men were able to finish most of the edit. It still needed some polishing, but Donte would finish that on his own.


It was three in the morning when Maria’s alarm went off, causing Myles to groan. Curse Maria, and her love of early flights.


“No.” Myles groaned, pulling his pillow over his head.


Maria sat up in bed and chuckled. If Myles was shooting something, he was the definition of a morning person. But if he wasn’t, getting him out of bed was like pulling teeth. 


“Baby come on, we don’t wanna be late.” Maria said, looking over at her husband.


Myles groaned, pushing the pillow down onto his face.


“Go on without me.” He said dramatically.


Maria laughed before turning to her nightstand and turning on the lamp.


“Come on Myles. If you get up we can do that thing you like in the shower.” She said, turning to bait him.


Myles rolled over and peeked out from under the pillow.


“If we have time for sex, then that means there’s still time for sleep.” He argued.


“Seriously? You don’t want shower sex?” She asked, putting a hand over her heart as she faked being wounded. 


“Shower sex is overrated.” He said.


For the entirety of their relationship, shower sex had always been Myles’s thing. Even if he’d just taken a shower, if Maria was taking one, there he was, at the glass, begging for a quickie.


“Since when?” She asked, looking down at him.


Myles rolled over, ready to make up some bullshit about how shower sex ‘Just didn’t do it for him anymore’ when he got to thinking about his wife, all wet and soapy. 


Tucking his bottom lip between his teeth, his eyes met Maria’s, and the look on her face said ‘That’s what I thought’.


“Fucking hell Maria!” He huffed, kicking the covers off himself.


After stripping, the couple hurried into the bathroom, Maria adjusting the water while Myles dropped two towels in the towel warmer. 


Climbing into the shower, Myles grabbed the soap, wet it, and began lathering it up as he watched his wife wet her body. 


Grabbing her waist, Myles spun them around so that he was now beneath the water, and began lathering his wife’s body. He took his time, massaging the soap into her shoulders, breasts, back, ass, and legs. 


To Myles, Maria was a work of art, and anytime he got the opportunity to worship his black goddess, he couldn’t help but take it; so what if it’d make them a little late?


As Myles rose up from washing Maria’s legs, he hooked a hand behind the backs of each thigh, hoisting her up and pinning her against the cool tile.


“Myles.” Was all she could manage to say as he split her lips with his dick, and sunk into her.


He moved slowly, sinking in and pulling back, only to sink in again. 


Maria’s nails dug into him, holding onto him for dear life. 


Though Myles would have loved to stay in the warmth of both the shower and his wife, for an entirety, they were already super late. So after pressing a kiss to her lips, Myles placed his wife back on her feet and spun her around.

He wasn’t rough, but he wasn’t gentle either. Myles wasn’t fucking for the sake of fucking. He was on a mission, trying to get to the firework show. And it only took a few strokes before Maria was panting and calling out, telling him just how close she was getting.


After a couple more strokes, the couple both cried out, falling over the cliff and into pure bliss. Then, after quickly finishing their shower, the couple jumped out and quickly headed to their room.


Luckily for Myles and Maria, they had packed and laid out their clothes the night before. So after pulling on their signature flying tracksuits, the couple grabbed their bags and made it downstairs just as their driver was pulling up to the house.


After getting their bags in the black Suburban, they were off to JFK.


It was only after Maria and Myles arrived at the airport did Maria realize they were flying private and could have afforded to be a little late. But knowing Myles, he most likely had plans to make up for that once they arrived in Paris. 


As soon as the couple was in the air, Myles unbuckled his seatbelt and headed to the back of the plane for a nap. 


Just as Maria was about to join her husband, she received a phone call from her stylist, Ron, who wanted to go over some last-minute looks for a few of the models.


“Couldn’t this have waited until we landed?” Maria asked, watching as the models twirled.


“I mean yeah, but it’s not like you’re doing anything on the plane,” Ron said.


Maria shrugged her shoulders and nodded slightly.


“This is true.” She said with a chuckle.


So one by one, the models entered the frame, and Maria inspected their outfits. Since they’d been working tirelessly for months now, putting together this show, Ron had only but a few touch-ups to make; all of which would be done by the time Maria touched down. 


Maria was so glad to have found her little ‘designer husband’ as she liked to call him. Ron was by far the biggest asset to her brand. Having Ron was like having two of herself; if Ron was doing it, it was as good as, sometimes even better than, if she did it herself.


“Alright Ronny, I’ll come straight to the studio when I land.” She promised.


Ron gave her a pointed look.


“Bitch you better.” He said, pointing a finger at her.


Maria laughed, and after saying her goodbyes, she ended the call and updated her to-do list before closing her iPad.


After seven hours, Maria and Myles touched down in Paris and Myles collected their bags and tossed them in the back of their SUV.


“Alright, I’ll see you this afternoon.“ Myles said, as he pulled his wife into him.


“Okay. Drive safe.” She said, pressing her lips to his.


Myles savored the taste of his wife’s lips before pecking her one last time and getting into the car.


Making her way over to the other SUV, Maria thanked her driver as she accepted her cup of coffee.

Maria walked into the studio, and designers, photographers, and assistants were running around, getting all the last-minute touches done.  


“Well well well look who it is. I’m so glad you could make it.” Ron said as he came to a stop in front of his best friend.


“Don’t blame me, blame my husband.” Maria said, taking a sip of her coffee.


Ron took the cup from her and took a sip.


“And where is said husband?” He said, dramatically looking around.


Maria rolled her eyes.


“You know he just got back from making his movie. He hadn’t even been home for a full day, let alone enough time to get enough sleep.” She said.


Ron took a step back and looked Maria up and down.


“But I see he was home long enough to give you a proper dickin’” Said Ron.


Maria gasped as she shoved him.


“I am a lady. I don’t discuss my sex life at work.” She said.


Ron looked Maria up and down yet again before rolling his eyes.


“Child please. Hurry yo ass up so we can get ready for this show.” He said, twisting around.


Maria laughed as she followed Ron deeper into the studio. The two quickly got to work, making sure to get everything ready for the show tonight.


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