Here Without You

Trevor Denson stood beneath the umbrella, the rain coming down like bullets from an automatic gun. As he made his way through the tombstone’s he searched for the one he thought he’d never live to see. She was never supposed to be in the ground, at least not this early in life. ‘Here lies Samantha Bryan’ though he’d read the words at least a dozen times over, the heart ache never went away. It’d been four and a half years, and each and every time he thought about it, it was like getting the news all over again. Closing his eyes, Trevor thought about that fatal day.

Trevor ran the razor blade across his jaw line, his brother Brent behind him grinning as though he’d just won the lottery.

“Remember, always go with the grain.” Brent said as he shaved his own face alongside his brother.

Trevor’s phone buzzed from it’s spot on his bed just outside the bathroom. Trevor grunted with annoyance.

“Wanna get that?” Brent asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Nah, it’s Sam. Probably trying to get out of seeing her grandparents again. I’ll let her ring me out later.” He said, waving a dismissive hand.

Suddenly the umbrella was too heavy for Trevor to hold up; As it slid through his fingers he fell to his knees. Within seconds his hair was matted to his face, his back soaked from the rain.

“How could you?! How could you?! How fucking could you?!” Trevor shouted, his fist pounding the wet grass.

Tears filled his eyes as the memories of Samantha clouded his mind as he continued pounding the grass.

“How could you fucking do this to me?! We had fucking plans! You promised!” He shouted, his fist growing muddy as he continued to assault the ground.

The rain grew heavier as the tears flowed endlessly. As his fist grew numb, the fight provided by his anger began to die down. Exhausted, Trevor fell to his back. There, he looked up at the sky, it’s gray color reflecting his mood quite perfectly.

“SAMANTHA!” He shouted up at the sky.

Since he was a little kid, Trevor’s father always told him that when people died their souls still hung around and that when he passed on if Trevor ever wanted to talk to him all he had to do was speak his words out to the open sky and wherever he was, he’d get the message. And at that very moment, Trevor wanted Sam to get his message. She’d left him broken, tore a part with a Sam sized hole in his heart that would never be filled.

Sometimes at night he’d wake up, beads of sweat covering his forehead. Many nights, when he couldn’t sleep, he’d reach for his phone, calling Sam several times before finally remembering that she hadn’t missed placed her phone, nor had it died, nor was she simply not taking his calls; she was gone, never to return.

As the rain eased up, the clouds parted, revealing a bright blue sky.

“Trevor.” A voice called out from beside him.

Numb from the cold rain and too tired to form words, he simply grunted in response.

“Trev, we gotta get you home, you’re gonna be sick.” Said a soft feminine voice.

Looking up, Trevor locked eyes with a tall brunette who stood over him. As she crouched down to help him up, Trevor grunted.

“Bell, shit, I totally forgot about our date.” He groaned sitting up.

He’d been in the middle of getting ready for his date with Bella Mitchelle, a girl from his biology class, when the photo of him and Sam from the day he’d taken his first shot of testosterone set him off.

“That’s okay. We can reschedule.” She said holding her hand out to him.

Placing his hand in her’s, Trevor allowed her to pull him off the ground. Once he was on his feet, he coughed, spitting out some of the water he’d swallowed during the downpour.

Bella slipped one of his arms around her, hugging him close as he leaned on her.

“Come on, let’s get you home.” Bella said, as they began making their way back to her car.

A Family Dinner

“What if they don’t like me?” Blue asked, adjusting their tie in the bathroom mirror.

Emily pressed her body against Blue’s back. Running a hand up their stomach and over their chest, Emily nuzzled their neck.

“Trust me, they’ll love you because I love you.”

Emily stepped back, causing Blue to frown at the loss of contact.

Putting a hand on their shoulder, Emily spun Blue around before snaking her arms around their neck. Looking into their green eyes, she tangled her finger into their hair.

“Oh do you now?” Blue smirked, their hands wrapping around her waist.

Emily grin as she swayed the two of them back and forth.

“Mhm.” She hummed, leaning into Blue.

Blue could never resist Emily. The way her eyes shined like diamonds basking in the sunlight; Blue couldn’t help but get lost in them every time.

“I love you.” Blue said as Emily learned into them.

Emily brushed her nose against her lover’s.

“Is that so?” She asked, cocking an eyebrow up at them.

“More than I could ever put into words.” Blue whispered as they leaned in closer.

Emily laughed.

“Such a cheese ball.” She said.

Dipping their head, Blue allowed their nose to brush against Emily’s. Then, tilting to the left ever so slightly, they pressed their lips to hers. As her mouth opened and Blue’s tongue met her’s, the floor beneath them crumbled, leaving both Emily and Blue floating in their own little bubble. The hands on the clock froze as Blue swiped their tongue along Emily’s bottom lip; begging for entrance.

As Emily opened her mouth, her arms tightened around Blue, attempting to fuse them together. Blue was a drug she could never get enough of; no matter how many hits she took, Emily never seemed to grow a tolerance. Instead, Blue simply took her higher and higher; at this point they were somewhere floating amongst the stars. Eventually the two ran out of air, forcing the two a part.

“Ready?” Emily panted, brushing her nose against Blue’s.

Blue gave a nod.

With a smile Emily spun on her heels, Blue’s fingers laced in with hers. Stepping out of the bathroom, she tugged Blue along, grabbing their jackets and the keys on her way out.

As they drove their way through the wet streets of England, Emily played with the hairs at the back of Blue’s neck.

“Deep breaths baby, deep breaths.” She said as they turned onto the street she grew up on.

Making their way to the end of the street, Emily smiled as they drove past the house that once belonged to her grandparents. Though they were no longer alive, Emily couldn’t help but smile as she thought of her grandparents.

With two, well known, lawyers for parents, Emily’s mother and father were quite busy when she was a kid. So Emily spent a lot of time with her grandparents. Her grandfather taught her how to ride a bike and how to drive and her grandmother taught her how to cook, bake, and sew. It was at their dinner table that a teenaged Emily came to the realization that she wasn’t all that straight. After coming out to her grandparents, they held each one of her hands as she sat down with her parents and told them.

Looking in the rearview mirror, Emily brushed a tear from her cheek as she thought about the fact that they’d never get the chance to meet Blue.

“What is it baby?” Blue asked, turning to her after parking.

Emily couldn’t help but lean into them as Blue cupped her cheek and wiped a stray tear from her cheek.

“They’re never gonna get to meet you.” Emily said just above a whisper as another tear feel.

Leaning over the center console, Blue pressed a kiss to Emily’s forehead before resting their own against her’s.

“Maybe after dinner we can go visit their graves.” Blue said, causing another tear to fall.

Emily nodded.

“I’d like that.” She said with a smile.

After one last kiss, Emily composed herself before she and Blue stepped out of the car. Then, slipping her hand into Blue’s, she laced their fingers together and the couple made their way up the stairs that lead to Emily’s childhood home. As they drew closer and closer the sound of music and laughter poured out of an open window.

Making their way to the door, Blue balled their fist to knock on the door when it swung open to reveal a tall brown haired man.

“Em!” He said, with a smile.

Letting go of Blue’s hand, Emily fell into the man’s embrace.

“Mattie!” She squealed.

The tall, built like a linebacker of a man swept Emily off her feet as if she were a leaf. With her arms around his neck, Matt, her older brother, spun her around, peppering her face with kisses. Then, getting dizzy, Emily slapped his back as she squealed from him to put her down.

Laughing, he set her on her feet before turning to face Blue.

“Hi.” He said somewhat winded.

“You must be victim number seven. I mean Blue.” He said, shaking his head as he out his hand.

Emily swatted his chest.

“Babe, this is Matt, my baby brother.” She said pridefully.

Blue’s eyes nearly doubled in size.

“I’m sorry did you just says ‘baby brother’?” They said.

Standing next to Matt, Emily looked like a child. He had to be at least six foot five or six foot six.

“Yeah, we fed him the good stuff.” Laughed a deep voice from behind Matt and Emily.

Turning around, Emily and Matt stood aside allowing Blue to come face to face with a man just a head taller than Emily but still childlike compared to Matt.

“Daddy!” Emily cried, throwing her arms around the older man’s neck.

Chuckling, the man whined his arms around her as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“Hi baby girl. How was the drive?” He asked looking at Emily as if she were the entire world wrapped up into one person.

“It was amazing. I’m so glad we drove. I got to show Blue so much of the town.” Emily said pridefully.

Chuckling, the man turned his attention to Blue.

“Hi, Charlie.” The man said, sticking out his hand.

“It’s nice to finally meet you sir.” Blue said placing their hand in Charlie’s.

Charlie laughed.

“Sir? This isn’t the army kid. Please, call me Charlie.” He said with a smile.

“You hungry?” He asked, causing Blue to chuckle.

“Starving.” Blue said with a smile.

“Good, good. Let’s head inside then.” He said.

Making their way into the house, Charlie informed Emily that her mother had been obsessing over her arrival all day; well more so about meeting Blue. Then, stopping in the living room, a short black haired woman rushed out what looked to be the kitchen.

“Oh Charlie I’m not done yet.” The woman complained as she rushed over to them.

“Blue! I’ve heard so much about you. It’s so nice to finally meet you.” The woman said with a bright smile.

Stopping in front of them, the woman clapped her hands together before pausing for a moment to admire her daughter and Blue. Then, turning her attention to Blue, she spoke.

“Is it alright if I hug you?” She asked, looking as though she might burst with excitement.

Blue smiled.

“Of course. I love hugs.” Blue said, causing the woman to move forward.

Winding her arms around Blue, the woman pulled them in close, her head landing right over Blue’s heart. Hugging her back, Blue closed their eyes taking in the smell of vanilla perfume and food; a combination that went together surprisingly well.

“Ah, it’s so good to finally meet you. And you smell wonderful.” The woman said causing Blue to laugh.

Emily scoffed.

“Mum, I’m here too.” She complained.

The woman pulled back from Blue and looked at her daughter.

“Oh hello dear.” She said before continuing to hug Blue.

Emily scoffed yet again as Blue laughed.

Again, the woman pulled back from Blue, her cheeks the color of cherries.

“My goodness. Look at me, just all over you and I haven’t even told you my name. I’m Bella.” She said patting Blue’s chest.

Blue smiled.

“It’s nice to finally meet you. Emily talks about you all the time. All of you.” Blue said, looking from one family member to the next.

Over the course of the year and a half Blue and Emily have been dating, she’d told Blue so many stories of her brother and parents that Blue felt like they’d known them for years.

“All good I hope.” Charlie said looking over at his daughter.

Blue looked over at Matt for a moment.

“Mostly.” They replied, their tone joking.

Charlie and Bella laughed as Matt’s head snapped to his sister.

“Mostly?!” He asked, glaring at his sister.

Ignoring her brother, Emily turned her attention to her mother.

“What’s for dinner mum?” Emily asked, making her way over to her mother.

Wrapping an arm around her daughter’s waist, Bella hugged Emily close to her side, smiling a prideful smile up at her.

“You’re favorite, baked macaroni and cheese.”

Emily’s face lit up like the night sky on the Fourth of July.

“Yes!” She said, fisting pumping in the air.

Blue couldn’t help but laugh.

“Wanna help?” Bella asked, causing Emily’s smile to widen.

“Why’s that even a question?” Emily laughed, touching her forehead to her mothers.

Bella smiled, patting her daughter’s hip lovingly before they turned to Blue and the guys.

“Babe you wanna hang in the kitchen with mom and I or watch Tv with daddy and loser over there?” Emily asked, her attention now on Blue.

Blue rubbed the back of their neck.

“The game’s on.” They said sheepishly.

Emily and her family laughed.

“I’ll get the beers.” Matt said rushing to the kitchen.

Shaking her head, Emily pecked Blue on the lips before following her mother and brother into the kitchen.

“So, a sports fan.” Charlie said clapping a hand onto Blue’s shoulder as he turned them around.

“Nah, just a soccer fan.” Blue said as Charlie led them to the living room.

Charlie laughed a fully belly, Santa Claus type laugh as they made their way over to the couch.

“I like you already.” He said patting them on the back.

While Charlie, Blue, and Matt watched the game, Bella and Emily stood side by side at the counter, chopping up vegetables for a stew. Then, as Emily stirred the stew, Bella added the vegetables. Once they were all in, Bella smiled as she watched her daughter absent swoon over Blue who cheered loudly as their team scored a goal.

Standing next to her daughter, Bella bumped Emily with her hip, causing Emily to snap out of her gaze and look to her mother.

“Sorry.” Emily said, looking at her mother with rosy cheeks.

Bella laughed.

“Don’t be, I know what it’s like to be smitten.” She said with a wink.

Chuckling Emily helped her mother finish cooking. Then, as they platted the food, Matt and Blue could be heard yelling profanities as Charlie laughed.

“Pay up.” Charlie laughed as Emily and Bella walked out into the dining room.

After setting the food on the table, they made their way over to Blue and the guys.

“This is horse shit!” Matt spat as he and Blue rose up from the couch.

Pulling out their wallets, they each pulled out a twenty, throwing them down on the table as Charlie laughed.

Making her way over to them, Bella swept up the money, only leaving a ten behind for her husband.

“Hey!” He shouted, shooting up from his lazy boy.

“What’s yours is mine baby. Remember?” She said, battling her eyes lashes at him.

Matt and Blue laughed before following Bella over to the table.

“Gambling? The first night of knowing my dad?” Emily tsked playfully as she shook her head.

Blue scoffed.

“More like I was hustled.” They said, shaking their head.

“Fair is fair.” Charlie laughed as they all made their way over to the table and sat down.

Then, for the next two and a half hours, they all sat at the dinning room table where Charlie, Bella, and Matt took turns telling embracing stories about Emily.

“So she comes running out of the bathroom, arms flailing around like one of those inflatable wacky men as she screams ‘he killed Barbie, he killed Barbie!’Matt said as everyone at the dinner table roared with laughter.

After desert was served, Bella made Emily and Blue Togo plates and they reluctantly said their goodbyes to her parents and brother. As they kissed and hugged Bella, Charlie, and Matt, Bella made them promise to come back again. Hand in hand, Blue and Emily made their way back to Blue’s car. Having told so many stories, laughed quite a bit, and consumed her fair share of alcohol, Blue figured their girlfriend was simply tried as she leaned forward and pressed her face into Blue’s chest.

“I think gran and gramps are gonna have to wait until tomorrow.” Emily said tiredly.

Bowing their head, Blue pressed a kiss into the back of Emily’s neck.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect you get so tipsy.” Blue mumbled against her neck.

Emily giggled as Blue unlocked the car and helped her in.

When they made it back to their AirBnB, Blue snagged a parking spot right outside their apartment. Getting out, they made their way around the car where they opened Emily’s door and helped her out.

As she stepped out of the car, Emily feel into Blue, giggling as she wrapped her arms around their neck.

Pausing for a moment, Blue starred into Emily’s eyes.

Then, just as Blue was about to speak, Emily’s arms tighten around their neck as she hid her face in their chest. Tears fell against Blue’s dress shirt as Emily’s arms fell from their neck. Pulling her in closer, Blue rested their cheek on top of her head as she cried into their chest.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” She said, her words muffled by Blue’s chest.

Blue gave her a little squeeze as they pressed a kiss to the top of her red and held her tight.

“Don’t be.” They mumbled into her hair.

Standing their a moment longer, Blue waited for Emily to calm down. Once she was composed, Emily stood back and spilled her hand into Blue’s allowing them to lead her up and into their apartment. Once inside, Blue helped Emily out of her dress before stripping out of their own clothes and crawling into bed with her.

“Hey, would it be weird if we had a picnic at your grandparents’ grave?” Blue asked as they curled around Emily.

Emily hummed with delight as Blue’s warm, naked, flesh met her own.

“Tomorrow?” She suggested, pulling the covers up to her shoulder.

“Tomorrow sounds perfect.” Blue said kissing the back of her neck.

Then, turning around, Blue grabbed their phone and set a reminder in the calendar. Then, after setting their phone on the charger, they turned back to Emily, curling around her. Then, closing their eyes, Blue slipped off to dreamland.

There Goes My Calvin’s

Austin Miller walked into the locker room. As his teammates hooted and hollered around him, Austin made his way to his locker, fist bumping a few of the defensemen as he went.

“Austin you ready to get all hot and sweaty?” Robbie, the running back asked.

Austin set his bag on the bench behind him before turning to Robbie.

“Easy bud. I love you but papa only gets down with the ladies.” Austin said, causing a few of their teammates to laugh.

Robbie had given up master baiting and sex for lent and it was beginning to take a bit of a toll on him. Austin and a few of the offensive men were in a bet to see how long it would take him to crack. Being the good friend that he is, Austin said Robbie would make it as least twenty days. Many of their teams predicted he wouldn’t even last a week; he’s now two weeks in.

Austin and Robbie have been good friends since elementary school. Back then, Austin was forced to wear dresses and bows in his hair. Back, before the shots of testosterone, before he had any facial hair, before he even knew the word ‘transgener’, Robbie use to pull those pigtails. The teachers used to joke about Robbie having a crush on Austin; But nope, Robbie was just being a dick.

“Please, we both know you’d kill to take a ride on this disco stick.” Robbie joked as the guys behind him hooted and danced around like fools.

“What’s the point of becoming a tranny if you’re still gonna ride the dick?” Said a voice from behind Austin.

The locker room fell silent as a few guys laughed.

Austin didn’t even have to turn around to know who the owner of the voice was; Scott Hall. Scott was your typical high school jock. All American pretty boy, captain of the football team, with a bombshell of a girlfriend. Too bad she was fucking half the team.

Sighing, Austin turned around to face the pizza faced boy.

Proud of himself, Scott fist bumped a few of his friends.

“Hey Ally, think you might be lost. The girl’s locker room is across the hall.” Laughed Tanner, one of Scott’s little minions, from behind him.

Chuckling, Scott high-fived Tanner.

“Wow Tanner. I bet that took all three of those brain cells of yours didn’t it?” Austin said, speaking as though he were talking to a toddler.

Tanner pushed forward as if he were going to charge at Austin. But, in true Tanner fashion, his friends were there to ‘hold him back’.

Tanner was all bark and no bite; whenever he was with Scott and the rest of their little posse, he’d puff his chest out and act all tough but when he was alone it was always head down, mouth shut.

“Our you’re so-“

“Hey! What the hell are you assholes doing in here?! I swear to God of we have to run laps because you fuckers are dickin’ around I’m gonna kill every last one of you with my bare hands!” Yelled a voice.

Rounding the wall that blocked passing byers from being able to see into the boy’s locker room, Hunter Jones made his way into the locker room. Looking from Scott and his posse to Austin and Robbie, Hunter ran a hand through his hair, pushing it out of his eyes.

“Why aren’t you fuckers dressed?!” Hunter asked looking from one boy to the next.

“We still have ten minutes.” A boy from Tanner’s squad pointed out.

“Five! On time is late. And if we’re late we run, and if we run somebody’s gonna get hit!” Hunter said, hitting his open hand with his fist.

“I don’t know why you’re looking at us, they’re the ones fuckin’ around.” A blonde boy said, pointing at Austin and Robbie.

“Hurry up. All of you!” Hunter snapped, causing the boys to disband from the huddle they’d gathered in.

After pulling on his practice clothes, Austin made his way into the bathroom. After walking into the only stall, he pulled his sweats down to find dark blood staring back at him.

“Fuck!” Austin said, his eyes snapping shut.

“Miller? You alright?” Hunter asked from outside the stall.

Great. Just what Austin needs, an already pissed Hunter now even more pissed because Austin doesn’t have his shit together.

“Um yeah. I just…” Austin’s vision blurred.

‘Don’t cry, don’t cry’ Austin chanted in his head.

He cleaned his throat.

“I, I think I shit myself.”

Austin’s eyes slammed shut.

‘Why the fuck did I say that?’ He scolded himself.

“Aw shit. You need a change of boxers? I know this sounds weird bu I keep an extra pair in my locker. They’re fresh, I promise.” Hunter said.

‘I need a pad.’ Austin thought to himself.

It was times like this that made him wish he was still changing in the nurses office.

“Um no. I think I’m just gonna go home.” Austin said.

This was beyond embarrassing.

“In shitty boxers? Alright, but at least let me take you home?” Hunter offered.

Austin’s face grew hot as his vision blurred.

Fucking dysphaoria.

The first tear fell and soon after the river was flowing.

“Austin? Are you okay man?” Hunter asked, his voice filled with concern.

“My period’s here.” Austin said just above a whisper.

He’d said it so low Austin didn’t even think Hunter herd him. But a moment after the words left his mouth, Austin heard footsteps making their way out of the bathroom. For a moment he though Hunter had left, ‘what if he went to tell Tanner and the other guys?’ Austin shot up to his feet, his heart hammering against his ribs. Then, without warning, a black bag came sliding under the door.

“Supplies.” Was all Hunter said.

Picking up the bag, Austin opened it. Looking into it, he discovered pads and tampons. Grabbing two pads, he put one in his boxers before pulling up his pants and pocketing the other one. Then, opening the door, he came face to face with Hunter.

“How do you…why do you…” He was at a loss for words.

“I like vagina having people and sometimes those vagina’s bleed.” He said with a smile.

Austin returned the smile.

“Now, come on. We have to tell coach that I shit myself and you gave me your underwear.” Hunter said patting Austin’s back.

“Thanks man. You’re a life saver.” Said Austin.

Hunter shrugged.

“Don’t sweat it man. You can leave it in my locker and I’ll give you the combo. Don’t need any of those assholes knowing about this. “ Hunter said.

Stopping in the middle of the locker room, Austin three his arms around Hunter, hugging him tightly, causing Hunter to laugh as he returned the hug. Then, after throwing the bag in Hunter’s locker, the two made their way outside to join their team.

When The Wind Blows

It was a lot colder than she expected. Normally a sweater, with a shirt underneath, would suffice. But, without Shawn there, that particular December night was colder than usual.

Lying in the bed of his,faded blue,pick up truck, she counted the stars. It was impossible, she knew that, but counting was the only way to still have him there with her.

“You’re ridiculous.” A voice whispered from beside her.

As the wind blew around her, she inhaled deep, the air smelling just like him. Burning wood and Big Red gum.

At first she hated it, but nights like this made her wish she could bottle the scent and wear it as a perfume.

“Abby.” The wind called as it danced around her.

Sitting up, she wrapped her arms around her mid section. Closing her eyes she tried to pretend it was him; It was his arms holding her. But even in her most wishful of moments, she couldn’t fool herself. Her arms were far to small to ever provide the comfort or the safety that his did.

Sighing, she turned her head up to the sky and looked up at the stars.

“Come back. Please. I’d give my right arm just to have you back. Even if for a day.”

She stared at the stars, hopping, praying for a sign, but she got nothing. So wrapping herself in her sweater, she hopped out of the bed of the truck and slid behind the steering wheel.

With one turn of the key, the truck sputtered to life and after putting it in drive she was off.

She’d be back again next week to dream of him again.

Private Party

“We have to stop.” Star panted, still gripping the fabric of Harper’s shirt.

Harper hummed, in what sounded like agreement, but that didn’t stop her lips from strolling up the right side of Star’s neck. Reaching the other woman’s ear, Harper captured Star’s earlobe, capturing it between gentle teeth she nipped it, causing Star to hiss as she fisted Harper’s shirt.

“Harp I’m serious. We have to stop.” Star repeated, pulling the other woman closer.

The beat of Jingle Bells pounded against the floor as their families and co-workers laughed and chatted just beneath them.

“Okay, okay. Fine.” Harper chuckled, pulling back from Star’s neck.

Star’s hands remained entangled in Harper’s shirt, only allowing the other woman to pull back just enough to look at Star.

“Star, if you want me to stop you gotta let me go babe.” Harper laughed, looking down at Star’s hands.

The other woman blushed, the heat practically radiating from her cheeks.

“I’m working on it.” Star mumbled, looking down at her hands.

Harper chuckled.

“You know..” Harper began, her hand sliding up Star’s skirt.

“It’s loud enough down there, they probably won’t even hear you scream.” Harper whispered, dragging her nailed down the inside of Star’s thigh.

Star whimpered, her knees now jelly.

“We shouldn’t.” She protested weakly.

Harper groaned before dropping her face into the crook of Star’s neck. After a few deep breaths, Harper pulled back to look at Star.

“You wanna stop?” Harper asked sincerely.

Star sighed, fisting Harper’s shirt before pulling her impossibly closer.

“We should.” Star said hesitantly.

But the desire brewing in the pit of her stomach begged to differ.

“But I need you. Now.” Star panted.

Pushing her hand up higher, Harper reached Star’s panties, pushing them to the side. Then, swiping her finger through Star’s wetness, Harper groaned as Star gasped.

“Harper.” She moaned breathlessly.

Star’s eyes fluttered like faulty lighting as her chest rose and fell rapidly. Her chest rose and fell quickly, her breath labored.

Then, bowing her head, Harper kissed and sucked at her lover’s neck as she moved the now damp panties to the side. Then, starting with a single digit, Harper ran a finger up Star’s slit, causing Star to gasp.

Star’s breath became labored as Harper found her clit and began circling the head.

“Har-“Harper’s name was reduced to just a sound as Star dropped her head forward, onto Harper’s shoulder.

Then, biting down on her lover’s shoulder, Star rocked against Harper’s hand, wanting more of what Harper had to offer.

Picking up speed, Harper worked Star harder than ever before, making it quite the struggle for Star to keep quiet. Star did quiet well in the beginning; only allowing a few whimpers to slip pass. But when Harper’s fingers finally entered Star, all bets were off.

Turning her hand so that it was palm side up, Harper curled her fingers causing Star to fall into a heap of moans and pants against the wall. Repeating the motion over and over again, Harper pressed against Star’s G-spot, causing the other woman’s eyes to slam shut.

“Fuck! Harper yes!” Star groaned, rocking her hips.

Faster and faster, Harper worked her lover until Star’s body snapped from the overwhelming amount of pleasure. Then, face planting into the crook of Harper’s neck, Star released a string of profanities, before biting down on Harper’s shoulder.

Wave after wave, Star’s orgasm washed over her until her legs turned to jelly. Then, with her faced buried in Harper’s neck, Star struggled to catch her breath.

“Good?” Harper chuckled licking her fingers clean.

“So good. So fucking good.” Star said, her voice dream-like.

After cleaning off the dresser, Harper and Star fixed themselves themselves in the bathroom connected to the bedroom. Then, lacing their fingers together, Harper pulled the door open, the sound of ‘Here Comes Santa Clause’ spilling from the hall into the room. Making their way down the hall, the couple headed for the stairs.

“Harp!” A voice called from behind the woman.

Turning around, Star and Harper came face to face with Kyle, Star’s older brother.

With a glass in his hand, he raised it, smiling.

“Merry Christmas, and welcome to the family.” He smiled.

“Thank bro.”Harper smiled.

For the rest of the night, the happy couple danced as they actively avoided Star’s mother who was dying to plan the entire wedding right then and there. But atlas, around midnight the women managed to sneak out to their car. Spent from the sex and talk of the wedding, all the women wanted was to be home already. They’d call Star’s mother once they woke up.

Safety’s Wherever You Are

Olivia massaged the tender skin of her cheek with her right hand as her left gripped the steering wheel.

“Fucking asshole.” She muttered, tears threatening to fall.

In one sharp inhale, she took in all the air in the cabin of the truck. After swallowing hard, she forced her tears down; her father didn’t deserve them. Adjusting herself, she sat up, she tightening her grip on the steering wheel; her knuckles bone white.

She thought about calling him, but it was four in the morning. She didn’t doubt whether or not he was awake; if she tried hard enough, she could see him, sitting far to close to his monitor, sporting the blue light blocking glasses his mother insists he wear. If she closed her eyes she could feel his silk like skin and the warmth that radiated from it.

Gripping the wheel, Olivia imagined herself there with him. Him sitting on the edge of the chair, her right behind him, clinging to him as he played the same section of whatever song he was working on that week over and over again until Olivia could hear the music even when it was no longer on. If she wished hard enough she was there with him, dancing around the studio, trying not to focus to much on the way his heart always seemed to match the melody of whatever song he was working on that week. Or the way he held onto her like she was a flotation device in the middle of the ocean.

It was all too much. They were far too young to be so in love; But still Olivia couldn’t stop herself from daydreaming about the two of them sharing a coat closet sized apartment somewhere in the middle of New York City. She’d never admit it, but there were a few times, in biology class, where she’d scribble down vows. Actual vows, that included words like; ‘forever’ and ‘wife’. But again, far too young.

Shaking the thoughts from her mind, Olivia stepped on the gas, wanting to be with him already. Then, pulling up to his house, it hit her like a ton of bricks.

“What the fucking am I doing?” She muttered after parking her truck.

Shutting the engine off, she turned to look at the massive house that was slowly becoming more like home than her own home.

Ever since the first time Carter brought her home, after asking her to be his girlfriend, Olivia became been obsessed. Everyday after school, his mother, Veronica, would greet them with snacks and kiss their heads before heading off to work.

As long as they did their homework, didn’t burn down the house, or harm anyone, Carter’s parents never really cared what they did.

With Carter, Olivia always felt safe. As ridiculous as it sounded, being that safe was pretty scary.

Within the confines of his bedroom, smoke filling the air around them, Olivia never had a care in the world.

She could tell him anything; expect the fact that she was in love with him.

Carter had said it six months into the relationship and she wanted to say it back; more than anything. But whenever she’d opened her mouth, the words always seemed to get lodged in her throat, making it impossible to speak. She tried and tried, but could never speak the words. Thankfully, Carter understood. He told her not to sweat it; that he could see just how much she loved in her actions. But still, not being able to say it bothered her.

“Hey kiddo.”

Startled, Olivia jumped. With her hand over her racing heart, she turned to see Mac, Carter’s father, standing at her window.

“I’m sorry Liv. Didn’t mean to scare ya.” He said, his hands up in surrender.

“Mac, I know it’s late I- I just-“

She huffed, frustrated with her inability to get the words out.

“Don’t sweat it kiddo. You’re just in time for dinner.” He smiled.

Then, after parking next to his truck, Olivia cut the engine off as Carter made his way over to the car.

“I should’ve called.” She blurted out after getting out of her truck.

Carter only smiled as he opened the back door, grabbing her backpack and sketch book. Then, after closing the door, he laced his finger in with hers.

“Don’t sweat it.” He smiled, causing the tension in her body to loosen

After having dinner with Carter’s family, Carter pulled Olivia down to the basement where the home studio was. Sitting at the mixing board, Carter powered on the computer before turning his attention to her. The smile that he once wore fell causing Olivia to frown. She opened her mouth, but before she could get a word out, his hand was on her cheek, the pad of his thumb brushing across the still sensitive skin.

“He hit you.” He said slowly.

Olivia closed her eyes before instinctively pushing her face into his palm. Then, taking a deep breath, she nodded.

“Yeah.” She said just above a whisper.

“Why?” He asked, his anger radiating off of him like heat waves.

Olivia rolled her eyes.

“He was looking for his keys. Apparently I hid them.” She said, a bite in her tone as she remembered the events that took place.

Her father, Mickey, had spent the afternoon with his buddies, drinking, gambling, and carrying on. Then, come night fall, when he got home, Mickey stumbled into the kitchen where he began rummaging through the pantry in search of more alcohol. After checking all of the cabinets, and all of his usual hiding spots, Mickey came up empty handed. So, he grabbed his jacket, planning to go to the store. After zipping the jacket up, he reached for the keys which he usually leaves on the little table by the door but, they seemed to be missing.

“HEY! Where the fuck are my keys!” He shouted looking around.

Just then, Olivia made her way downstairs, stopping at the bottle of the stairs.

“Olivia! Where the fuck are my keys?!” He slurred, swaying back and forth.

“I don’t know. Ive been upstairs.” She said.

Mickey advanced towards her.

“Don’t you fucking lie to me!” He said in a low voice.

“Daddy this is the first time I’m seeing you all day. How would I know-” Her statement was cut short as the back of his hand connected with her cheek.

Her face burned as she stood there frozen. She couldn’t believe it. In all the years she’d been alive, he’d never struck her, EVER.

Even after the fact, in the safety of her boyfriend’s arms, she still couldn’t believe it. Mickey had a bit of a temper. When he’d get mad, he’d throw things, yell at the of his lungs, and even called her out of her name a time or two; But never in all of Olivia’s seventeen years of life has her father struck her, until then.

“I’ll fucking kill him.” Carter vowed, his words as hard as nails.

Olivia pulled her boyfriend into a hug, burying her face in his chest.

“I don’t wanna talk about him anymore.” She said, her arm tightening around him.

Carter sighed, allowing himself to relax as he winded his arms around her.

“Have you eaten yet?” He asked, resting his head onto hers.

“No, not yet.” She mumbled into his chest.

Pulling back from her, Carter looked at her for a moment; Her bright blue eyes shined like diamonds basking in the sunlight. Then, leaning in, he pressed his lips to hers. He kissed her passionately, doing his best to convey all the love that he felt for her. Then, pulling back, he ran a hand up and down her arm, causing goosebumps to rise to the surface of her skin.

“How bout you shower while I go make you something to eat?” He suggested.

Olivia shook her head.

“No. I want you to come with me.” She said a little timidly.

Olivia was never one to cling, but the thought of being away from Carter, even if he was only gonna be upstairs, made Olivia feel lonely. She needed him by her side.

Luckily, he didn’t question the request. Instead he stripped before grabbing two towels and her hand; leading her to his privet bathroom.

After showering, Olivia and Carter headed upstairs where Olivia ate as Carter played her some unreleased music. At some point, Carter’s parents entered the kitchen, his father needing to prep some food for the upcoming week and his mother wanting to keep her husband company as he worked.

Carter and Olivia sat and talked with his parents until Olivia became to tried to keep her eyes open any longer. So, after saying goodbye to his parents, Olivia slipped her hand on Carter’s allowing him to pull her to his room. After climbing into bed, she snuggled up to him, resting her head on his chest. There, in the dark, wrapped up in the warmth of her favorite person in the world, Olivia finally felt safe for the first time in a long time.

“I love you Carter.” She whispered into the darkness.

His arm tightened around her as he held her impossibly closer.

“I love you too.” He mumbled into her hair, his finger running up and down her spine.

And with that, Olivia closed her eyes, allowing the steady beat of his heart to lull her fast asleep.

On The Set Part.6- At The Height Of It


“We should go out!” Hunter says, sitting up.

Hunter knows his twin, the next few days will most likely consist of Huston running around city getting things their parents can’t get in Canada and packing. So now’s his last chance to spend with them.

Dropping their heads back, Huston and Cash groan simultaneously.

“Dude no!” They yell, already exhausted at just the thought.

Party’s always been more Hunter’s thing.

“Awe come on!” Hunter whines, jumping to his feet.

“It’ll be fun. We’re all young and good looking. We’ll go out, hit the town, maybe get a couple groupies?” He says, nudging Huston as he says that last part.

Back when Cash, Huston and Hunter had first booked ‘Tomorrows’ Crimes’, the trio went out religiously. A lot of the cast was fairly new to LA and hadn’t ever been in anything big before, so they could get away with going out without drawing to much of a crowd. So after long days of shooting, the cast as well as the crew would hit the town. Even though they still had to wait in line but, when they finally did make it to the front, the never had problems getting in. Then, as they show started to gain popularity, especially amongst the LGBT+ community, the cast began getting invites from gay clubs that paid them simply for showing up and having a good time. And with those events came attention, and with that attention came the woman. Women would flock to the trio like bears to honey; wanting nothing more than to sit in their section. That’s actually how Huston met Stephanie.

Tomorrow’s Crimes has just gotten picked up for two more seasons, whilst in the middle of shooting it’s second season. The trio was on a high, and that high only got higher when the show runners called Huston into their office. At first Huston was nervous, fearing that they’d done something wrong. But after sitting down in the conference room with Micheal and a few of the other executives, Huston was thrilled to find out that the show-runners were taking a page from Houston’s own life, and having their character, Detective Williams, come out as non-binary. Not only was it a big deal for Huston, but it was also a big deal for the studio as well. Prior to that moment, the Spot TV network has only ever dabbled in LGBTQ+ themes; a same sex kiss here, slightly hinting at a relationship there, but now, with Detective Williams, they were really going for it.

When the showrunners told Huston about it, Huston wasn’t totally surprised; the writers had been hinting at it since the very first episode of the second season, and Twitter had been going crazy with theories.

So after telling telling Cash and Hunter the good news, Hunter insisted that they celebrate ‘the monumental moment’ as he called it. Sure a big reason for Hunter wanting to throw a bash was so that he could show off his new place and get shit faced, but Huston knew that he was genuinely proud and excited for the development of Huston’s character. So, the trio put the word out about the party and it began to spread like wildfire.

Huston was a little surprised at how quickly word got out. They’d gotten the news Wednesday evening and by Thursday afternoon, it seemed liked everyone in studio city was counting down the minutes until Friday night. When Friday did finally roll around, Hunter’s house was packed with any and everyone, from traditional actors and models to high profile social media influencers and everyone in between. With the party in full swing, Cash, Huston, and Hunter bounced back and forth between lightly networking and collecting business cards to shooting the shit with actors they’d grown up watching.

Whilst mingling with the crowd, Huston had first noticed Stephanie across the room, huddled up with a group of actresses. Laughing, Stephanie listened to them stories as she sipped her wine.

Meanwhile, Huston stood by the refreshments, half listening to Hunter tell a story about seeing Sylvester Stallone for the first time in a Whole Foods. As he talked, Huston did their best to nod and fit their ‘yeah’s’ and ‘that’s crazy’ in the most natural spots as possible.

“What cha lookin’ at?” Hunter yelled over the music, causing Huston to jump.

At that exact moment, Stephanie and the other women had spotted the twins, causing them to giggle.

Looking up, Hunter locked eyes with a red head from the group. Smiling, she wiggled her fingers at him, causing him to smile as he raised his glass to her.

“We should go over there and say hi.” He said, turning back to Huston.

Before they could protest, Hunter had them by the arm, attempting to tug Huston towards the women.

“Are you crazy?! We can’t do that!” Huston hissed, snatching their arm from his grasp.

“Alright then.” He said with a shrug.

Then, with a small chuckle, Hunter made their way behind Huston. Using his shoulder, he rammed it into their back, forcing his twin forward before making his way in front of them, grabbing their hand. Then, without a word, he began making his way over to the women.

“Hunt no! Let go of my arm!” Huston hissed, dragging their feet.

Hunter paid his twin no mind as he dragged them over to the huddle of women.

“Hey! I’m Hunter Boyd and this behind me is my other half, Huston!” He shouted over the music.

“We’re not together! I’m gay and his twin!” Huston blurred out from behind him.

The women laughed, causing Huston’s entire face and neck to turn fire truck red.

“Hey! I’m Stephanie and this is Jasmine and Lisa.” Stephanie said, pointing to the women to the left and right of her.

The entire time that she spoke, Stephanie’s eyes remained trained on Huston, making them feel as if they and Stephanie were the only two in the room. Her eyes, a mixture of blue and green, reminded Huston of the warm waters in the Caribbean. Relaxing a little, Huston glanced down at Stephanie’s almost empty glass before looking back at her.

“What are you drinking?” Huston asked, pointing to the glass.

Stephanie smiled a wicked grin, sparking something within Huston.

“Martini. Dirty.” She said.

“Looks like you could use another.” Huston said, offering their arm.

Without a moment of hesitation, Stephanie snacked her arm around Houston’s before looking at her friends.

“BRB.” She said with a wink.

After making it to the bar, Huston ordered them a couple shots before getting Stephanie another martini. Then, moments later, the couple found a couch in the corner of the room.

“Wait! Don’t you play Detective Marshall on Tomorrow’s Crimes?” She said, squinting a little.

Huston smiled pridefully.

“Yep, that’s me.” They laughed.

“Oh my gosh! You and Hunter are like sibling goals! What’s it like working with him?” She asked excitedly.

Huston’s smile faded a little. This has been happening a lot recently. Huston will start talking to a woman, and before they’d even get a chance to make a move, the woman was slipping Huston her number, asking them to pass it on to Hunter.

“Um, it’s pretty great. No one really gets me like he does.” Huston says, forcing a smile.

Stephanie laughed, flirtatiously running a hand down Huston’s arm.

“So like how pissed does he get when finds out all his girlfriend’s are into you?” She asked, leaning in conspiratorially.

Huston couldn’t help but chuckle, their disappointment fading.

“Nah, we only had that problem once, we solved it pretty quickly by arm wrestling. He cheated and now they’re married. But I’m over it so whatever.” They joked, pretending to be upset.

For the rest of the night, Huston bought them and Stephanie drink after drink as the two talked and flirted. Then, just as they were beginning get cozy, one Stephanie’s friends made their way over, announcing that they had to get going.

Stephanie pouted before reluctantly saying goodbye; but not before programming her number into Huston’s phone.

Shaking the memory from their mind, Huston leans back into the couch.

“Nah. I’m really not in the mood for any outing. Let’s just chill here.”

Sometimes Things Change

This year, I’m getting a lot more serious about my writing. I love creating, and storytelling, and this year I really wanna put that love to the test. This means that I’ll be doing lots of experimenting; Trying out different story ideas, story structures, and so much more. Currently, I’m having some trouble with writing On The Set . I don’t have much experience finishing stories. I know I have a couple of finished shorts on here now, and I thought that was enough, but it’s not. So for the time being, I will be holding off on The On The Set series. There will be one last part coming soon but after that I’ll still be posting new stories, they’ll just be short stories, some with multiple parts and some that are just one part. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.


Ninise Modestin.

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On The Set Part.5- Never A Right Time


The next morning Huston wakes up sandwiched between the guys. Sitting up, they stretch before slowly inching their way to the edge of the bed, careful not to wake either men. Then, after successfully marketing it out of the bedroom, they head across the hall to the bathroom. Once inside, they turn on the cold water, slashing some on their face before grabbing the toothpaste. Then, grabbing their toothbrush, Huston’s hit with ta memory of happier time.

Huston and Stephanie stumbled through the front door of their penthouse around one in the morning. On wobbly legs, the couple made their way up the stairs and to the bedroom. They second they made it through the door, the pair began stripping one another. With very little trouble, Huston had gotten Stephanie out of her jacket before peeling her shirt off. Then, after taking their own off, Huston unhooked Stephanie’s bra, allowing it to fall to the ground. Now, chest to chest, Huston snacked their arms around their girlfriend, pressing her against them, their heartbeats synchronized; fusing them together.

“Hey.” Stephanie whispered, brushing her nose against Huston’s.

Huston looked down into her ocean eyes.

“Hey.” The laughed drunkenly.

Stephanie threaded her fingers into Huston’s hair, gripping their fiery locks.

“I wanna marry you.”She whispered, almost sounding sober.

Huston laughed, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind Stephanie’s ear.

“Should I consider this a proposal?” Huston asked, an eyebrow cocked.

The couple swayed back and forth, drunkenly slow dancing.

“No silly. Not right now.” Stephanie giggled, shaking her head.

Huston smacked a hand over their heart.

“What?! So you don’t wanna run down to the court house and get married right now. I’ve got a blazer in my truck and this dress of yours is pretty cute.” They joked.

Stephanie bunched up her face in that cute little way Huston adored.

“Not right now. It’s not the right time.”

But funnily enough, there never was a right time.

Huston drops the toothbrush into the trash before making their way back into the bedroom. Then, heading for the door, Huston is about to leave when shuffling from the bed causes them to turn around.

Sitting up, Cash rubs the sleep from his eyes.

“Hey.” He mumbles, stretching.

“Hey, I’m about to head out to the store to get a new toothbrush and probably get some breakfast too. Wanna come?” Huston asks.

Cash slowly scooches his way to the edge of the bed before rubbing his eyes.

“Sure, but why do you need a new toothbrush?” He asks.

Huston takes a deep breath before letting out a huff.

“Steph and I use to share one.” Huston says quietly.

Cash freezes, slowly rising his head to look at his sibling.

“Y-you did what?” He asks before gagging.

“Yeah… I really don’t wanna think about that or the places she put her…” Huston trails off, shivering at just the thought of it.

“So you coming or what?” They ask, shaking the thought from their head.

“Yeah, I guess.” Cash says, rising up from the bed.

Their pair head back to the bedroom and swish some Listerine in their mouths, before heading out to the car.

“How are you feeling?”Cash asks as Huston cranks the car life.

For a moment, as they put the car in reverse and back out of the driveway, Cash thinks he’s being ignored. But, after getting on the main road, Huston takes a deep breath.

“I’d be lying if I said I’m unfazed and completely fine. But I don’t feel like I’m about to fall apart either. It’s like losing your favorite pair of socks. It sucks, but life goes on.” They explain.

Cash nods understandingly.

“Can I ask you a question?” Huston ask.

Huston chuckles.

“You technically just did, but I’ll allow another.” They say, pulling onto the main road.

“How come you seem so cool about this. I mean your girlfriend of five years just cheated on you; IN YOUR FUCKING BED and you’re just chillin’. What gives?”

Stopping at a red light, Huston looks over at him.

“It was over man. It’s been over for a long time now. I knew it, she knew it. When I saw her, I was more pissed that she was fucking up my sheets and with Rick of all people, than anything else. It’s just being in that relationship was comfy. I had someone to talk to, someone to due stuff with, and you know, lazy sex. Between the show and all these parties we were going to.. I don’t know, I guess I just stopped giving a fuck.” Huston explains.

Shaking his head, Cash speaks.

“Fuck man. Been there.”

“Yep.” Huston says.

An hour later, the duo finally return home. Getting out of the car, Huston rests their arms on the roof of their car, before looking out at the sky. The sun’s beginning to set, turning the sky into a mixture of reds, oranges, and pinks.

“Out of all the things I’m gonna miss about LA, the traffic sure as hell won’t be one of them.” Huston sighs, turning to face their brother.

“Man keep talking and I might just have ti hop on that plane with you.” Cash says with a laugh.

Huston rolls their eyes.

“Yeah whatever. You fucking hate the snow.” They laugh.

Making their way up the walkway, the pair head for the front door when they hear what sounds like Hunter arguing with someone.

“I said leave, now!” Cash and Huston hear him yell.

“Hunter please! I just need to talk to them.” Stephanie pleads.

At the sound of her voice, Huston is taken back to the other night. Like a movie, images of Stephanie and Rick degrading Huston’s California King bed, plays in their mind.

Shaking their head, Huston make their way to the side door, Cash following behind them. Hunter could handle Stephanie on his own. But, once they entered the house, Huston begins to think otherwise.

“Hunter! Just let me in. This is my house too!” She yells.

Her voice comes out rough, like she’s struggling against him. Great, the last thing Huston needs right now is paparazzi showing up at their house. So, setting the food down in the kitchen, they head to the front door.

Huston makes it into the front courtyard as Hunter is backing Stephanie towards the front gate.

Screaming, Stephanie pushes against him, trying to get to the house, when she looks up to see Huston.

“Hue! Thank God you’re here. Your asshole bro-“

“Stephanie what the hell are you doing here?” Huston asks, cutting her off.

Stephanie freezes, a look of surprise on her face.

What? Was she expecting to be greeted with open arms?

Shaking her head, she pushes past Hunter, headed towards Huston.

“Baby I’m so sorry. Last night was a mistake.” She says, reaching down in an attempt to grab Huston’s hand.

Huston tucks their hands into their pocket as they take a few steps back.

“Is that all?” They ask, their face void of any emotions.

Stephanie’s face falls.

“Baby please! Can’t we just forget about this?” She pleads.

“Is this bitch serious right now?” Hunter laughs.

Stephanie’s head snaps in his direction, fire raging in her eyes.

“Who the fuck was even talking to you?!” She says through grit teeth.

Huston sighs, exhausted with the entire situation.

“Look Stephanie, I’m kind of on a tight schedule. So I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.” Huston says flatly.

Stephanie’s whips back around, her eyes darting this way and that way.

“What?! No! Can’t we just talk about this?” She pleads, crocodile tears forming in her eyes.

“Talk? You brought a man into MY HOME and slept with him in MY BED. What’s there to talk about?” Huston asks with a shrug.

Stephanie’s lips quiver before a single tear begins making its way down her right cheek.

“So that’s it? You’re just gonna throw everything we had away? Over one mistake? One fucking mistake?!”

Huston chuckles humorlessly.

“Me? I’M throwing away our relationship? Okay Steph. Keep telling yourself that.”

Unable to even look at her anymore, Huston turns on their heels, and heads back inside.

“Hue wait!” Stephanie yells, trying to chase after them.

But, before she can even take five steps, Hunter is back in front of her.

“Steph, come on, you’re only embarrassing yourself. Just go back to Rick.” He says.

A flame of rage ignites in her eyes.

“That was ONE FUCKING TIME!” She says through grit teeth.

“And for Hue, that was one time to many.” Hunter say before closing the door.

Not even a second after locking it, Stephanie bangs her fist against the door, crying out for Huston. But, paying her no mind, Hunter makes his way into the kitchen where Huston and Cash have begun eating their breakfast already.

“Jesus! I’m so sorry Hue. I was really trynna get rid of her before you guys got back.” Hunter sighs.

“Bro don’t even sweat it.” They say, sliding him his breakfast.

Hunter takes a seat next to his twin and the trio begin eating. Then, after only a few bites, the sound of Huston’s phone ringing breaks through the silence in the room.

“I swear to God!” Hunter shouts, throwing his eating utensils down and popping up from his seat.

Huston reaches over, patting their twins chest.

“Relax bro, it’s just dad.” They say with a laugh.

The anger leaves Hunter’s body like air from a ballon, causing him to sink back down onto his seat.

“Oh. Tell him I said hi.” He says calmly before returning to his food.

Shaking their head at their twin, Huston chuckles before answers their phone.

“Hey pops!” Huston says putting him on speaker.

“Hey kiddo! How are you and those brothers of yours?” Their father, Gunther, asks, his voice barreling through the phone.

“We’re doing alright. I’m actually sitting with them right now.” Huston says.

“Hey dad!” The men chorus into the phone.

“Hey! How are my second and fourth favorite kids?” Gunther asks with a laugh.

“Hey! What happened to not having favorites?!” Hunter asks childishly.

Gunther laughs again.

“Your mother doesn’t have favorites. But me, I’ve always been upfront about mine.” He says.

Before Hunter can think of a comeback, their father is addressing Huston.

“Huey, what time did you say your flight is suppose to land again?” Gunther asks.

“Around six A.M.” Huston says.

Gunther sighs into the phone.

“Jesus. I don’t know why you and that mother of yours like to fly so got damn early.” He says.

“Gotta make the most of the say sweetheart!” Their mother yells from the background.

Gunther’s eye roll is practically audible as he lets out another sigh.

“Oh God. Hue, hurry up and get here already.” He says, causing the trio to laugh.

Then, after asking Huston to bring him a few things from the states, he passes the phone over to his wife.

“Hi mom!” The trio chorus into the phone.

“Oh no you don’t! Don’t ‘hi mom’ me. Why am I only getting to see one of my FOUR children after almost a decade of you four being away?” Their mother, Isabella asks.

Cash and Hunter look at one another for a moment, trying to come up with a logical explanation. Being in LA, the trio definitely prioritize work over all else; they don’t even see Morgan that often, and she lives in the same city. But they could never tell their mother that; she’d kill them.

“Well you know mom, with the constant go, go, go of the city-”

“Oh! So what I’m hearing is that Hollywood’s more important than your dearest mother!” She says.

Rolling their eyes, the trio almost groan at their mother’s attempt at a guilt trip. They, as well as Morgan try to call or FaceTime their parents both as a group, and on their own as much as they can. And over the summer, the trio met up with their parents in Hawaii.

“Mom, we just saw you guys in Hawaii.” Cash points out, earning a sigh from Isabella.

“While I do love the trips, I still miss you guys. It doesn’t take that much to make a FaceTime call, at least once a week.” She says sadly.

The trio hang their heads in shame. She’s right.

Cash, Huston, and Hunter as well as Morgan and Gunther were all born in New York City and grew up there most of their lives. After Huston and Hunter were born, Gunther and Isabella toyed with the idea of moving to Canada, where Isabella’s originally from. They talked about it for years, going back and forth on the matter, until Cash started up grade school. By then Isabella had given up, fearing that moving the family to en entirely different country would be to hard on them. But Isabella’s longing for her home country never really went away. She was never resentful or pouty about being in the sates, but Hunter could tell his wife was home sick. Then, around Cash and the twin’s senior year, the trio had fallen in love with filmmaking, and Morgan was stepping into the modeling scene. Morgan started pursuing modeling quite heavily and despite living in New York City, she was making more connections on the west coast, and of course warmer weather. So after traveling back and forth for the better part of a year and a half, she finally sat down with Gunther and Isabella and told them she wanted to head to LA.

Confident in the daughter they raised, Isabella and Gunther gave their daughter their blessing.

Not long after Morgan left for the west coast, the trio finished up their schooling and started focusing heavily on filmmaking. Cash, Hurston, and Hunter worked tirelessly day in and day out on their films for about a year before talks of moving to Canada started to get serious. So, after talking it over amongst themselves, the trio sat their parents down and explained to Isabella and Gunther that they wanted to join their sister in California. Bella and Gunther weren’t surprised, but they were a little sad. But they weren’t going to stand in the way of their children achieving their dreams. So, Bella and Gunther gave the trio their blessing and headed further up north while Cash and the twins headed to join their sister in California.

The trio promised to call and visit their parents every chance they got; And for the first two and a half years of living in LA, they honored that promise. Every Sunday the trio, as well as Morgan, would FaceTime their parents, but then, as their schedules became more hectic, finding time to call was becoming difficult. The Morgan, Cash, Huston, and Hunter still texted all the time, but the FaceTime calls began getting shorter and shorter, and getting Morgan, Cash, Huston, and Hunter all together at the same time was becoming impossible. So, Gunther and Bella settled for texts and sporadic FaceTime calls.

“We know mom. We haven’t Been the best at call. But as soon as the season wraps, Cash and I will be on the first flight to you guys.” Hunter says.

“I’m holding you guys to that.” Isabella says with a smile.

After squaring that up, the trio began updating their mom on their lives, choosing to leave out Huston’s firing and their breakup, before reluctantly ending the call.

For When We’re Ready

Jess Weston walked into Sexy Sally’s, her fingers tightly interlocked with her partner’s, Sam. As they made their way into the shop, Jess could feel her face glowing red hot.

In the small town of Richmond, where she was originally from, they didn’t have sexshops. A few strip clubs, but nothing like Sexy Sally’s.

As they walked deeper into the shop, Jess looked around spotting dildos, costumes and lingerie ranging from cute and modest to nothing left to the imagination.

As she took it all in, she could feel her face beginning to heat up. There was no question about it; She had to be as red as Rudolph’s nose by now.

Making their way through the store, Jess allowed Sam to lead her down various isles, a few items catching her attention along the way; But Jess didn’t have the confidence to stop Sam or anything about the items; So they just continued on. Then, about halfway into one of the aisles, Sam looked back at their girlfriend.

“You okay?” Sam asked, looking a bit concerned.

Jess nodded her head, forcing a smile.


Sam wasn’t convinced; Not even in the slightest.

Pulling Jess into them, Sam wrapped her up in their arms and leaned their forehead against hers. The action alone calmed Jess a bit. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed or put off by the items in the store; She was just a bit nervous.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Sam explained.

The last thing they wanted was to force Jess into something she didn’t want or wasn’t ready for.

Jess shook her head.

“No, no. I want to try this. With you. It’s just-” She trailed off, leaning into Sam and hiding in the crook of their neck.

Her stomach, a butterfly habitat.

“Just what?” Sam asked.

“I’m nervous.” Jess admitted. “This feels like buying condoms for the first time.”

Sam couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. They didn’t enjoy seeing their girlfriend this uncomfortable but boy was she cute.

“We don’t have to do this.” Sam reminded her.

“I love when it’s just you and me.” Sam said.

Jess nuzzled Sam’s nose with her own.

“Me too” She whispered softly.

Then, threading her fingers into Sam’s hair, she gripped a handful before adding;

“But I also wanna explore with you. I want to try new things and learn about you and myself sexually. I’m just nervous.”

Sam smiled, giving Jess’s nose a little peck before pulling her further down the aisle.

Sam lead Jess to the very back of the store where they stopped at a wall full of toys. Then slipping behind her, Sam wrapped their arms around Jess before nuzzling her neck.

“Pick one.” Sam mumbled against her skin.

Whipping around, Jess looked at her partner like they’d lost their mind.

“What? Me? Why do I have to choose?” She asked.

The reaction was a little much, but she didn’t know a thing about choosing dildos.

“Well it’s going inside of you. I mean if you wanna use it on me, I’m game, you know, as long as it’s not massive. But I figured with this being your first time. I’ll let you pick.” Sam explained.

Accepting Sam’s explanation, the couple turned back to the wall, Jess’ eyes scanning over hundreds and hundreds of dildos of all different colors and sizes.

As much as Jess wanted to remain open minded, she couldn’t help but be a little startled by some of the veiny dildos sporting a pair of balls with the actual penis.

“How do you feel about the balls?” Jess asked, casually leaning back into her lover.

“Not gonna lie, I’m not the biggest fan. But if you-”

Jess quickly shook her head, causing Sam to laugh.

“Oh thank God. I was trying to keep an open mind for your sake but they actually freak me out.” Sam admitted.

Then, slipping out from behind Jess, Sam stepped up to the wall, reaching for a black toy.

“How do you feel about this one?” They asked, presenting Jess with it.

Taking the box from Sam, Jess frowned. She recognized the longer end of the toy as the shaft for penetration, but the other, slightly smaller end of the toy was a bit lost on her.

“What’s this?” She asked, tapping the shorter end.

“Oh that’s the bulb end; it goes in the giver.” Sam explained.

“Have you ever used one of these before?” Jess asked looking up at Sam.

“Yeah a couple of times.” Sam admitted.

“And did you like it?” Jess asked.

“Yeah. Strapless ones are my favorite kind.”

Jess smiled.

“Then let’s get it.”

She then proceeded to head to the front when Sam called out; “Wait.”

Turning around, Jess looked at her partner puzzled.


Sam held up a box containing a different dildo.

“This one vibrates.”

Jess gasped as she made her way back over to her lover.

“Really?” She asked, her eyes lighting up a bit.

After comparing the one she had to the one Sam grabbed and a few more, the couple decided on a light blue, rechargable one. Then, hand in hand, the couple made their way to the front of the store. When they arrived at the register, they were met by a tall, heavily tattooed man, sporting a nametag that read Steve.

“Hi. Did you guys find everything you were looking for?” He asked, looking back and forth between the couple.

Sam and Jess smiled, offering a shared; ‘Yes.’

Then, as he rang up the toy, he nodded his head towards the display to the right of the couple.

“Can I interest you guys in some lube or massage oils? We just got this new oil, it’s flavored and changes temperatures when you lick it. My wife loves it.” He said.

Sam turned to look at Jess, raising an eyebrow up at her.

Jess couldn’t help but blush a little as she shook her head.

Sam then turned back to Steve.

“Just the toy.” Sam said as they reached into their back pocket for their wallet.

“And you’re aware that once you open the box you cant return it right?” Steve asked looking back and forth between the couple.

Sam stopped all their movements and looked up at the man.

“Who would return a sex toy?” Sam asked, both their and Jess’ faces crumpling with disgust.

“You’d be surprised. Common sense isn’t that common.” He laughed.

The couple shivered with disgust as Sam presented the man with their credit card.

“Yeah, we won’t be bringing it back, I can assure you of that.” Sam said.

One swipe of their credit card later, and Sam was the proud owner of a black, strapless, dildo. So after waving goodbye to Steve, the couple exited the shop hand in hand. Sam pulled out of their parking spot.

Riding through the snowy streets of Canada. With the newly purchased toy in her lap and Sam’s hand on her thigh, Jess was on high alert.

Then, as Sam drew mindless patterns on the inside of Jess’s thigh, Jess could feel her lover’s touch burning through her jeans. At first Jess thought they were doing it just to be a tease, but as she looked over at her partner she was surprised to find Sam looking out at the road; their face as straight as a ruler, almost as if they didn’t know how insane they were driving Jess.

Finally, after the longest drive known to man, the couple arrived back at Sam’s. By this point, Jess’ panties were pretty much done for; Her need for Sam running at an all time high. As they exited the car, it took everything in Jess not to drag her lover up the walkway leading to the door. However, once they were inside, all bets were off.

With a hand to Sam’s chest, Jess forced her lover against the door, causing Sam to drop the bag as the door slammed shut. Then, before Sam even had the chance to react, Jess was on them like white on rice.

Sitting back, Sam let Jess take the lead, allowing themselves to be kissed senseless as their hands fell to her hips. Then, hooking their index finger in her belt loop, Sam pulled Jess flush against them, almost as if they were trying to become one with her. At that same moment, Jess allowed herself to get lost in the taste of Sam. They tasted like blue Jolly Ranchers, Jess’ favorite. The couple kissed and kissed, their hands mapping every inch of one another, until Jess pulled back, turning her attention to Sam’s neck. There, she trailed kisses just beneath Sam’s jaw as her finger’s expertly separated the buttons of their red and black flannel. Then, sneaking her hand into her lover’s hair, Jess tugged at it, causing Sam’s head to fall back, exposing their neck. Worshiping the length of her partner’s neck, Jess strolled and kissed down to the base of Sam’s neck before climbing her way back up again. She’d only made it half way up Sam’s neck before Sam grabbed a handful of Jess’ hair, pulling her from their neck. Seconds later, Sam’s mouth came crashing into Jess’ as the duo stumbled their way further into the house. When they made it to the living room, Jess forced Sam down into a seated position on the couch before straddled her lover. Their mouths came together again, like magnets this time and not long after Jess’ tongue in Sam’s mouth, tasting every inch of them as she rocked against her lover.

Through their thin shirt, Sam could feel Jess against their stomach, her core hot and ready for them. So, after undoing Jess’ jeans, Sam slipped their hands into them with ease, rubbing her through the thin fabric of her panties. They were barely getting started and Jess was already soaked.

“Should we get our new toy?” Sam asked against Jess’ lips.

Jess’ eyelids fluttered like a faulty light asSam applied the perfect amount of pressure to her core. Dropping her head in the crook of Sam’s neck, Jess shook her head.

“Not yet.” She said.

“Right now I want it to be just you and me.”

By this point she was panting causing Sam to smirk. Then, moving with toe curling precision, Sam worked Jess, building up her orgasm.

As Sam pushed her higher and higher, Jess struggled to keep her eyes open as her hips moved in time with Sam’s hand. Heavy pants filled the room as Jess fisted the fabric of Sam’s shirt. Her body tightened as she gained enough oxygen to chant Sam’s name. Then, without warning, Jess erupted like a Mt. Stant Helens a mile long scream ripping it’s way through her throat. Within mere seconds, her release came pouring out of her, coating Sam’s hand and a bit of their forearm. Wave after wave crashed over her until she fell forwards, falling limp into Sam’s shoulder.

Sitting there for a moment, Sam allowed Jess to compose herself before they removed their fingers from within her. Then, after licking their fingers clean Sam turned towards Jess, their lips grazing the shell of her head.

“Mmm, so good.” They said softly.

Now somewhat stable, Jess pulled herself from Sam’s neck and looked at them.

“Is that right?” She stayed with a smirk.

“Mm-hmm.” Sam hummed.

Sam went to lick their fingers again when Jess gripped their face, pulling them into a deep kiss. Sliding her tongue against Sam’s, Jess marveled in the taste of herself against her lover’s tongue. Then, pulling back, she couldn’t help but smirk.

“Damn, I do taste pretty good.” She said, causing her lover to laugh.

“Wow, what a narcissist.” Sam said.

Chuckling, Jess pulled her lover into her.

“But you love it.” She whispered, brushing her nose against theirs.

Sam couldn’t help but laugh.

“I can’t lie. I do.” They admitted before slipping their hand behind Jess’ head, pulling her in for another kiss.

The End