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Summer’s End

Nate stared out the upstairs window of the cabin, watching as the sun began to descend from its place

Welcome Home | Casey and Mya Pt.3

Hold on! before you read this, have you read Pt.2? After stuffing their faces at the diner, Mason and

The Woman In The Rain

Carter rolled over and shifted towards the edge of the bed. Swinging his legs off the side, he sat up

Other Kids|Casey And Mya Pt.2

Wait! Before you read this story, have you read Pt.1? After spending quite some time driving on route

You’re Staying?

    “So when are you all headed home?” Chelsea asked, reaching for the salad.  After Olivia a

Foster Dad |Casey and Mya Pt. 1

The rain fell in sheets as thick as lead, pelting the roof of the bus as it pulled into the station.

A Good Day

Wait?! Before you begin reading this story, have you read ‘Jimmy’ ? Carter held the blunt


Stop right there, before you read this, have you read ‘Damn That Red Binki’? Carter pulle

Damn That Red Binki

Carter awoke to find himself face to face with a sleeping Jade. With her mouth slightly ajar and a fe

Stuck On Her

Before you start reading this story, have you read the one that came before it? In Due Time. The next