Our Own Little Party

“We have to stop.” Star panted, still gripping the fabric of Harper’s shirt.

Harper hummed, in what sounded like agreement, but that didn’t stop her lips from strolling up the right side of Star’s neck. Reaching the other woman’s ear, Harper captured Star’s earlobe, capturing it between gentle teeth she nipped it, causing Star to hiss as she fisted Harper’s shirt.

“Harp I’m serious. We have to stop.” Star repeated, pulling the other woman closer.

The beat of Jingle Bells pounded against the floor as their families and co-workers laughed and chatted just beneath them.

“Okay, okay. Fine.” Harper chuckled, pulling back from Star’s neck.

Star’s hands remained entangled in Harper’s shirt, only allowing the other woman to pull back just enough to look at Star.

“Star, if you want me to stop you gotta let me go babe.” Harper laughed, looking down at Star’s hands.

The other woman blushed, the heat practically radiating from her cheeks.

“I’m working on it.” Star mumbled, looking down at her hands.

Harper chuckled.

“You know..” Harper began, her hand sliding up Star’s skirt.

“It’s loud enough down there, they probably won’t even hear you scream.” Harper whispered, dragging her nailed down the inside of Star’s thigh.

Star whimpered, her knees now jelly.

“We shouldn’t.” She protested weakly.

Harper groaned before dropping her face into the crook of Star’s neck. After a few deep breaths, Harper pulled back to look at Star.

“You wanna stop?” Harper asked sincerely.

Star sighed, fisting Harper’s shirt before pulling her impossibly closer.

“We should.” Star said hesitantly.

But the desire brewing in the pit of her stomach begged to differ.

“But I need you. Now.” Star panted.

Pushing her hand up higher, Harper reached Star’s panties, pushing them to the side. Then, swiping her finger through Star’s wetness, Harper groaned as Star gasped.

“Harper.” She moaned breathlessly.

Star’s eyes fluttered like faulty lighting as her chest rose and fell rapidly. Her chest rose and fell quickly, her breath labored.

Then, bowing her head, Harper kissed and sucked at her lover’s neck as she moved the now damp panties to the side. Then, starting with a single digit, Harper ran a finger up Star’s slit, causing Star to gasp.

Star’s breath became labored as Harper found her clit and began circling the head.

“Har-“Harper’s name was reduced to just a sound as Star dropped her head forward, onto Harper’s shoulder.

Then, biting down on her lover’s shoulder, Star rocked against Harper’s hand, wanting more of what Harper had to offer.

Picking up speed, Harper worked Star harder than ever before, making it quite the struggle for Star to keep quiet. Star did quiet well in the beginning; only allowing a few whimpers to slip pass. But when Harper’s fingers finally entered Star, all bets were off.

Turning her hand so that it was palm side up, Harper curled her fingers causing Star to fall into a heap of moans and pants against the wall. Repeating the motion over and over again, Harper pressed against Star’s G-spot, causing the other woman’s eyes to slam shut.

“Fuck! Harper yes!” Star groaned, rocking her hips.

Faster and faster, Harper worked her lover until Star’s body snapped from the overwhelming amount of pleasure. Then, face planting into the crook of Harper’s neck, Star released a string of profanities, before biting down on Harper’s shoulder.

Wave after wave, Star’s orgasm washed over her until her legs turned to jelly. Then, with her faced buried in Harper’s neck, Star struggled to catch her breath.

“Good?” Harper chuckled licking her fingers clean.

“So good. So fucking good.” Star said, her voice dream-like.

After cleaning off the dresser, Harper and Star fixed themselves themselves in the bathroom connected to the bedroom. Then, lacing their fingers together, Harper pulled the door open, the sound of ‘Here Comes Santa Clause’ spilling from the hall into the room. Making their way down the hall, the couple headed for the stairs.

“Harp!” A voice called from behind the woman.

Turning around, Star and Harper came face to face with Kyle, Star’s older brother.

With a glass in his hand, he raised it, smiling.

“Merry Christmas, and welcome to the family.” He smiled.

“Thank bro.”Harper smiled.

For the rest of the night, the happy couple danced as they actively avoided Star’s mother who was dying to plan the entire wedding right then and there. But atlas, around midnight the women managed to sneak out to their car. Spent from the sex and talk of the wedding, all the women wanted was to be home already. They’d call Star’s mother once they woke up.

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